Attraction Rockstar Review – More Folk Than Rock

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Attraction Rockstar aims to allow guys to overcome their outer awkwardness and inability to perform socially and with girls by reaching in and finding their inner rock star. The emphasis here is on not being a schmuck about it, treating her with respect and knowing just a few of the tricks to get her on the online dating and texting world.

Attraction Rockstar lead banner
Attraction Rockstar lead banner

This training has a straightforward premise – it’s all about securing her attraction to you, be it when texting her after an initial hook-up or getting her all fired up and hot for you on Tinder. Rockstar Attraction does not seek or promise much more than that. Sexting and digital foreplay is what is at stake here, and is what is sought and promised by this training.

Does Attraction  Rockstar succeed in this? Does it give guys the ammo needed to be able to be more forthright and confident in the dating world, especially in that most daunting netherworld that is online texting and, the current Sun of that universe, Tinder? Whether or not will be what is assessed in this Attraction Rockstar review by us, the online dating reviewers who tell it exactly as it is!


Attraction Rockstar does not pretend to change a guy from doddering wallflower to the stud that gets girls all moist over him. Instead, it focuses on one principal theme: how guys can become more proficient in texting, sexting and actual sexing in their online dating, whether pre-coitus or post-coitus. It promises little more than that, although a positive knock-on effect should be a guy who is more confident and socially savvy.

It’s a simple enough task and on some basic levels  Attraction Rockstar does attain what it sets out to achieve. Tips are given on how to do texting and sexting more effectively, as well as the dos and don’ts of what to say and what the hell not to say. It offers some insight into what women seek and how they judge a man as potential ‘friend’ (yuck!) or potential fuck (yay!).

Especially noteworthy are the fact that this is a website with many tabs and sections that provide a sense of community and a sense of belonging which could be a plus for many members. It’s just a pity that the training course’s creator and central presenter is a guy as likeable yet uncharismatic as Race de Priest. His unconvincing demeanour does too much to distract from the “rock star” focus here.

Where it really fails is in its inability to have a central premise from which structured concepts flow and are explained, with guidance thereof offered. The approach is too meandering, without an end purpose and notable direction. The result is bitsy and scattershot, whereby certain parts are far better than the whole. In the end, one has little idea on how to be a true attraction rock star, which is why Rockstar Attraction is considered a missed opportunity.

The Lowdown…

First and foremost, it has to be said: actually getting onto the Attraction Rockstar site was an absolute bitch. Repeated efforts to logon over nearly two days were consistently met with a blank page. And this was after having had issues with getting the logon details confirmed and sent to us. This is not acceptable for a paysite such as this – not in this day and age. It had to be noted, and was a major fail for the site.

Onward we proceed…Race de Priest (pictured below) is the host and creator of Attraction Rockstar – a name like that sounds distinctly Louisiana bayou! Fortunately, the guy doesn’t have an unfathomable Creole-inflected accent but, rather, sounds like any Middle American guy. Race is actually quite soft-spoken, which takes one aback when compared to the usually bombastic and loud guys that do these dating schticks.

Creator and host, M. Race de Priest
Creator and host, M. Race de Priest

He starts off by welcoming a member to his training course, giving a background as to how he got into this gig when he met someone in a New York City bar (it’s always a New York City bar, isn’t it?) who saw how Race ‘pulled’ girls. He tells us about how this guy (from the bar) used Race as his touchstone on the dating scene for “years and years”. Because Race is the Dating Oracle, of course.

Attraction Rockstar is divided into six months’ worth of dating advice and learning. That’s quite a lot of commitment for any guy following this training, but at least it shows belief in what it’s trying to sell – and is a semblance of a step-by-step methodology. This review of Attraction Rockstar will concentrate on Month 1. After all, it should set the foundation for the learning in the subsequent five months.

The training proper commences with an audio clip titled ‘Why Girls Love Pirates (Becoming A Treasure Hunter)’. The sound quality is not the best, and Race’s voice is too halting and too soft for sub-par recording values. I need to complain about this sub-par quality and the weak timbre and lack of strength in de Priest’s voice. The impression is of an undermined message and any conviction thereof.

Moving on…Race does remind his students that “there’s no such thing as failure”. It’s all a learning curve for any guy trying to date or even text any girl. And that’s fair, even comforting, to know. He reminds guys that the woman needs to feel good about herself, to feel ‘ treasured’ and to be respected. That should play well with women who want to be treated like adults and appreciated, so kudos to de Priest.

According to Race, “There’s a certain kind of man women find irresistible. It’s not the jock, the frat boy, the rich guy, the male model, or any of those. It’s the pirates, the booty hunter, the man who actively looks for the treasure she possesses”. I didn’t fully see the pirate connection in the audio clip, to be very honest. The inner Jack Sparrow wasn’t very evident – perhaps a poorly chosen metaphor, Race?

‘How To Get Her Number’ is the next audio clip that has Race chatting away with his side-kick, who’s called “Nico,” and who sounds like either a small, reedy-voiced guy or a pint-sized lesbian. I just couldn’t tell. I know -very judgemental of me, but that’s how it sounded to me! They seem to chat amiably along about how to get a girl’s number, but the chat can make the listener feel almost like an afterthought.

The androgynous-sounding Nico kicks off the ‘Sending the First Text’ audio clip. Once again, it’s Race and Nico riffing away, this time about how to send out that all-important first text to a potential girl. Nico goes on a long-winded story about a girl he met one night at some Manhattan dive and how he screwed up by sending too many generic texts the next day, even though said girl seems to have liked our Nico.

In a strange way, the ambling, amiable chit-chatting between these two does actually draw one in. You do land up listening, wondering where the conversation might go, and what possible insights might arise. It’s not scintillating stuff, but it’s authentic enough and may appeal to certain guys willing to pay attention. And at least the guys stick to the topic at hand.

Neediness is a no-no according to Race and his side-kick. As is stated: “There is one habit that kills attraction in any form. Whether it’s online, over text, or in person, one habit can ruin any interaction. It’s neediness”. It’s an obvious point, but a valid one nevertheless. No one can deny that there are few things in life that can drag well-buried insecurities out of one like dating!

A “plug-and-play” approach to conversation is what de Priest advocates in the audio titled ‘Keep the Convo Interesting’. So, instead of trying to fathom what she might want to talk about, you should instead just ‘plug in’ a stock issue or topic and let the conversation ‘play’ itself out. Not too much effort there. It may sound like a safe, hassle-free gambit to some, but to this reviewer it just sounds Millennial Lazy.

Much of this final audio is lost on the listener because by this audio one has become quite bored with the monotony of Race and Nico’s voices. Their back and forth laid-back, almost lackadaisical banter has just gotten tiresome. And the fuzzy sound quality doesn’t help one iota.

We then move onto the ‘Social Rockstar Reboot’ section of this training. Race de Priest and his buddy Tim Tarango jump onto the couch, grinning away like two teenagers who’ve just stumbled upon one of their father’s Penthouse and porn mag collection. They blatantly admit that the tech levels of the material will be “super low tech” and will “not dazzle you”. I couldn’t make up my mind whether to find this honesty refreshing or patronizing…not sure.

‘Developing Your Social Rockstar Mindset’ is the 15-minute video on offer, and “super low tech” it decidedly is. Being a Social Rockstar is based on three core issues, namely Beliefs, Values and Strategies, according to de Priest and Tarango. I listened to it but nothing very novel stood out that was worth commenting about.

There’s some pat stuff like “you get out what you put in,” and the guys make being approachable and being upfront in social gatherings seem a lot easier than it is in reality for many guys. A good, plausible discussion takes place around the idea that a guy should create his own reality, whilst the ‘Hocus Focus’ approach is how a guy needs to take charge of his own life, beliefs and values in order to succeed.

There is another section called ‘Video Breakdowns’ with Race doing a ‘live session’ in the first video, in which he texts a girl called Tori on Tinder whilst sitting in a bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He provides voice-over as he texts with her. I found it frankly embarrassing, but there might be some guys who pick up tips on how to score a chick on that instant dating / hookup app.

The second “Breakdown” video has Race sending out one of his disciples, named Albert, to go out and apply what he has learned as a member of the “ARS tribe” (no kidding) to land a very sexy girl. Albert and said girl, Tanya, discuss the do’s and don’ts of online dating. The discussion sounds contrived, but may appeal to some with topics like “blocking your cock” and “the guy I may want inside me’ material”.


There’s quite a few extras on offer here. ‘Text That Girl’ can be freely downloaded as a hefty 132-page eBook. There’s some interesting stuff in it, including stats on how much more effective texts are when compared to, for example, e-mails. Race pitches texting on the valid points that it is both instantaneous and, therefore, very appealing to people who want it here and now, whatever that ‘it’ might be.

‘Swipe Seduction’ is a download that enthuses about the wonders and endless opportunities about life and sex on the Tinder app. However, it’ll cost you $27, a real steal as marked down from $77! ‘Text to Sex’ will set you back 67 bucks, but at least you get “LIFETIME ACCESS!”…woohoo. ‘Click Button Dating’ will set you back a sizable $97, but at least you get that…yip, you guessed it, “LIFETIME ACCESS!”…yahoo!

There are quite a few freebies available in the ‘Bonuses’ section, with titles like ‘Escaping the Friend Zone’ by  familiar dating friend, Tao of Badass, as well as material by another dating guru regular, Boddy Rio. These guys really make a cottage industry out of cross-promoting each other on their respective websites. It sure makes one feel fuzzy to see the New / Sharing Economy in such full swing, hey!

There’s a very nifty-looking ‘Community’ section, which does appear to be filled with ongoing comments, queries and suggestions offered by Attraction Rockstar members. There’s also a messaging thread under the ‘Members’ tab, which has a definite ‘up-to-the-minute’ look to it, judging by the comments:

Members thread on Attraction Rockstar
Members thread on Attraction Rockstar

These features, coupled with your own profile which you can edit and customize as you like, certainly give the Attraction Rockstar website an authentic vibe that is almost non-existent in most other similar dating course sites online. A member at least feels like a member of something, and that interactivity is smart and, once again, almost always lacking in these types of websites.

And how does it look and feel?

It doesn’t look too bad at all. At least Attraction Rockstar looks like a proper website for the most part. Navigating around the site is easy enough, especially the main topics toolbar. The photo icons used for categories may look soft porn cheesy-like, but they’re bold and easy enough to find:

Lead Category Icons Toolbar for Attraction Rockstar
Lead Category Icons Toolbar

As commented already, the audio clips are mostly poor in quality, whilst the video clips on offer are bog standard and boring as hell. At least race openly warns members that the effect will be “super low tech” – indeed. The graphics and icons in use (as seen in the icon banner above) veer into soft porn territory all too often. This seems strangely out of place (and lazy) to do with this training.

What’s To Like About Attraction Rockstar

  • There’s an earnestness about what’s on offer. The chatting may wander around too much between Race and Nico, but at least they sound like authentic conversations between two guys wanting to impart their knowledge about texting or dating or the joys of Tinder. Some of the ideas and scenarios provided do sound mostly realistic enough, with the overall tone of the training being that this is by quite ordinary guys for quite ordinary guys – and there’s nothing wrong with that.
  • What is on offer here, even if it lacks direction or a central purpose (see further comments below), is at least aimed at adults wanting to have adult experiences, even if that might mean mindless, meaningless Tinder-based sex. Hey, man, nothing wrong with that! At least it’s honest in what it aspires to do, and treats guys and women like real people (and adults at that) trying to overcome the minefields that is the dating game and texting and the like.
  • To his credit, Race does reminisce with real candour about his own self-centered, very “me-oriented” dating self in the past. He does so openly and without any nudge nudge wink wink antics or cynicism. He has an ability to sound like the average guy, to not sound pompous or like an annoying know-it-all. This makes him sound more approachable and, it should be said, even quite believable. That is not always the case with dating gurus, trust me.

What’s Not To Like About Attraction Rockstar?

  • This training, for all that it has to offer, has no direction, no compass, no central thesis. It homes in on very specific issues with regard to texting or having conversations with a girl or scoring on Tinder – all very well. But it feels and looks like nothing more than a series of topics as loose threads with no structure or directed, centered viewpoint. That was a major drawback to Attraction Rockstar. And, to be brutally honest, nothing on offer really proved that a rockstar of attraction would be made out of this training. Perhaps precisely because of its lack of direction and central purpose?
  • There’s something not altogether convincing about Race de Priest. It’s not that he’s an all-out scheister or con artist, although some of his stories do feel a bit tall. He just comes across too soft-spoken and, dare I say it, too halting and unsure of himself. I just don’t see this guy being super confident around women, which, unfortunately, somewhat undermines the message of Attraction Rockstar. And I hate to say it, by the way, because he seems a decent enough guy. It’s a pity that Tim Tarango wasn’t the main salesman for this course, because he certainly came across far more confident, better spoken and more engaging.
  • The ongoing glitches and inability to access the site once one became a member was not only a bloody nuisance, but not at all acceptable. We know that making this point again may seem redundant and even unfair on the site, but it has to be put on record again – because it is an important caveat to anyone wanting to become a member. Get that shit sorted out, Race!


Attraction Rockstar has simple tastes: all it seeks is how to make a guy better at scoring girls by means of texting, sexting and real-time sexing up. And that is fine. There are some decent suggestions and tips on offer. But the pace is too languid, and the focus too lacking to really make an impact on the student. And, to be brutally honest, none of it really logically adds up to making rock stars of attraction out of its adherents.

As far as presenters go, de Priest is hardly da bomb. He comes across too unsure of himself, with too withering a tone of voice to convince as a dating guru who knows it all, and scores chicks left and right. It’s not suggested that he doesn’t achieve those heights – it’s his persona that suggests otherwise, unfortunately. And the incessant chats with his sidekick, Nico, don’t do much to amp up the worthiness of this training either.

This is neither a great training course nor is it a terrible one. It is somewhere in the middle – neither very ambitious nor convincing, but neither laughable or a total con. It’s simply middling to the nth degree. It could have striven for more, even with so narrow a focus. It lacked a rock vibe or rock credibility. Some guys will no doubt get some value out of it. But, ultimately, Attraction Rockstar will make few guys feel like rock stars in the attraction stakes.

Grade: C-

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