Aquarius Man Secrets: Unlocking the Aquarius Man Mystery

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Each man from various astrological signs is believed to have different sets of personalities, traits, and desires. While each individual is unique, his astrological sign tells so much about him. It basically tells his general personality traits, his desires, weaknesses, and even undesirable traits.

Aquarius men are generally regarded as one the most difficult to attract and turn on. Most of them are mysterious and are often too detached.  But, once in love, Aquarius men are totally loyal and obsessed with their partner.

Is the man of your dreams an Aquarius? Is the man you are in a relationship with falls under this astrological sign? Anna Kovach is an astrologer who has a strong interest in the male psyche. She wrote the book Aquarius Man Secrets to unlock men who fall under the Aquarius sign.

Aquarius Man Secrets: An Overview

Aquarius Man Secrets is a report that tells everything about men of the Aquarius sign. It states that these men are mysterious, irresistible, and having a relationship with them is not easy at all. This report presents their typical traits including why they are hard to attract but are irresistible.

Among the famous Aquarius men are Justin Timberlake, Christian Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, and John Travolta. They share special characteristics of which the most popular is open-mindedness. When an Aquarius man is interested, he won’t care about his love interest’s weight, height, or anything. The report also states that Aquarius men are charismatic, charming, and loyal.

The Aquarius Man Secrets is an accessible, step-by-step guide on how to attract and keep an Aquarius man. This guide reveals that love and relationship are not about being compatible but about working out differences. It helps you understand him, which will eventually boost your compatibility with him.

The Lowdown

Being offered is a slim PDF how-to guide on a very specific focus. The creator, Anna Kovach, starts off by presenting herself as an astrologer and author of several astrological programs. She shared her experience on relationships, which further inspired her to pursue astrology.

Reading a personal love story, how it ended and succeed, is relatively interesting. By sharing her personal story and how she made her man come back, Kovach states how she became interested in the male psyche and astrology.

Her story, though, is quite long for an introduction for some people. However, it also gives a backstory on this guide and shows positive openness on her part.

The product is in PDF, but it shows a book-like image for visualization purposes. While it is very focused on knowing and dating an Aquarius man, some of its subjects can be applied to men and relationships in general.

Each simple PDF is available in various topics about getting or dating an Aquarius man. Each PDF is accessible within five minutes for a fee. While the fee is quite expensive for a simple PDF, it can be compensated by the extras that come with it.

Our Review

Aquarius men are said to be mysterious and hard to get, but they can be loyal and dedicated once they become interested in someone. While not all people believe in astrology, this PDF guide admits that compatibility is not all that matters in a relationship. This is the same perspective that relationship experts believe.

Aquarius Man Secrets tackles a very particular topic. It describes the characteristics and personality traits of Aquarius men, which led to a step-by-step guide on understanding him, making him attracted to you, and staying interested in the relationship. Skillfully written, this PDF guide is enjoyable to read too.

This simple PDF promises you useful information. It comes in with various topics about Aquarius men such as how to text him, how to connect with him on an intellectual level, how to win him back, and more.


  • Aquarius Man Sextrology

In addition to the useful techniques and to compensate for the access fee, Aquarius Man Secrets comes with separate bonus components. The first free component is the Aquarius Man Sextrology, which reveals an Aquarius man’s sexual life and how you can be sexually compatible with him.

An Aquarius man may seem quite shy in bed, but once you unleash his greatest desires that he wouldn’t dare tell you, you will be able to control his yearning without lowering your standards.

  • 25 Surprises to Delight Your Aquarius Man

An Aquarius man gets bored pretty easily, so you constantly need something that will keep the fire burning. However, you don’t want to live your entire life pleasing and thinking of ways to keep boredom away.

One bonus feature of Aquarius Man Secrets is the “25 Surprises to Delight Your Aquarius Man”. It contains techniques and convenient ideas that will melt his heart and stimulate his intellectual activities.

  • How to Get an Aquarius Man Back

For women who just broke up with her Aquarius man soulmate and wants him back, the free component “How to Get an Aquarius Man Back” is a helpful guide that lists all possible reasons why he ended up things and how you can put him back on the right path towards you.

It also tackles tips on how to rebuild trust and emotional connection with him as well as things to keep in mind to make him stay.

  • How to Text an Aquarius Man

In this day and age of technologic advancements, texting is an effective way to initiate a connection with an Aquarius man. Being an air sign, he excels in gadgets and electronics.

Another bonus feature of Aquarius Man Secrets is the “How to Text an Aquarius Man” to help you get into his mind, understand his communication skills, make him respond to and initiate texting, and avoid mistakes that will perceive you as clingy.

How Does this Book Look and Feel?

The Aquarius Man Secrets is a typical PDF with more than 70 pages. It has many upsells for its own advantage, but at the very least, the material can be readily accessible from any gadget and place.

In scale and scope, the material is interesting and insightful. It is not teaching you to treat an Aquarius man like a desperate woman, but instead, like a mature, empowered woman. The five bonus components also come as PDF.

What’s to Like About Aquarius Man Secrets

Anna Kovach does not claim to be a psychic or clairvoyant but is an astrologer dedicated to the understanding of the male psyche. She created this e-book guide based on her own experiences.

The approach is fun and easy to understand. It comes with step-by-step processes and topics that are organized by chapters and bonus components.

What’s Not to Like About Aquarius Man Secrets

The Aquarius Man Secrets has many upsells on offer, which underrates the overall content. It is also quite expensive for a five-minute access to the PDF guide. While the content is easy to understand, it doesn’t have enough reliable and congruent theories.


While the Aquarius Man Secrets has a very particular topic and target reader, it is quite informative in a direct-to-the-point kind of way and without too many flamboyant words. However, it is quite expensive for a five-minute access, but the fee can be compensated with the bonus components that come with the package.

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