Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends: The Top Options

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Let’s face it: the gift market for boys isn’t really good, and it’s totally our fault. Recent Valentine Day research shows that 62% of men buy gifts for their better halves compared to only 45% of women. If you’re part of the 45%, but can’t find anything useful and impressive for your man, don’t worry. We’ve picked out the best birthday gifts for boyfriends so that you can woo your boo.

No one wants to stack their place up with useless items anymore, and most men tend to prefer practicality when it comes to their possessions. Therefore, it’s important that you choose something that’s constructive and has some emotional sentiment to it as well. That is if you don’t want your gift to end up in a cupboard corner.

Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends Comparison Chart

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Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends: A Review

Since men or humans in general, have different taste and personalities, we searched the market for gifts that are not too generic, but useful. Here they are:

1. XIKEZAN Bluetooth Beanie Winter Music Hat

If your guy doesn’t like music and communication, you should end the deal today. And if it’s the contrary, this high tech XIKEZAN beanie is perfect for you. This USA- and China-based company has been bringing highly innovative Bluetooth and recording solutions since 2006.

For better insight, here are the features of the beanie:

  • Design

This tech-savvy beanie is knitted out of the finest materials, so it’s stretchable and can fit anyone. The lining is thick enough to keep the cold out and keep you entertained when you’re out in the winter.

Besides that, the durable thick material is washable, so you don’t have to worry if he’s a rough user. It’s easy to maintain and will last long.

  • Utility

In addition, this beanie offers the best utility. Your boyfriend can listen to wireless music from meters away with the latest Bluetooth V4.2 technology. Apart from that, he can answer your calls and talk while doing outdoor sports or just walking around, totally handsfree!

Moreover, if your boyfriend is a person who spends hours at the gym or on long hikes and camps, then this gadget is perfect for him. It has a 3000mAh battery that lasts up to eight hours when listening to music or attending to his phone.

The sound system is also amazing! The 110DB HD speakers give out a clear, flawless sound so he’ll thank you for never having to hear distorted music again.

  • Why Choose This?

The most important benefit of this product is that all boys love their music and their headwear. If you present him with something that facilitates both, you’re sure to nail this situation. Apart from that, this music system has phone integration, so you’ll never hear the excuse that he couldn’t hear your call over the loud music again.


  • Multipurpose
  • Comfortable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Great utility
  • Easy operation


  • Not waterproof


2. Kusonkey Magnetic Wristband

Kusonkey is a trusted brand when it comes to heavy-duty equipment and hardware. The company works to deliver each customer the best hand tools and equipment needed to complete their workshop passions effectively.

This magnetic wristband is no exception, and has the following features:

  • Design

This wristband is designed to accompany your boyfriend on all his professional craftsmanship endeavors. Made out of 100% ballistic polymer, it’s comfortable and will keep him relaxed and hassle-free while working at a task. Similarly, the wristband has a secure Velcro closure, which keeps it intact to avoid any inconvenience on the job.

  • Utility

Bulky toolboxes are history. You can help your boyfriend stay in touch with the latest trends by getting him this wristband. He’ll never have to carry a whole box of tools and nails and rummage through it every time he needs something.

The magnetic wristband has different sections where he can organize his stuff easily and reach out for it in between his working sessions easily. In addition, it can hold anything from nails and drill bits to fasteners and needles. The 15 embedded magnets are strong and are placed all around the band to make sure none of the pieces get lost.

  • Who Is This Best Suited For?

This wristband is best for those who need help in tackling a variety of operations such as woodworking, home improvement, interior decoration, and other DIY projects. This makes it a good fit for people who want to do creative stuff. Also, the band itself is very light, so he can carry it with him anywhere and use it without straining his arm in any way.

This band will also save him lots of time on each task, so that means more time to be with you. Also, your daily conversations will be minus the frustration from dealing with messy screws and nuts.


  • Breathable material
  • Suits a variety of tasks
  • One size fits all
  • One year warranty
  • Cheap


  • The Velcro wrap area is a bit too long


3. Humor Us Home Goods Coffee Mug

Humor Us Home Goods is no ordinary online gift shop. It provides all sorts of utility and novelty items with funny sayings and messages. This way, they help their clients express themselves more easily through their gifts.

Great for people who find it hard to open up and be confident about their feelings, this mug offers the following:

  • Design

This coffee mug will make sure that he thinks of you every morning and evening, or just every time he takes a drink. Created with an elegant, modern design, he will absolutely love to hold it and use it for every meal.

  • Utility

The mug is usable for all situations, and it can be microwaved and washed in the dishwasher. Thus, your boyfriend will have no trouble maintaining it. Also, he can use it for purposes other than drinking such as instant microwave baking and cooking.

Besides that, you don’t have to worry about your message rubbing off the mug after rugged usage. The printing at Humor Us Home Goods is done using premium high-quality white ink which won’t budge even after years of use.

  • Message Inscribed

What makes this mug different from others is that you can easily show how much you love him with the creatively written “I love you” message. This means he won’t only know that he’s loved and cherished, but will smile every time he picks your gift up, which is all that you could ever want, right?


  • Durable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Impact resistant
  • Scratch proof


  • Overpriced


Final Verdict

While all three of these products are great and are sure to make your boyfriend happy, we have to give the best birthday gifts for boyfriend title to one of them. For us, the musical beanie by XIKEZAN is the best option.

That is because it’s a luxury item, but useful enough to make his life easier. Unlike the other two products which are either too utility based or solely sentimental.

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