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1 Year Dating Anniversary Gifts for Her - Date And Simple

1 Year Dating Anniversary Gifts for Her: Romantic Gift Ideas

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Anniversary gifts became a norm because most couples nowadays started counting by months. The first anniversary turned into a milestone, and it is something that a lot of men now are always preparing for. There is a lot of 1 year dating anniversary gifts for her, but finding the right one for your partner is extremely difficult.

When buying gifts for your girlfriend or wife, there’s no room for error, and we always want to buy the best for them. The anniversary is always the most special occasion for couples, so you need to look for the right gift that would make her fall in love with you all over again.

How to Pick the Best 1st Dating Anniversary Gift

Women are very emotional human beings, so the first year is always a big deal for them. As such, you need to spend time thinking about what to give them.

Men are not really meticulous when it comes to gifts, but if your girl is very special to you, doing a bit of research won’t hurt. To help out, we will give you a few simple tips on how you can pick the right gift for your anniversary.

1. Prioritize What She Likes

In the one year that you’ve been together, your girlfriend might have mentioned a few things that she always wanted to buy. However, this is most of the time costly since it may be one included in your girl's bucket list. If you have the budget, then go for it.

That said, if what your girl wants is costly, you can think of other things that she wants. It might be food or something that is within your budget.

2. Consider Something That Would Bring Back Memories

Women are very sentimental, and they remember even the little things you did in the past. You can think of a gift that would remind her when you first met, or you can think of the first gift you gave her.

You can also think of a special gift that would remind her of a significant event when you were together. It can be your first trip together or your first date. Women are not always into material things, and they would appreciate it if you will give them something that would bring back memories.

You can create a collage of all the pictures that you had together, or you can put all of them in a photo album. As of today, most of the pictures are already on your mobile phones and computers, so giving them a photo album can be a good choice.

3. Go For Personalized Items

Personalized items became extremely popular lately because a lot of businesses are now allowing their customers to make their own designs. You can make your own t-shirt design, and you can also ask a photo to be placed in a mug or any other item you want.

You can buy a specific item that your partner wants and personalize it by adding both of your names or adding pictures. Your partner will definitely appreciate your gift if you put in some effort.

1 year dating anniversary gifts for her

1 Year Dating Anniversary Gifts for Her

Now that you already have an idea on how to select a gift for your first dating anniversary, we will give you a few ideas on what to buy or prepare for your anniversary.

1. Bouquet of Flowers and Chocolates

Most of you would say that this is very common, and women won’t be able to appreciate it anymore as a lot of people have been doing this for years. Sometimes, going for the traditional route is not a bad thing, especially during this time.

A lot of women wanted to receive a bouquet of flowers and chocolates at least once in their life. Actually, giving your partner flowers and chocolates regularly always works. If you don’t want to waste time thinking of what to give them, go traditional and buy flowers and chocolates.

If you want it to be different, you can think of a unique way of giving it to her. You can set up a surprise date for your girlfriend, or you can ask a delivery guy to send it directly to her workplace or home.

2. Scrapbook

Before you get intimidated by all the work and effort you need to put into making a scrapbook, you should first understand why it is one of the best gifts for her on your first dating anniversary. Yes, scrapbooking is not a man’s job. You need to be very detailed, and we all know that men are not usually into this kind of stuff.

However, you don’t have to do the scrapbooking yourself. There are businesses out there willing to create a scrapbook for you. You just need to send in all the pictures and details you want to see on that scrapbook, and you can make your own design as well. The business will handle everything for you, and it will be sent to you once it is completed.

It’s the thought that counts. It doesn’t matter if you made the scrapbook yourself or not. As long as you put in the effort to create one, your girlfriend will surely appreciate it.

3. Prepare a Surprise Anniversary Celebration

The preparation for a surprise anniversary celebration is very time-consuming. You might need the help of your friends to make this possible as it usually requires a lot of planning. A lot of problems might also pop up while you are doing the preparations because a woman’s sixth sense is no joke.

If you are planning a simple date, you can look for a restaurant and have a nice dinner with her. If you have the money and you can afford to reserve a restaurant for the event, do it. If you want a simple date with her, you can just invite her to your house and prepare a home-made dinner.

You can also have a trip to an unfamiliar place. You can go to a different country or a place where you haven’t been to before. You can also reminisce by going to a place that you used to visit.

4. Jewelry

Buying jewelry is very common for couples. Most of them even buy matching accessories like rings, bracelets, or necklaces.

For your first dating anniversary, you can give her a necklace or a bracelet. Rings are good, too, but it is better to reserve this piece of jewelry when you are asking for her hand in marriage.

To choose specific jewelry, you can try to recall the times when you visited a jewelry store. Think of the item that she always wanted to buy. It might be a watch, a necklace, or any kind of jewelry. This will be your first hint on what to buy.

You can also ask her friends if she mentioned any type of jewelry that she wants to buy. If you are close to her family members, you can do that as well.

5. Couple Spa and Massage

Your girlfriend will always want to experience couple spa and massage sessions. Men are not really fond of these activities, so letting her bring you to a spa and massage parlor can be the greatest gift that you can give her.

You can take her to a spa and massage parlor that she wants to visit and join her. It is always better if you will do things together, especially on your first dating anniversary. This is one of the best 1 year dating anniversary gifts for her because you are showing her your support in what she wants to do.

Why Do You Celebrate Dating Anniversaries?

It doesn’t matter if it is a wedding anniversary or you are just celebrating your dating anniversary. These events are significant for every couple. Most of you are probably asking why there is a need to celebrate anniversaries. You can always skip it if you want, but women love these events, and these remind them of the past. Here are a few of the reasons why you need to celebrate dating anniversaries.

1 year dating anniversary gifts for her

1. It Is Considered a Milestone

When you reached a milestone in life, what do you usually do? When you got a promotion, or you’ve managed to accomplish something from your bucket list, you always take the time to celebrate your achievement. It is the same with relationships, and an anniversary is considered a milestone.

In today’s society, divorce and breakups are pretty normal. There are times when a couple doesn’t even reach a year in their relationship.

The fact that you made your relationship work for a year is already an achievement worth celebrating. There are bumps along the way, but all of these are part of life.

Giving gifts during anniversaries became a norm as well, and this is not only for men. Women also take their time looking for gifts that they can give to their partners.

2. A Chance to Reconnect

One year is extremely long, and you might have experienced a lot of challenges along the way. There are times when you or your partner almost gave up with the relationship, but you still managed to make it to your anniversary.

Celebrating your anniversary and giving gifts can be a good chance to reconnect with them and to rekindle your relationship. For couples that are still dating, this is an excellent way to talk things out and to try and resolve all the other unfinished businesses in your relationship.

3. Reflect from the Past

By celebrating your anniversary, you and your partner are given a chance to reflect on things you did in the past. This would include all the good and bad things.

By reflecting, you also learn a lot about each other, and you will better at understanding each other’s feelings. By looking back, you will surely see how far you’ve gone as a couple, and it will be a great way to strengthen your relationship further.

4. A Chance to Get Away

If both you and your partner are already working, you will surely realize that you will start losing time for each other. You will only meet once or twice a week, and the meeting is very short as well.

There are times when you won’t even meet once. Talking through the phone is great, but being together is much better.

You celebrate your anniversaries as it is a chance for both of you to go out and be with each other. If you will do this every year, you will always have ample time for each other, and it will give you a chance to be with her for a longer time.

5. To Look Ahead

You celebrate anniversaries to look ahead and plan the future. As a couple, you would make plans on marriage, starting a family, and more as it is the end goal of dating. If you are not dating to marry or start a family with your partner, then it makes no sense.

Celebrating your anniversaries allow you to plan your future with your current partner. You probably faced a lot of challenges within that year, and it is always a relief to sit with your partner and talk about the future.

6. To Celebrate Love

Dating anniversaries should always be celebrated because of your love for each other. She won’t stay with you without love, and this fact is already worth celebrating. The fact you managed to stay strong despite the problems and challenges that you faced for a year is an achievement for both of you.


Looking for 1 year dating anniversary gifts for her is not too difficult, but most men are having a hard time choosing because of the different options available right now. You just need to remember that your girlfriend will always appreciate anything that you will give her, especially if you spent your time and effort in preparing the gift.

Celebrating your dating anniversary and giving gifts would be a great way to celebrate your love for each other and to commemorate all of the happy memories that you had during that year.

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