51 Handsome Guy Secrets – No Interesting Secrets Here

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Most guys are plain or average – at least most guys assume that. As such, many guys assume that handsome men have it easier. It could be argued that sexy is what women really want, but handsome or goodlooking men do seem to have the edge as well. 51 Handsome Guy Secrets is training that provides tips to all the schlubs out there on how they can get ahead – the ‘handsome guy way’.

51 Handsome Guy Secrets logo
51 Handsome Guy Secrets logo

It primarily achieves this by means of, yip, 51 specific tips that give handsome guys the edge (although not really – read further). The ‘guru’ here is a guy called Ryan and, whatever the title of his training may suggest, the emphasis here is on how you look, fifty-one times over. The tips come thick and fast on everything from the jeans or Ts that a guy should wear to what he should avoid like the plague.

A training course that claims to give a specific list on how guys can get ahead with girls is a bold statement. It’s also putting that training course in a self-declared corner. Are there 51 tips here that make the difference, 51 times over? Are the tips the type that handsome guys really have over ordinary Joes, or is it just one generic, so-so tip after another. This 51 Handsome Guy Secrets review will reveal just that.


The problem about having a catchy title that is very specific, is that you’d better stick to the catchy title that is very specific. This training course is titled ’51 Handsome Guy Secrets’ yet there is not a hint of any ‘secrets’ that handsome men specifically have. Instead, it’s nearly all tips on how to look good. Clothes, accessories, grooming, styling – that’s 51 Handsome Guy Secrets in a nutshell.

Ryan Magin makes every effort to make a guy feel accompanied – that is if the guy is in need of a complete fashion overhaul. The training, being divided into so many individual videos, becomes a gruelling affair for any guy who is not that interested on how to look his best just to woo the girls.

It does make sense that guy should look his best. It should result in more self-confidence. And there’s no denying that most women do appreciate a man who is well-dressed and well-groomed. But when that’s all that’s basically on offer, then a title trumpeting the secrets of handsome men is misleading. And it begs the question – why didn’t Ryan just call it ’51 Tips on How To Look Good’?

With this course, a guy will be expecting insight into why better-looking guys have all the fun (which isn’t strictly true all the time anyway, but why spoil the illusion). Yet all he gets is tip after tip on how to dress better and groom properly. That may piss off some guys. After all, do all handsome guys dress well?

The Lowdown…

51 secrets (tips) means that it’s 51 video clips that one has to get through in order to know the secrets that only handsome men seem to know or possess. each clip has this banner statement that I guess is meant to act as an inspirational (maybe aspirational?) cheer for any guy doing the training:

Yes! (Wishful Thinking?) Banner
Yes! (Wishful Thinking?) Banner

The trainer-guru here is a youngish guy called Ryan Magin, sitting in what appears to be his studio apartment and dishing out the advice. The emphasis in this training is definitely on style, grooming and looking the part. The very first tip (‘Handsome Guy Secret #1’) is titled ‘Develop Your Personal Style’. It’s the first thing you have to do, Ryan pushes. And the less in your “comfort zone” you are with your new look, the better. That will build confidence – so he says.

Secret #2 is ‘Fit is Everything,’ which could be highly suggestive in a sexual sort of way, but is actually about how well your clothing should fit to pull off your style. Secret #3 (‘Take Care of Your Clothes’), Secret #5 (‘Fit>Quality>Brand’), Secret #6 (‘Figure Out Your Personal Uniform’) – and it goes on. You need to own 2 suits (Secret #8), as well as a navy blazer (#13), you need to “buy interchangeably” (#9), remember that “V-necks are your friend” (#11) and get some boots (#15).

There’s even ‘Avoid Sandals At All Costs’ (Secret #7)! The guy is obsessed with all things sartorial – it’s thin ties here, raw denim there. Never wear cargo shorts – of course. Styling and grooming complement the relentless wardrobe ‘secrets’, ranging from modelling yourself after your favourite star (#18) to the importance of grooming (#19). And don’t forget the all-important tan, boys (#23), even if Ryan himself looks the opposite of Tan By George Clooney:

Get A Tan - really? Is that your tan, Ryan?
Get A Tan – really? Is that your tan, Ryan?

The body itself also comes under scrutiny by our fashionista, I mean dating guru, including getting your body fat down (#22), but soon we’re back in FashionLand with tips like ‘What To Wear For Casual Shoes’ (#24). ‘What Types of Jackets to Wear’ (#27) and ‘What Types of Sweaters to Wear’ (#28). And you simply MUST burn all your khakis! (#42).

There is also a downloadable ‘The Ultimate Guide to How Your Suit Should Fit,’ as well as interviews with three style gurus with tips on how to look good or how women want their guys to dress well and look the part (namely, Antonio Centeno, Aaron Marino and Megan Collins – nah, never heard of them either). And it ends with nothing less than ‘3 Shirts That Women Love on a Man’ (Secret #51). Wheeeeeeeeew!

What the hell all of this has to do with ‘handsome guys’ or how they might have an edge and what their secrets might be is completely beyond this reviewer. Instead, every guy’s wardrobe and personal grooming gets scrutinized to an inch of its life. You better pay attention, girls, I mean boys…being ‘handsome’ is all about how you dress, how you look, how you groom – that’s the secret.

Oh, and sorry to be picky or appear mean-spirited, but I don’t think the training is done much justice by a guy who’s frankly not that handsome. Ryan may be attractive or ‘cute’ to some girls – fair enough – but a classically handsome man? Sorry, but nah. Objective is objective. And, yeah, that might have made a tad difference to a course that has ‘handsome’ as its hook:

Ryan, handsome? Not even with the glasses, bud...
Ryan, handsome? Not even with the glasses, bud…



There’s a bonus video called the ‘Handsome Guy Secrets Quick Start Cheat-Sheet’. Turns out that when you click on the link you instead get ”10 Must Have Items To Look Awesome’. Yip, it’s Ryan the Fashion Victim all over again, covering some old clothing and grooming info yet again. A ‘cheat-sheet’ could have been much more useful, but Ryan has his obsession. Nothing like a misleading title, hey?

There’s the ‘Trendsetters Private Community’ for which one needs to create an account (you can just imagine the powder-puffing that goes on in there), and which was of no interest to me. Then there’s a 16-page PDF ‘Fight Club Physique’ giving tips on how to work out and build a better body, which seems a bit rich coming from a guy as unbuffed as Ryan Magin.

There’s another video called ‘Making A Magnetic First-Impression Here!’ – turns out it’s really about what to wear on your first date with a girl, including the shoes (“Boots (Black/Brown”), the pants (“Darker Denim”) and shirts (“Solid V-Neck”). Yeah, it’s Dress-Up With Ryan time again. Oh, and try getting into an eatery a bit more upmarket than Olive Garden dressed like that, Ryan, buddy.

There’s also a ‘Private Facebook Group’ one can join, but I’d personally rather eat crushed glass than choose to be a part of that group. And that’s it for bonuses. Mercifully, this guy doesn’t punt any clickbait crap at outrageous prices onto his members – at least that.

And how does it look and feel?

It mostly looks unimpressive and blah. The logo itself is okay and the site’s wallpaper seems to be of paneling in dark wood, which gives it a different look to the majority of other dating course sites out there. Nevertheless, nearly all of the 51 videos on offer as part of the main package are of Ryan sitting at his desk in what appears to be a tight studio apartment. The most one can say about the videos technically is that the lighting is fine and one can hear the guy. That’s it.

The videos not featuring Ryan are just simple PowerPoints-in-motion set to black backgrounds and as bog-boring as any. The one PDF has lazy editing and a haphazard layout, which seems fitting for the rest of the lack of attention (or care?) to the visual aspect and overall look of the 51 Handome Guy Secrets site.

What’s To Like About 51 Handsome Guy Secrets?

  • If it’s knowing how to dress better and look more sharp, then this is the training for you. There is no denying that these is a lot of information on specific aspects of dressing and grooming included in ’51 Handsome Guy Secrets’. To be honest, most of it is common-sense and it’s hardly stop-the-traffic stuff, but some (clueless) guys may appreciate what Ryan has to suggest.
  • Give him his dues – Ryan Magin doesn’t easily get off topic. Unlike so many other of these types of dating courses that go in fifty different directions, this one keeps on course pretty much all the time – it’s clothing and grooming obsessiveness will be appealing to a guy in specific need of improving that.

What’s Not To Like About 51 Handsome Guy Secrets?

  • 51 Handsome Guys Secrets is misleading. At least its title is. There is hardly an iota of any meaningful ‘secrets’ that handsome men may have on offer here. And, much as the title may seem euphemistic to some, there was actually a golden opportunity that was lost with ’51 Handsome Guy Secrets’. After all, it is true that handsome men get away with a lot more (and more easily) than do plain or average guys with regard to girls/women/chicks/one-night stands. Every guy knows that. Therefore, those insights could have really been fun and even insightful. And you wouldn’t have needed 51 either.
  • It’s repetitive. For one thing, some of the points covered in the bonuses replicate some of the info already in the main 51 ‘secrets’ offering. That’s lazy. For another, he seems consumed by dress shirts, T-shirts, suits and boots. Those are done ad nauseam, but not enough attention is paid to other types of dressing, including occasion-related dressing (even when dating a girl), seasonal changes and the like. Also, it’s really annoying that this guy seems to think that there are universal truths when it comes to dressing and grooming – as if every guy can carry off boots or *gasp* that no guy can carry off khaki. Who the fuck laid down those fashion commandments? And what the hell are this guy Ryan’s credentials to pontificate on all of this? I sure as hell didn’t see any in all the training…
  • I have to say it again – this Ryan guy is not handsome by any stretch of the imagination. His looks range from quite ordinary / maybe borderline ‘cute’ to downright nebbish / nerdy. Bottom line – he needed to be better-looking, or at least look like more of a man’s man. When the messenger aint convincing, the message tends to get lost.


51 Handsome Guy Secrets should be called the Two Myths Training Course. There are no secrets revealed here and there’s sweet bugger all about handsome guys. Rather, it is a long laundry list of, well, mostly what goes into the laundry. There will be certain guys who find things of interest among the many so-called ‘secrets’ but too many guys will almost certainly feel had. Where are the secrets to be had?

If wanting to know about what shirts or shorts or suits to wear or why khaki is Enemy Number One for any self-respecting guy then this is the training for you. If you want to know about why handsome men have the edge – forget it. And if you want insight beyond how you look in how to get a girl – you can forget it again. 51 Handsome Guy Secrets is as misleading a title as any. That’s why it’s almost an all-out fail.

Obsessive compulsive in its approach to (some of) how a guy should look and groom himself, 51 Handsome Guy Secrets equates being well dressed and groomed with being handsome. How bizarre. However, it’s clear that Ryan Magin is a closet stylist, just waiting to burst out and dress the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling, who get gushy mentions in his training. I believe Hollywood is calling, Ryan.

Grade: D-

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