Why Do People Date: More Than a Social Norm

Why Do People Date: More Than a Social Norm

Wondering why do people date? People have been going on dates since time immemorial. When we hear the phrase “going out on a date,” we think of it as a formal social engagement between two people (or more, if it is a group date), which marks the beginning of their romantic relationship. However, each culture … Read more

Online Dating Profile Examples For Women

The number of people who are active on social networking sites are overwhelming. But what’s disappointing is that only a few people actually make time to put an effort into writing a good dating profile. It is very confusing that people actually go through the trouble of signing up and filling all those questionnaires and … Read more

First Date Advice For Women

Dating can be very stressful and complicated especially for women. There are a lot of things to remember and because of the struggle keep all those on in mind, the date turns out to be a total disaster. So here are some first date advice for all the women out there. Relax First and foremost, … Read more

Dating Tips For Girls

Dating can be very scary, especially for girls. Sometimes, they need advice from people older than them to be able to know what to do and also what to expect. So here are some of the basic tips for all the girls out there when it comes to dating! Speak your mind It is a … Read more

What To Wear On A First Date

This is probably one of the most common dilemma for women everywhere. What to wear on the first date is crucial for every woman because first impression lasts and truth be told, men are very observant about physical appearances. So worry no more girls! Here are some tips on what to wear especially during a … Read more

Dating Advice For Women From Men

When it comes to dating advice, who better to tell us what they want that than the men themselves. Even though these men can confuse the heck out of all of us, most of the time they are the best source of information when it comes to dating tips. Here are some of the tips … Read more

Three Experts Give Their Tips For Dating Older Men

Dating older men can definitely be an overwhelming proposition. At the same time though, it can be very rewarding and something that both parties can get a lot out of. Still, there are some things about dating older men that should be taken into consideration, and I know a lot of you will be wondering … Read more