How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl – 10 Easy Tips

When you want to start chatting to a girl you like, it can be a minefield. After all, you don’t know what to say to make sure you stand out and appear confident. And you don’t want to say the wrong thing so that the conversation ends before it has even begun.

While starting a conversation can be hard to do, often keeping it going can be even more troublesome. After all, it’s easy to dry up and run out of things to talk about. Then you have to walk away before you’ve had a proper chance to get to know this hot girl.

However, having a fulfilling chat which will lead to a date doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, if you are wondering how to keep a conversation going with a girl, here are 10 tips you need to make sure a convo is great when you are talking to a girl you like.

Here's how to keep a conversation going with a girl


One of the worst things you can do when talking to a girl is let her do all the questioning. After all, if she’s putting in all the work, she’s going to think you are not as interested in getting to know about her. If that happens, she’s likely to draw the conversation to a close. Therefore, if you want to keep the conversation going with this hot girl, you need to make sure you ask her lots of questions.

Ask her about her likes and dislikes and find out all about her. Just make sure that you do ask this hot girl open-ended questions. After all, if you ask her questions that are closed, she will give you one-word answers and then the conversation will end sooner rather than later.

Also, don’t be afraid to keep asking the girl different questions. She will be pleased you want to find out more about her. It will show her you are interested in much more than just her looks. And then she will hopefully ask you questions about your life too.

2. Talk about different topics

It’s easy to stick to one topic when you are talking to a girl. After all, you can both get into a subject and then neither one of you knows how to switch the conversation to something else. But if you do stick to the same topic, you are going to run out of things to say.

For instance, if you have been talking about a certain film then once you have discussed the plot and characters, you are going to run out of things to say. Then the conversation will be over before it’s properly begun.

Therefore, you need to talk about different topics with a girl to keep her interested and make sure the conversation keeps flowing. However, a lot of guys are unsure of what topics to talk about with a girl. After all, they are not going to be interested in the same things as your mates.

One thing you can talk about with a girl is travel. Talk about exciting places you have been before and ask her where she loves most in the world. You can also get her to daydream by asking her if there is a particular place she would love to go to.

Another topic you might want to discuss with that cute girl is her goals. After all, talking about jobs you both want to do or even something she aspires to do is great for turning the conversation into a positive.

Remember, music and art are also great topics that will get her chatting away. After all, a lot of people are happy to talk about things they are passionate about.

You could also try talking about people you both know. After all, every girl loves a good gossip about a co-worker or friend.

3. Don’t go off on a tangent

You want a conversation that goes in the right direction, so you are likely to try and talk until your mouth goes dry. After all, you don’t want the girl to get bored and end the conversation early. At the same time, you don’t want to go off on a tangent when you talk to a girl.

For one thing, the girl is likely to get bored and lose track of what you are saying if you do keep chatting about something, and she might think that the only person you are interested in hearing about is yourself. After all, you might not be giving her time to speak if you are going off on one during the conversation.

Therefore, make sure when you speak you allow her a chance to respond. Don’t give her every detail of a story. After all, if she’s never met your friend Greg, or gone to a certain bar or club, she is likely to not be that interested.

So just give her the brief details and move to the funny part quickly to ensure she keeps chatting with you. You want her to stay excited and happy to talk to you during the conversation.

4. Talk about things she loves

It’s always a good idea to talk to a girl about something she loves. She will feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable talking about friends and family than trying to talk about something she doesn’t know about or even talking about herself. After all, she is likely to tense up and become shy and then she will end the conversation quickly.

Therefore, ask her about her best friends and how long she’s known them. Also ask about her family and whether she has a big or small family. She will then speak about them and hopefully ask about your nearest and dearest in return.

You can also ask her about pets. After all, girls love chatting about their fluffy pooch or furry cat. Then you will find she will open up a lot more and have a full conversation with you which will help you to get to know her better.

Remember if you have a pet, do tell her about it. She will love to hear about your pooch or kitten. You can then say would you like to meet it which will then lead to a potential hook-up.

5. Don’t freak her out 

There’s nothing that will end the conversation quicker than saying something which freaks her out. After all, she will want to finish the chat and it will be game over.

For one thing, you should not mention ex-girlfriends. She’s going to feel very uncomfortable if you start mentioning the great girl you once dated. In fact, she might think you want to get back with her as you keep going on about her.

Also, don’t mention about being in love with this girl. Even if you have strong feelings, if you come on too strong, it will definitely freak her out. And make sure you don’t mention what you like in the bedroom straight away. It will end the conversation and you will be back to square one with this girl.

6. Impress the girl

You can also win over this chick by making sure you impress her. After all, if she thinks your funny or charming, she is bound to keep the conversation going with her. One way you can impress her is by telling her about your career. After all, if she sees you aspire high and work hard, it will definitely be appealing to her.

You can also impress this girl by talking about the things you know about her. After all, if you talk about a friend she mentioned before, she will be impressed you remembered her name and it will show to her you listened.

Therefore, she is more likely to keep the conversation going if she knows you are keen. Talking about your dreams and aspirations will definitely be a way to impress and keep the chat flowing.

7. Keep her laughing

Having a laugh with the girl you fancy is the best way to keep the conversation going. After all, if you are too serious, it’s going to end the conversation sooner rather than later. They want something light and easy. They want to have some flirty chat and a giggle, not feel like they have had a stressful convo with you.

Therefore, try and make the girl laugh by telling them an embarrassing story or some jokes you have heard from a friend. A sense of humour is key if you hope to have a relationship with this girl.

After all, she will want to date someone she can have a laugh and a great time with. So, keep the conversation going by making her laugh and hopefully she will be on a date with you before long.

Remember to laugh at her jokes too. After all, it will boost her confidence and help her to be more relaxed when she speaks to you.

8. Play hard to get

While you can play the game of being keen to ensure you get responses from the girl, it can also work if you play hard to get. After all, if you aren’t doing all the chat, it will spark up her interests and get her to make more effort.

She will want to know why you aren’t being overly keen. And she will work harder to try and get you to fancy her again. After all, she will be hoping for a date at the end of the conversation. It can also be more enticing to a girl if you are not handing it to her on a plate.

Therefore, make sure you tell her how busy you are and be very distant when she mentions meeting up. You can also give her one-word answers when she asks you things. You will soon find her eating out the palm of your hands if you play hard to get. She will be very keen, and then you can start answering and make the next step of arranging to go on a date.

9. Be the real you

It’s so easy for the conversation with the girl of your dreams to die an early death if you are putting on an act. After all, you are trying your best to act a certain way and it’s hard to keep it up. You will come across nervous and less confident and she will pick up on this and will stop talking. Then you will be back to square one with this hot girl.

Guys think they need to act a certain way to pull a girl. They put on a front when it comes to things they like and what is going on in their life. But the truth is the girl you like will be into you a lot more if you are honest with her.

Tell her the truth about your hobbies and interests. At the end of the day, if you like gaming or watching football, she is bound to want to hear more. After all, if we were exactly the same as our partners, life would be very boring. Therefore, tell her about yourself and hopefully, the conversation will flow a lot better.

10. Talk about yourself too

As much as you want her to feel extra special when you are talking, you need to bring yourself and your own thoughts and feelings into the chat if you want to keep the conversation going. After all, girls only like to talk about themselves for a certain amount of time before it comes awkward. They will close up and end the conversation if you’re not bringing anything to it.

Therefore, take the time to talk about yourself too. Offer up facts and thoughts about your own life. It will help her get to know you too and will ensure the conversation keeps going. And you will hopefully get on like a house on fire.

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