3 Step Stamina Review – Keeping You Hard

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One thing is for sure: the 3 Step Stamina training course is very in your face. This training on offer is anything but coy, what with 3 bonus offerings titled Squirting Orgasms Blueprint, Blowjob and Anal Sex Persuasion and Sex Position Tricks. Yip, this training says it as it is, guys. The stamina here is all sexual – no stuff about holding hands or how to coo in her ear, we can assure you. And why not.

Ready, Set, Go!

The main 3 Step Stamina course offering is the main module of the same name. It tells you what you need to know about erections and how to perform like a porn star. Physiology is key here. Squirting Orgasm Blueprint pretty much tells you how to get her squirting away, whilst Blowjob and Anal Sex Persuasion and Sex Position Tricks instruct you how to get her begging to do you-know-what and you-know-that and mostly everything in between.


Male porn star Aaron Wilcoxxx makes it very clear – his trainingis all about the physical aspects of sex. More specifically, it’s about the physiology of sex – your erection, her orgasms, her begging to suck you off and get it up the ass – you know, the nuts and bolts of it all. This is not ‘intellectual’ stuff by any means – there are no fancy schmancy theories or copyrighted guides on how to get your and her rocks off. It’s straightforward stuff on offer here.

So, does that diminish what Wilcoxxx offers with 3 Step Stamina? Actually, not really. This is a training course that offers real solutions to a guy having and keeping his erection, how to maintain optimum health for the best in sexual prowess and, importantly by the way, how to please her too. The packaging is simple and this could hardly be considered a ‘wow’ course – but it’s decent, unpretentious and does the job. That is why we can recommend it.

3 Step Stamina

Our Rating: B-
Creator: Aaron Wilcoxxx
Recommended: Yes

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The Lowdown…

We kick off our sexual prowess learning with the main module for 3 Step Stamina, which is in the form of a PDF. At 68 pages and more than double-spaced, this is quite slim by the usually hefty (read: bloated) standards of many similar dating courses out there. It’s put together by Aaron Wilcoxxx (yip, the guy’s name ends in xxx. I wonder if it’s spelled like that on his driver’s license? The mind wonders…). Well, he is a porn star…

Wilcoxxx opens his manual by declaring: “You’re about to learn how to maximize your sexual stamina and vitality so that you can have the sex life of your dreams.” That’s this training in a nutshell, guys. And the good news is that Wilcoxxx assures you that age is not an issue. He actually claims this repeatedly, so one has to assume he believes that having a superb hardon is for all ages.

It seems everything in this course comes in threes -it  features three key steps to powerful erections, as well as
three key steps to achieve the performance and vitality of a porn star. Wilcoxxx makes it clear that nothing to do with sex or having a great hardon comes naturally. It all required hard work (if you pardon the crappy pun…).

He outlines the benefits of testosterone including, obviously, to one’s sexual performance. But he does not advocate doing things like popping Viagra or even using a vacuum pump to engorge your tool. He does acknowledge that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can help men with very low testosterone levels. However, he cautions about studies that show TRT can be bad for the heart and can worsen blood clots, sleep apnea, and prostate cancer.

An interesting aside to mention here is that Wilcoxxx does provide sources to some of his claims and stats that he puts out. That’s to his credit – believe it or not, so many similar dating courses spout about data and stats with wild abandon whilst offering no links or footnotes to back up their claims. It is to this guy’s credit that he does.

He offers a series of exercises that you can do with your favourite little guy in order to maintain your erection harder and for longer. This he bases on all his years in the porn industry and what are ‘little-known tricks’ that all male porn stars do in order to keep their erections. Here’s a diagram he uses to show you the physiology of an erection:

Yip, just what every guy wants to know about his erection…

Wilcoxxx sets out your dick-enhancing exercises over a few weeks and even provides a diet for what should imrpove your erections. It’s actually interesting and well-considered stuff – I kid you not! The guy really likes his veggies, fruits and nuts – which does make sense for good male health anyway. He then provides some final tips on some of the things a guy can do to ensure a better erection and, as such, a better sex life. It’s a decent ending.


As stated, 3 Step Stamina offers three additional PDFs. Up first is Squirting Orgasm Blueprint which pretty well tells you how to seduce and then manipulate her to the point that she has mind-blowing squirting orgasms. Blowjob and Anal Sex Persuasion gets her to do the two things that, let’s face it, most women are not too eager to do. Wilcoxxx makes it clear that guilt and pressure don’t work – no silly ‘mind tricks’ on offer here.

Open wide, honey…

Sex Position Tricks may be the main title of the third PDF on offer, but it is the byline which provides the gist for this freebie: To Maximize Depth and Perceived Size. Wilcoxxx reckons it’s all about making her feel you have more girth so she can have more mirth. It would have been nice if more actual sexual positions had been shared, but what he suggests in order to make her think you’re bigger (and wider) than what you really are does make some sense.

Ooooooohhh, you really are big, baby…

Real extras-wise 3 Step Stamina basically offers sweet bugger all. There are no links to other resources, no references page, no forums for students of the course, no way of contacting the learned Mr Wilcoxxx – nothing. The only clickbait on the landing page is to a landing page for a lurid, tacky-looking training course called ‘Trigger Lust’. It looked as shitey as it sounds, but it was being offered at just $9.95 – for a period of just fifteen minutes, of course.

And how does it look and feel?

I’ve said it before in other reviews, and I’ll say it again: a PDF is a PDF is a PDF. Add one more PDF to that list and you have the sum total of what’s on offer in 3 Step Stamina – four PDFs. PDFs are at their best a dull and visually stunted means of presenting content. This boring format is exacerbated by poor formatting, shifts in font size and type that are tiring on the eye and a lack of diagrams or other visual stimuli. In all, 3 Step Stamina is visually inert.

What’s To Like About the 3 Step Stamina course?

  • Aaron Wilcoxxx may speak of being a porn star as if it were akin to being a rocket scientist, but at least the guy offers training that is practical, specific and remains on point. That is more than can be said for many other training courses of the same ilk. Want to know about how to keep your cock rock hard for maximum sexual performance? He tells you how to do it. Want to know how not to resort to Viagra and other artificial means of keeping erect? He tells you how to do it. Want to know how to get her to agree to a blowjob or indulge in some anal rumpy-pumpy? He shows you the way. Wilcoxx doesn’t shy from what he has to share – and it mostly works.
  • Aaron Wilcoxx is clever in the way that he presents his content – quite dry, quite technical and often with links to other sources, articles and studies. It shows an attempt at trying to back up his material with that which is proven elsewhere. One can’t call 3 Step Stamina the height of empirical studies, because it’s not, but at least it is content that seeks to be serious and referenced. It should be noted that not all the references are from the highest of scientific authorities, but one can’t expect Harvard style referencing throughout training that is essentially about keeping yourself hard and getting her off.

What’s Not To Like About the 3 Step Stamina course?

  • A sum total of four PDFs is not titillating. This content is presented in the driest, dullest format possible. This was training begging for active links to educational videos, TED talks, even funny clips – it deserved more oomph. In that way, 3 Step Stamina fails miserably – visually it wasn’t even like premature ejaculation – it never got hard in the first place.
  • There was a certain level of tackiness to this training. Sure, it’s all about hardons and getting her to do wicked things for you, but it’s still a pity that the (few) graphics presented were the personification of the visuals associated with cheap, generic porn. Then again, Wilcoxxx wears his porn star credentials like a badge of honour, so the porn touches were inevitable, I guess. Still makes it all look a bit cheap, though


Sorry, but any training always runs the risk of coming across as vacuous and laughable as the acting in most porn movies. Thankfully, the 3 Step Stamina training package by Aaron Wilcoxxx is mainly relevant and never gets off topic. The topics may be almost entirely physiological, with just a bit of mental/psychological ideas thrown in for good measure, but you know what? That’s fine – because its’ done competently enough – even if it does offer clickbait to another, crappy-looking course.

To the eternal credit of Wilcoxxx, he never once patronizes his students. Sure, some of the tips may be borderline porno fluffing, but they’re mostly done in a way that is factual, practical and do make sense. This is sexual training at its most forward and its most basic – and it’s in that honesty that Aaron Wilcoxxx deserves some kudos. 3 Step Stamina sticks to its very specific and very physical playbook – and all power to it for that. Some guys will definitely love this – others perhaps not as much.

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