10 Signs She Wants You To Chase Her

It’s so tricky to know when a girl wants to take things further with you. After all, they can often blow hot one minute then cold the next when they are into you. They want to get with you, but they don’t want it to be easy. After all, they want to feel special and sought-after.

You might be questioning for months whether they are just stringing you along or want something serious. Therefore, here are 10 signs she wants you to chase her.

Here's How To Tell She Wants You To Chase Her


Girls don’t want to come over too keen when it comes to responding to you. After all, they don’t want to come across clingy and desperate by answering you straight away. Therefore, if they want you to chase them, they might take a day or two before they answer about a date.

It’s also likely they might be testing the water to see how keen you are to pursue them by leaving it a while to respond. After all, if you do text again as they haven’t responded, it makes it clear to them that you do like them. Therefore, if you do find that she is a bit slow at replying, it’s a good sign you do need to chase her.

2. She flirts with other guys in front of you

You might find that a girl lets you know she wants you to pursue them by showing you that she’s very highly sought-after. After all, she wants you to know how special she is. No girl wants to feel like you are just choosing her as she’s easy to get.

You might find that your crush shows you that she can pull other men. You might find she flirts with other guys in front of you to try to make you jealous. You can tell she’s doing this if she constantly catches your eye while she’s doing it. She might even tell you about how someone else likes her to make sure you know you have to chase her if you want to take things further.

3. She tells you what she’s looking for

Girls often have a good idea of how they want a guy to go about asking them out. They want a bit of romance so that they have a story to tell their friends.

So you might find that the girl you are into tells you about what she’s looking for in a relationship. She might even tell you about what other guys have done to woo their now girlfriends in hope of you doing the same. Make sure you listen and then start the chase if she does talk to you about this.

4. She changes her body language

You might be surprised how much you can tell from a girl’s body language. For starters, you might find that she starts to give you more eye contact than usual. This is her way of giving you a heads up that she likes you and wants you to make a move on her.

You also might find that she plays with her hair if she’s trying to get you to chase her.  And watch how she’s sitting when she’s talking to you. If you find her legs are getting closer to you, it’s a good sign she wants you to chase her.

5. She makes moves to get to know you better

If a girl likes you and wants you to step up your game you will find that she will try to find out more about you. She might ask you about your background and about your friends and family.

While you might think she’s just being polite, there’s a good chance that she’s interested and wants to find out more.

She’s hoping that if she has more chats with you, it might urge you to start chasing her. You might find she tells you more meaningful things about her life too. That way, she’s hoping she will show you she’s keen so you can make a move on her.

6. She gets annoyed with you for no reason

It’s widely known that when someone fancies another person they might not show them affection. In fact, they can act annoyed with them when they really like the person. It might be the case they are playing hard to get. After all, they don’t want to act too interested.

They might be hoping that you might chase them if you know they are hard to get. After all, it’s sometimes more fun if the girl isn’t that keen to start with to date you.

7. She shows you’re what your missing

You might find that the girl in question starts to get incredibly busy in her life. You might notice that she’s out all the time with her friends, or even going on more dates which she then posts about all over her social media.

She might even tell you all about what she’s doing in her life. And the reason might be that she wants to show you what you’re missing by not going out with her. Then she hopes it might urge you to make a move as you know she’s a good catch.

8. She starts dressing to impress when she’s around you

When a girl likes a guy, she will make more of an effort to dress to the nines when she’s around him. After all, she wants him to see her in the best light so that he will fancy her.

So if you find that she’s always wearing a full face of makeup and is wearing her best clothes, there’s a good chance she wants you to begin the chase to get her. In fact, you should start giving her compliments to see how she reacts. You will soon see whether she’s trying to impress with her looks.

9. She won’t commit to you

It can feel like you’re getting the brush-off when a girl won’t get serious with you. After all, you might be keen to make it official, but she doesn’t seem ready to give you any commitment.

It might be the case that she wants you to make more effort to impress her. After all, she will only want to get into a relationship with someone who really likes her.

If you have given a half-hearted attempt to ask her to be your girlfriend, it’s not going to make the cut. Therefore, you need to chase her to show her how much you like her.

10. She plays hard to get

 It’s so hard to know whether a girl is just being a big tease or not. But the truth is that a girl often plays hard to get when she wants you to chase her. These mixed signals can be so confusing. 

But if she says she’s not interested and then flirts with you, there’s a good chance that she wants you to chase her. Therefore, play along if you fancy this girl to make sure she knows you are into her. And then hopefully the mind games will stop.

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