The Desire System Review – Desire Can Be Dull

The Desire System makes the following bold proclamation: “It sounds like science fiction, but when you transcend your fear and tap into the raw, ravening power of the Emotional Activation System, you’ll make women feel anything you want them to feel.”. Presented as a series of training videos presented by…, the Desire System offers advice […]

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Language of Lust Review – The Lust Guru

Language of Lust is put together by a guy called Michael Fiore and is part of the ‘Digital Romance’ series of courses. This trip into lustful longings is with a guide by the name of Lawrence Lanoff, who claims to be a “sexual expert-guide” who will take men on a “deep dive into the exciting […]

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The Modern Relationship – Smart, Modern & Relevant

“Enjoy the happiness and true love that you deserve.” That’s one of the first promises made to you by Dan Bacon, the creator and host of this course, breezily titled ‘The Modern Relationship’. That’s no small promise. Comprising just a single video of Dan doing his shtick directly at the camera and before a class […]

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Mark Manson Review – Excellence Thwarted

Mark Manson is a self-proclaimed dating guru who wants to offer people a step-by-step approach to learning the ins and outs of dating, relationships, love and all that goes with that. This he tries to accomplish with a series of lessons. The exacting detail is that a person must first watch him on a video […]

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The Social Man Review – Some Good Bits

There’s no single course or manual that comprises The Social Man. Rather, it is comprised of a series of different products/offerings, all with the promise of making a guy into a better, more sociable version of himself. The two basic offerings available to members who first join are ‘Girlfriend Activation System’ and ‘Superpowers,’ as well […]

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