How To Tell If A Woman Likes You – 10 Signs To Watch Out For

 There’s nothing worse than getting rejected by a girl who you were hoping felt the same way as you. After all, you pluck up the courage to send them a text asking them out on a date and you are left with the brush off.

You are left feeling confused about how you got it so wrong. In fact, it can put some guys off approaching girls in fear of being left embarrassed.

However, while it’s hard to read girls as they often give off mixed signals, there are some signs you can watch out for which will give you the green light. Therefore, here is how to tell if a woman likes you.

So How Do You Know If She's Really Into You?

1. She keeps catching your eye and smiling

You can tell a lot about how a girl feels by her eye contact. After all, it’s said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They can give you an insight into how she feels without her even needing to say a word.

If a girl is into you, she will try to catch your eye when you are together. If you do look back at this chick and she smiles, then you know there is a good chance she is keen.

And you will definitely be given a heads up that she likes you if she keeps doing it, especially if there are other people there. It means the only person she likes is you, and you can make waves to pursue it further.

2. She is shy and nervous around you

We all can get a little shy when it comes to talking to our crush. After all, we are nervous we will say the wrong thing when we actually want to come across as cool and confident as possible.

Therefore, when this chick is chatting to you, you might find they act quite nervous and shy. This is a good sign that she fancies you and wants to take things further.

Of course, there’s a chance she might just lack in confidence. One good way to tell is to check out her persona when she’s talking to others. If the shyness is just for you, there’s a good chance she likes you as more than a friend.

3. She’s always laughing at your jokes

You will find that when a girl likes you, she will find you funnier. In fact, you might find they are the one laughing loudest at your jokes, or even the only one finding you hilarious!

You might hear them recounting what you said to their friends too. It’s highly likely if she’s doing this that she likes you. After all, when a woman fancies a guy, they want to impress them, so they will try to zone in on their sense of humour.

Not only this but when they fancy you, everything you do will seem brilliant as they see you in a flattering light, so there’s a good chance she wants to be more than friends. Just make sure she isn’t laughing at you.

Otherwise, you will be heading for an embarrassing situation if you ask them out as they might just see you as a ‘joke’ rather than a potential love interest.

4. She’s always texting or messaging you

If the woman is always texting or hitting you up on Facebook Messenger, there’s a good chance that she’s got feels. After all, if she really likes you, she will be wanting to connect with you and get to know you better.

You may find she tries to make conversation over the smallest things. And she might text you out of the blue about something you briefly mentioned earlier.

Check your inbox to see how many texts you are getting off this particular girl. If she’s one of your top messages, there’s a good chance she wants you to ask her out.

5. She follows you on all your social media accounts (and likes and comments on your posts)

With over 39 million people in the UK alone on social media, there’s a good chance she’s got at least a Facebook or Instagram. And for a lot of women, it’s a good way to spy on their crush and see if they are available. Believe us, she’s bound to look through your friend list and your recent comments.

As well as this, social media a good way to speak to the person you like without having to make the move face to face. So, one way to tell if a woman likes you is to see whether she’s following you on all your social media accounts.

You might suddenly find she requests to add you on your accounts. Also, keep an eye on whether she is liking and commenting on all your posts. If you are constantly getting notifications that she’s liked your picture or status, there’s a good chance you are on her mind and she wants you to make a move.

6. She compliments you

It’s always nice to get a compliment off a chick. After all, it can give you an ego boost and lift your confidence. But sometimes the friendly gesture can mean a lot more than you think; it could be a sign she’s into you.

After all, she might be trying to subtly tell you that she wants to be more than friends if she’s dropping hints she likes your appearance.

Compliment her back and see how she reacts. If she starts blushing and smiling at your compliment, there is a good chance that she likes you and wants to hook up.

And remember it can be all down to the compliment. After all, if it’s your body she’s complimenting, it means she is checking you out very closely.

7. She arranges to meet up

In the modern world, it’s quite the norm for a girl to make the move to ask you out. But sometimes, it can be hard to tell whether she’s asking you to go out as a friend or on a proper date. After all, you don’t want to make it awkward by making it more than it is.

However, if she is constantly arranging to meet up just the two of you, there is a good chance she likes you more than a friend. If you want to take things further, it’s worth suggesting you go as a twosome the next time she arranges to meet up to see how she reacts to this idea.

8. She offers to help you out

If a girl is into you, she’s will be the first to help you if you are in a tricky situation. For example, if you need a lift somewhere or require some help at the workplace, you might find she puts herself forward to help you out. After all, she will want to impress you and spend more time with you when she can.

She might be hoping something develops if the two of you are spending more time alone. If you find she’s always the one on your go-to list, it might be that you are special to her.

9. She gets her friends to check you out

Girls often lean on their mates when it comes to dating. They do it from when they are young (you are bound to have been asked out at least once by a girl’s friend when you were back at school). If you find that this girl’s friend is chatting to you and asking personal questions, it might be that they are checking you out.

You might also find they suddenly follow you on social media so they can see if you are likely to make a move. It might be the case they even drop hints to you that their friend is interested. You can then definitely take it as a green light that the girl wants you to make a move.

10. She gets jealous of you flirting with other girls

It always sucks when your love interest is flirting with someone else. But jealousy is a great way to tell whether that girl is into you. If you spot them shooting daggers at the girl you are chatting to, you will be able to tell they want you to flirt with them instead. You also might find that they try and steer you away from the girl. If she’s always telling you that they are not right for you, it’s likely she wants to be with you.

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