Alpha Immersion Review – More Beta Than Alpha

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Alpha Immersion claims to make a guy into a he-man to beat all he-men. This training puts guys in the driving seat, and girls submissive and panting after the guy. Influence builds attraction and then power, according to the logic here. Please note that this training purports to be both proven in the field and “scientifically proven”.

This training is based on a series of rules that allow a guy to initially engage with a girl, so as to build empathy with her. Then the guy must slowly but surely lure her in and, finally, have her under his control. But it goes even further, in that the ultimate claim made here is that of control of her mind. No less – and Alpha Immersion boasts that this mind control is “practically unstoppable”.

Does Alpha Immersion actually achieve these chest-beating claims? Does it really put the guy in control – or with even a chance of being in control, all the while getting the girl to be his – and completely his? Could even mind control of her be possible with this training? I’ll give you my opinion on those and other burning issues in this Alpha Immersion review.


The name Alpha Immersion says it all: this is about being the alpha male with his girl. He is in charge, he in control. It tries to achieve this in the form of nine ‘Rules’ that a guy must follow so that he can be the alpha male to beat all alpha males. What’s odd is how the creator of this training course, Dean Cortez, goes about making he-men out of guys.

Odd is how it starts off by insisting that empathy is the first thing that must the guy must achieve with a girl, which is neither new or very ‘macho’. Then it gets even odder by going on a long-winded pitch about the dating wonders of palm-reading. The idea is an interesting one, but it somehow feels out of place in a training course about guys finding their inner alpha.

Plenty of scenarios and examples are provided showing guys how to chat a girl up (with some pretty fucking lame ‘hypothetical’ topics), how to play the usual ‘scarcity’ mindgames with her (ho hum) and other assorted stuff that one has seen, well, dozens of time before with other dating training.Pushing the envelope stuff this is not.

Bonuses may be plentiful, and there is an attempt at a conceptual methodology somewhere in the midst of Alpha Immersion, but in the end it’s just low-concept pitched at guys with low-brow expectations. For them it might work. For most other men, it won’t. Oh, and not a shred of evidence is given to back up the claim that this training has been “scientifically proven”. It’s that type of training…

The Lowdown…

Although the training site is called Alpha Immersion, the principal training is in the form of a PDF titled The Female Mind Control Manual. That latter title alone should give a clear indication as to how a guy scores with this training. At 74 pages it’s less hefty in size than other PDFs for dating I’ve had to endure, and the title page photo certainly sets the tone:

The classy Female Mind Control logo
The classy Female Mind Control logo

The guru here is Dean Cortez. His website is as tacky as this training course appears to be. Words from his website include, “Since 2004, I’ve coached thousands of guys around the world on how to become awesome with women…and how to dominate in the game of LIFE.” What a dude.

Interestingly, there’s no personal bio about Cortez on his own website. Not a whiff. I guess trifles like how you became a guru or what your basic background is or personal education are of no importance when you’re such a stud and such a ‘guru’ like Cortez. How can he not inspire confidence? After all, he signs off his welcome in the PDF with the words “Your Wingman”. And he looks like this:

Dean Cortez - wingman and stud
Dean Cortez – wingman and stud


The PDF is divided into 9 “Rules”. The rules are there to make sure that a guy has a girl not only panting for him, but completely under his control. Rule 1 is about building rapport to somehow build “a bridge” to the girl. So one needs to build empathy, which is hardly novel or earth-shattering. Just about every dating course realizes that it’s usually a good idea for there to be some kind of connection if anything is to happen, even just a one-night stand.

Building a connection doesn’t mean you have to be boring or pretend to be her instant ‘friend’. Turns out that women like the “unknown” (that’s why women like to become tarot readers and mystics, according to Cortez), so opening lines must be unexpected, unusual and spark her interest in a guy. It’s also about making her feel unique and special the very moment you meet her. Sounds good.

Then you make her reveal more about herself in Rule 2. For example, you play the “Hypotheticals Game,” some of the topics of which I personally found risible. These include “Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?” or my personal favourite: “Would you rather have a red light blinking in the corner of your eye or a ringing in your ears for the rest of your life?” Jesus, I’m sure hot girls are just dying to have conversations like that, right?!

Cortez provides a whole list of these mostly nausea-inducing hypothetical topics, and then provides a sample of how one such topic can supposedly ‘pan’ out…:

A hypothetical chat that's sure to work like a charm...
A hypothetical chat that’s sure to work like a charm…

As you can see, F. Scott Fitzgerald dialogue this is not. And, sorry, but the chances of this opening chat going anywhere is very debatable…

Rule 2 also goes on an entire schpiel about palm reading (no less than 7 pages) and how you can get her hooked on the conversation simply by looking at the lines on her palm, like some hand fetishist. And you get to be in total control, of course. Who knows – maybe this could work with some girls in a crowded bar or nightclub. It certainly seems a better bet than the asinine list of ‘hypotheticals’ that is provided.

Rules 3 and 4 are about reciprocation (where it matters) and making her more consistent with how she interacts with you. This is where the ‘control’ starts to seep in. Cortez realizes that girls get bored, they get distracted (no wonder if she’s being bombarded with those damn hypotheticals!), so they need to be stimulated. Being friendly is a good way of keeping her interest in the Alpha Immersion game.

The trick is to keep making her say yes. And this is achieved by each yes being bigger and more important than the previous yes. Cortez bases this logic on the same principles that he learned attending a 3-day training course for used car salesmen. Jeez, did that make total sense when reading through his concepts in this Alpha Immersion training course…

Then that old chestnut of being ‘scarce’ (read: giving her the runaround and not always being available) is touted as an important step in Rule 5. Reverse psychology (of sorts) is also touted whereby a guy makes the ‘abundance’ of girls in his life makes him ‘scarce’ at times and, therefore, makes her jealous. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, this scarcity palaver, but maybe it works on some girls.

The establishment of “social proof” is what Rule 6 espouses. It’s all about a guy making sure that the girl will have her social status ‘raised’ by having him around. As Cortez states, “Women want to move up, not down, so in order for you to influence a woman’s mind and action in the way you want, she needs to know that you are a source of social elevation”. The gold-digging bitch.

Cortez insists that this social proofing does not need to mean that you have oodles of cash to spare or are a guy with VIP status wherever you go – whew, thank goodness for that! Build good relationships with everyone from bouncers at clubs to bartenders and waitresses, and the next time you’re there and all those people know and like you the hot girl will notice because you’re socially proofed, of course!

It’s by Rule 8 (with the immortal title of “Lead and Women Will Follow”) that Alpha Immersion goes into alpha male overdrive. By then she is agreeing to everything you say you should do together. Why would she object? You’re in charge and you’re the super he-man after all. Take her hand and lead the way in a crowded nightclub and she’ll easily follow you all the way to the bedroom. Just take control. Yip, easy as that.

The final rule literally ends with a bang, being entitled “Be The Best Lover She’s Ever Had (And Ever Will Have)”. Yeah, no pressure there, guys. Cortez explains that women are even more sexual than men are, and that if a guy pleases her, she will want to double for him in return. That’s how grateful she’ll be just for a decent orgasm, according to The Wingman.

Cortez insists that women want guys to take charge in the bedroom, including doing it doggy style, getting her hair pulled (but only just right so as not to hurt her too much), looking straight into her guys while she’s being banged, a bit of spanking – it’s a bag full of these types of tidbits for the rutting guy in charge. And so endeth this immersion.


Alpha Immersion has no less than 8 Bonus features. The ubiquitous PDF format is out in force, making up 7 of the bonuses, with titles ranging from “Body Language Mastery” (Bonus #2) to “Crawl Inside Her Mind” (Bonus #4) and “Internet Seduction” (Bonus #7). A fairly decent one tells guys how they should dress and be better groomed in order to be more attractive (“Get the Look Women Love”, Bonus #6).

The sole video bonus features is the first one, titled “”Conversation Commando” Video  Series”. It’s three videos about how to master the art of conversation and meaningful chitchat. It’s visually boring as hell, being nothing more than a series of PowerPoint slides with voiceover saved in video format. But it does offer some interesting insights and at least gives plenty of examples with ‘real life’ scenarios.

The “Extra Resources” tab is a veritable treasure trove of masses of bonus extras for guys wanting to date hot women. These range from “Secrets of Strip Club Seduction” to the “Bio System” for male enhancement, as well as “From Limp To Raging Hard: Secrets To Natural, Vein-Bulging Erections Of Steel,” which would catch any guy’s attention. Some of that info is actually quite interesting, by the way.

There are also cross-promotional bonuses with products by other dating gurus. These include videos and PDFs from two training courses previously reviewed on this site, namely ‘Magnetic Messaging” and “Tao of Badass”. There’s no denying – the extras and bonuses come thick and fast for members on this training website. There are weeks’ worth of info on offer here, guaranteed.

And how does it look and feel?

It looks mostly humdrum, with a landing page that scrolls endlessly against a white backdrop and a typically blog-style layout. Navigation around the website is fairly simple, including with the huge number of bonuses and extras that can be clicked on here.

The website’s visuals are quite crass, as the logo / had banner of the website makes clear:

Immersion Alpha logo / head banner
Immersion Alpha logo / head banner

Classy is not a word that comes to mind when reviewing the look and visual hotspots of Alpha Immersion. It clearly pitches itself at the lowest common denominator, with busty chicks with porn star looks and appeal aplenty. All the bonus PDF and video covers have the same generic porngirl photos and ‘suggestive’ stock visuals throughout. In the way, this site is anything but inspired or original.

What’s To Like About Alpha Immersion?

  • I may be critical of his lack of methodology or some of the other letdowns of his training (see below), but Cortez is anything but lazy. The man provides a host of real-life scenarios, some of which (although not all) are believable enough and make the training appear more accessible, even possibly viable.
  • The bonuses are a huge plus on the Alpha Immersion website. There’s so much of it, it’s actually quite overwhelming – or is that daunting? To be fair, at least Cortez is generous in the extras that are the provided, even if topic-wise they’re all over the place and shoot in every dating and desire direction. Still, for guys with patience and time on their hands, some of the many bonuses on offer may be exactly that – a bonus.
  • The principal PDF does seem to have a certain logic and one-mindedness to it. The content doesn’t veer too often off course of off topic. That is a problem one finds all too often with other dating training, and Cortez keeps mostly on track with what he is trying to peddle here. The fact that the PDF’s title is different to the main training name is a bit off-putting, but not majorly of concern.

What’s Not To Like About Alpha Immersion?

  • The methodology is all over the place. Whilst he doesn’t veer too off topic, the problem is that the methods that Cortez insists on are not consistent. Being on topic does not equate to having a consistent topic. One moment he’s telling guys to be super careful with a girl and be ready to spend time building rapport and even reading her palm for kicks, by the end of which we need to believe that she’ll be following him everywhere, and completely at his beck and call. Very unlikely, and very unconvincing.
  • Enough with the hand fetish, dude! The palm reading is a nice touch at first, but Cortez goes overboard with it. I was almost convinced that somewhere else online this guy has a website service dedicated to teaching people how to read palms, and making a nice packet out of that hocus pocus, thank you very much! He invests too much time in what is a gambit that some girls might find cute or amusing, but that some will no doubt find annoying and even downright creepy.
  • Cortez lets himself (and the training course) down by insisting on visuals and titles for articles that are the training equivalent of what could be the ‘Handbook on Porno Fixations by a Lowgrade Hugh Hefner Wannabe’. Tacky and crass do not make for training that can be taken all too seriously by real adult guys who want to be genuinely successful in their conquests and relationships. Sure, many guys like the idea of a Pamela-Anderson-pneumatic-tits-porno-sex fantasy lifestyle, but here on planet Earth that doesn’t elevate the training in any way, shape or form.
  • “Mind control,” what mind control?! Enough said.


Cortez wants to make a difference. Why else go through so much trouble with the principal training and offer so many bonus features? Or is that done precisely to mask the many deficiencies of Alpha Immersion? This is training that strives to be uber male and make guys strut around like cocks in the barnyard. But it does so unconvincingly – and where the hell is the ‘proof’ of her mind controlled?

This reviewer has no problem that Cortez presents everything like the most generic and cheesy stock porn around. If that’s the level of aspiration of his target market, then so be it. But he needs to be more convincing and more on point in the training he provides. Alpha Immersion is not decisive, it’s not strong and it never really takes control. Ironically, it is training that is the polar opposite of an alpha male.

The final words by Cortez are his call to arms for all guys out there: “Work on your social proof. Practice your palm reading. Get out there and crush it for me!” Yeah, if only you’d given guys better armour with which to be real alphas, Cortez. Instead, all you give them is a bunch of dubious namby-pamby crap about making guys into social chameleons (even sociopaths?) who know how to read palms. Not good.

Grade: D

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