10 Signs She’s Not Into You

There’s nothing worse than when your feelings for someone are not reciprocated. In fact, it can lead to heartbreak as you try and move on from that perfect girl.

The worst thing about unrequited love is that we often don’t know that the feelings aren’t mutual.

It means we can end up spending weeks, if not months pursuing a girl who doesn’t feel the same and is unlikely to change their feelings.

So, if you are reading this and are thinking you might be wasting your time on a girl, here are ten signs she’s not into you and it’s time to move on.

How Can You Tell If A Girl Is Not Into You?

1. She hasn’t introduced you to her crew

Girls are thick as thieves with their mates. They tell them everything (even when it’s stuff you would rather keep private). And when it comes to dating, they are quick to introduce their new beau to their friends to ensure they meet their approval.

Therefore, if you are yet to meet your girl’s crew then there might be trouble in paradise. In fact, it’s likely that she doesn’t see anything serious happening with you.

It’s worth mentioning you would like to meet them. If she changes the subject or brushes off the comment, it’s a big clue that she doesn’t see any point in you meeting her nearest and dearest.

2. She doesn’t want to arrange any future events/occasions

When a girl is really feeling it, she is always planning ahead. After all, if you are going to be a thing, what’s the problem in booking a festival or a holiday in the not so distant future? It shows that she’s keen for you to stick around and sees a potential long-term romance with you.

If your love interest is not so keen to book ahead, it’s a sign that she’s not into you. In fact, if she is always dismissing future events and won’t book anything longer than a month away, it might be time to face the reality that she probably doesn’t like you as much as you do her.

3. She doesn’t text or message you

If you are the one always texting and calling this girl, it’s a bad sign. Of course, girls want you to do a lot of the running to show you are interested.

But you should also find that your love interest gives you a text or a call to check in throughout the day. Therefore, if you are the one constantly making the calls and texting, there’s a good chance that she’s not that interested in hooking up.

Also, you can get a good idea of whether she’s reciprocating your feelings by her responses. If she’s very blunt and straight to the point, it’s likely she’s trying to end the conversation and ultimately your dates.

4. She doesn’t make arrangements for another next date

You might have had a great time on the date and felt a real connection. But just because you felt it went well, it doesn’t mean she enjoyed it too.

If you are trying to arrange to meet up again and you are faced with constant excuses, there’s a good chance she’s giving you the brush off. After all, if a girl is really into you, she’s going to be keen to see you again and there’s only so many times she can give you the ‘busy’ excuse. At the end of the day, if she wants to see you, she will make it a reality.

5. She tries to hook you up with her friend

It’s likely that during your time dating a girl she might introduce you to someone she knows. But if this girl keeps mentioning this other person and uses the phrase “there’s someone you have to meet”, alarm bells should be ringing.

It could mean she is trying to set you up with this other girl as she thinks you are more suited to them. Or she might be trying to give you the brush off and is letting you down gently by hooking you up with her mate.

6. She never makes an effort when she sees you

It’s great when a girl can feel comfortable in your presence. After all, you want to get to know the real girl, not someone who’s putting on an act. And the best way to do this is when you are relaxed around each other.

However, if the girl is acting too casual around you, it could be a sign that she sees you more as a friend. After all, if she is keen, she’s going to be making an effort to get made up when she sees you. If she isn’t doing this, there’s a chance you are going to be friend-zoned sooner rather than later.

7. She talks about other guys around you

It can be difficult to know when girls mention guys in your presence whether they are trying to make you jealous or not. After all, some girls will be trying to weigh up whether you like them or not.

However, if it’s a constant thing when you are out with your love interest, it’s likely she’s looking for her next date and you are going to end up in the rubbish pile. In fact, they might soon start asking you for advice on wooing other men.

8. She doesn’t want to make it Facebook official

Us millennials know that a relationship is only serious once you become Facebook official. After all, you are telling the world how much you like each other.

Therefore, if your girl isn’t keen to put it out there in cyberspace, it might be the case she doesn’t want to get serious. In fact, she might think that your relationship is going nowhere. It’s worth requesting to add her as your significant other on Facebook, and if you are left with no reply, you know where you stand.

9. She doesn’t give you any physical contact

It’s normal that a girl will want to get to know you first before anything physical happens. In fact, with some girls, you might go on four or five dates before she’s ready for you to make a move.

However, if you have been on several dates and she is avoiding any lip action, it might be the case that the feelings are just not there. It’s worth starting with trying to hold her hand to see if she reciprocates. But if she brushes you off, there might be just no attraction there.

10. She tells you she just wants to be friends

For some couples, it can take a while before a strong attraction is there. After all, getting to know each other can sometimes cause those sparks.

However, if she has mentioned that you are just friends, and keeps stating it on a regular basis, it’s likely she’s not going to change her mind. In fact, she might be trying to let you down gently. And while you might be trying your best to work on that attraction, it just might be a no-hoper.

And remember, the best way to find out whether a girl is into you or not is to ask them straight out.

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