How To Get A Girl To Like You – 15 Proven Tips!

When we fall for someone, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. We can’t wait to spend more time with this beautiful girl and get to know her better. Hopefully, we can form a relationship with this person that will last the distance. After all, despite what girls think, we do ultimately want a long-term relationship.

However, when you like a girl, it doesn’t always go as smoothly as you like. It can take ages to get a girl to notice you. And then sometimes they don’t fall for you as quickly as you do for them. And it can leave you wondering why you can’t get this girl to feel the same way about you.

While there is no magic potion which will get this girl to like you, there are some ways you can attempt to move things in the right direction. Therefore, if you are wondering how to get a girl to like you, here are 15 tips which will help make her yours.


1. Let her see the real you

A lot of guys go wrong when it comes to wooing a girl by pretending to be something they are not. Whether it’s by lying they are really into a certain hobby or acting a lot more confident than they actually are, hiding your real self can actually have a negative impact on your relationship with this girl.

After all, she’s going to find out that’s not what you are really like, and then she will feel like she’s been lied to. 

While you might think you look cool a certain way, it’s always best to be the real you. After all, she wants to see the boy who is chilled out and having a laugh like he does with his mates. Therefore, tell her about yourself and let her work out what you are like.

Don’t be afraid to tell her about what you like and don’t like. After all, opposites attract so if you are both into different things, it doesn’t mean the door will be shut on the relationship.

And if you are completely honest with this girl, it will go a long way to securing a date for yourself.

2. Flirt with other girls

You might be surprised how quickly a girl will realize she likes you if she sees you with somebody else. After all, it can spark up feelings if she thinks you have turned your attention elsewhere. And it can make her think about whether she actually does like you in a romantic way.

Therefore, you should flirt with other girls while you are in her presence. Just make sure it’s not someone you both know whose feelings could get hurt. Otherwise, you could turn this girl off you if she thinks you are playing someone just to get to her.

You can always tell the girl that you have been flirting with or even taking out another girl on dates. You will be able to see her reaction and if she does get upset about it or even try and talk you out of it, you know there is a chance she is falling for you.

3. Message her and make her smile

It’s also a good idea if you want a girl to like you to start messaging her. After all, we are always on our phones. So, if you want to get her to like you, you should get her number and start chatting with her.

A lot of guys don’t know how to make a girl smile over text. The first thing you should do is tease her.

After all, some flirty banter is bound to make her smile. And then you should shoot over some compliments. She will soon be grinning and showing her mates what you are saying. And then you will be heading for a date sooner rather than later.

4. Listen to her when she speaks

Communication is key if you want the girl of your dreams to like you. After all, she wants someone who will talk to her and listen to what she says.

She will likely be sick of being with guys who are not interested in what she says and are only interesting in getting her to bed. Therefore, take the time to chat to her and listen to the conversation carefully. Try and give your input and make sure she knows you have listened to her by bringing up the chat at a later date.

For example, if she has been telling you about a friend or family member who has been ill, ask her how they are now. She will be impressed that you listened to her and it will ensure that she thinks about you more positively.

In fact, it could soon lead to a date as she will want a guy who is interested in what she has to say. At the end of the day, communication is so important for a good relationship, so show you’re a brilliant listener.

5. Compliment her

While you might think it’s a good idea to play hard to get when it comes to getting a girl to like you, sometimes it’s just best to show her you are keen.

After all, some girls don’t like the mind games as they don’t know where they stand. If they don’t think you’re interested, they are more likely to just dismiss you as a potential boyfriend rather than getting to know you.

Therefore, you should show her you are interested by complimenting her and treating her well.

Tell her she looks beautiful and compliment her looks and personality. By doing this, she will start to warm to you and think positively about you. As well as this, it will give her a huge hint that you like her.

She will want to be with someone who treats her well, and she’s more likely to start getting feelings if you do this.

6. Help her out when necessary

At the end of the day, a girl wants a guy who can be her Prince Charming. She wants someone who will be there for her when she gets herself into a tricky situation. After all, being in a relationship is all about being there for one another.

Therefore, if you want to date this chick, you need to show her you are someone she can lean on for support. Tell her you are happy to help her if she needs something doing. She will be so grateful and will start to look at you differently.

Whether it’s going to drop her off somewhere or even covering her shift if you are work colleagues, it will get you high in her good books. And it will show you are reliable which is a great trait in a boyfriend.

7. Show her what kind of boyfriend you will be

It’s always good to show a girl what you would be like as a boyfriend if you did go out with each other. After all, one of the top things which might be putting her off you is the thought you might not work once you are together.

She might worry you won’t treat her with respect or might never take her out on dates. Therefore, if you want to woo this top girl, you should show her what she’s missing.

Tell her about days out you have enjoyed or even places you would like to go too abroad. You can also show her how respectful and loyal you are by always being gentlemanly in her presence.

For example, always open the door for her and make sure to be polite when you are speaking to her.

It’s always good to get your friends to help you out too. Get them to have a word and tell them to tell them about all the good things you have done recently.

8. Ask her out on a date

The easiest way to get a girl to like you is to take them out on a date. After all, it gives you a chance to woo them with just the two of you there and it’s a great way for her to get to know you better.

The more she gets to know you, the more likely she is to start falling for you.

If you are alone together, sparks are bound to fly. Therefore, be brave and ask her out on a date with you. Tell her you would like to spend more time just the two of you.

By doing this, she’s bound to know you have feelings for her. And it can help her to figure out her own feelings for you.

9. Get to know her friends/family

One of the most important things to a girl is her nearest and dearest. In fact, she will always be going on about her friends and family. Therefore, it’s so important that you make an effort to get to know them.

After all, they come as part of the package if you do get with this girl. You are going to be seeing them a lot and she will want you to have their approval too. After all, it often goes pear-shaped when the friends and family don’t like you. Therefore, it’s wise to get to know them a little better.

It might be that you start chatting with her friends. For example, you can message them on social media and get to know them better. Or you could even arrange a meet up with her and her friends. You could bring a few of your mates which is a great way for everyone to get on.

Asking about her family will also help you to get in her good books. It will show you care and want to get to know her better. Also, talking about your own friends and family and telling her all the things you do with them will help you to win her over too.

10. Take it slow and steady

A lot of guys go wrong with a girl by trying to rush things. They might ask them to go on a date too soon or try and push for something physical to occur before she’s ready.

This can make her feelings switch off rather than switch on. After all, she wants to spend time getting to know you before she decides if there are feelings there.

A lot of girls don’t want to rush into something physical before she knows the guy properly. Therefore, you should take it slow and steady if you want to win her over.

Get to know her well and show you are interested in her personality too, not just her body. By doing this, it will show her you would be a good potential love interest. And it will show you are not just interested in a quick fling. Go at her own pace and you will be soon on to a winner.

11. Make sure you dress to impress

If you want to impress that chick, you need to make sure you dress to impress when you see her. After all, she won’t want to date someone who looks worse for wear.

Being scruffy is a big turn off for a girl. Her feelings for you are likely to disappear if you turn up to see her in an old pair of jeans and mucky trainers. After all, she wants to feel proud to be in your presence, not want to hide as she’s embarrassed to be seen with you.

Therefore, always make sure you wear clean and ironed clothes when you are going to see her. And remember to have a shave and wash your hair too before you are around her. She’s bound to compliment you and it will go a long way to win over her affections if you do make an effort in front of her.

12. Show her you have your own hobbies/job

You need to make sure the girl of your dreams knows that she won’t be the only thing in your life. After all, she likely has her own things going on such as a hobby and a job that takes up her time. And she will want to see her own friends and family from time to time.

If she thinks you are going to be clingy and always in her face, she’s going to turn her feelings off. After all, she will think the relationship will end sooner rather than later as she won’t want to put up with just being the only thing going on in your life.

Therefore, if you want her to like you, make sure you tell her about your fulfilling and busy life. That way, she will like your drive and aspirations and soon will want to go on a date.

13. Make sure you show her your funny side

Girls love to have a laugh with a guy. After all, she wants to date someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. And she wants to spend time with someone who will make her smile and laugh regularly. After all, you don’t want to both be miserable in the relationship.

Therefore, if you want this chick to like you, you need to show her your funny side.  Tell her jokes when you are around her and don’t hesitate to tell her about funny situations you have been in.

You are onto a winner if you both have a similar sense of humour. And if she doesn’t find you funny, she’s probably not right for you anyway. 

14. Spoil her to show her how special she is

You can also help swing things in the right direction with a girl by spoiling her. For example, you might offer to take her out for the day to go shopping. Or you might want to treat her to dinner. After all, a girl wants to feel special.

By giving her a nice time, she will imagine having other great times with you if you were a couple, so it can start to help her build up feelings for you. You might want to buy her small gifts too such as chocolate or even flowers.

It’s bound to put a smile on her face, and she will soon start liking you as more than a friend.

15. Be friends first

Some of the best relationships are built on friendship. After all, there’s a lot more to two people being together than just sex.

So even if you are not on a dating level yet and you want this girl to like you, start to become friends. Get to know her properly and have fun together. Have a laugh and hang out with other people.

You might find that as soon as you both become firm friends, feelings will grow on her side. And then you can take the step to start dating. But at least if you are friends already, you will have plenty to talk about when you take the leap of faith.

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