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Best Christian Dating Sites of 2020 - Date And Simple

Best Christian Dating Sites of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Are you a Christian getting back into the dating world? If so, you know that it can be tough to find someone who shares your values.

If you want to find the one for you, you might need to look at dating sites specifically designed for Christians.

Doing this will help keep your morals and values in line while you are searching for your future life partner.

With the best Christian dating sites, the process can be much more comfortable. We will review the best of the best and see the good and bad of each one.

Best Christian Dating Sites Reviews

1. Christian Mingle 

If you are going to base your dating routine on the fact that you have specific morals and values to uphold, check out Christian Mingle.

Founded in 2001, this platform has thousands of individuals who identify as a Christian and want to find like-minded partners.

Since then, it has become the top dating site for Christian marriages and has the highest number of Christian members.

This site helps you search through hundreds of users who are looking for the same thing.

best christian dating sites

Image Source: meetopolis.com


With Christian values and dating rules that are harder to find on secular dating sites, you will be able to see more men and women with the same religious convictions as yourself.

As one of the top choices for Christian members, this site has an extensive database full of people who sign up each month.

What this means is that you will have access to the largest number of daters, making it easier to find someone you match up with.

Secular members are welcome, but this site specifically wants Christian members, helping narrow down your choices and increasing your chances of finding the one.

For those who are serious about their religious convictions, they can find someone who values those attributes and be able to start off knowing that the other person is religious, as well.

This is a huge plus because religion is often something that is not talked about right away in a relationship. Through this site, you get through that conversation during the first step.

After that, you already know each other’s values and religious beliefs and can move on to other relevant topics.

Because the religious aspect of the relationship is front and center, you can focus on the personal preferences of members.

This allows the site to match people based on similar interests and personal preferences with the opposite sex.

Whether you prefer someone as active as you or you would rather be with someone who likes to stay at home, you will be paired with someone who fits your personality type.

What We Liked

One main thing about this site that sets it apart from others is that it has a large following of people with a high success rate.

As such, it is ideal for Christian singles who want to get married.

The high success rate of Christian marriages that start on this site is a huge plus for those who are specifically looking for long-term relationships.

They also have a high number of members from all around the world, which means that you will have a large dating pool to choose from.

This makes your chances of finding someone with similar interests and preferences easier than with smaller sites that have fewer people as members.

What We Didn’t Like 

Though some things on the site are free, to start messaging other individuals that you are interested in, you will have to pay.

This could be an issue for those who don't have the money to spend but would still like to find someone.

Also, if you do not happen to live in a major city, the number of people nearby could be pretty limited.

This might make it more difficult to find someone for yourself or force you to consider a long-distance relationship.


  • Free to start 
  • Has a large number of members
  • Religious-minded individuals
  • Has an excellent track record for marriages
  • Determines matches based on interests and preferences


  • May not be ideal for same-sex Christian couples
  • Number of matches outside a major city could be small
  • Must pay for messaging others
  • Made only for Christian members (not made for other religions)

2. Zoosk

This online dating site is not specifically made for Christian users. Still, they happen to have a large number of individuals that identify as and are looking for other Christians to date.

With over 300,000 Christian members, this dating site is a great place to start looking for a potential spouse.

best christian dating sites

Image Source: pcmag.com


As a newer site that was established in 2007, Zoosk’s popularity has grown tremendously. This is a great sign for new users hoping to find their perfect match.

This site also offers free sign-ups and browsing, which means that you don’t need to pay unless you find someone that you’d like to message.

Safety is always a priority when it comes to online dating sites, and that can sometimes be tough in the digital age.

However, Zoosk comes with a photo identification that helps keep you be safe from those who are not who they say they are.

This is also a chance for you to identify yourself so that others know that you are who you say you are, as well. In turn, this keeps everyone on the site safe.

The algorithm that is used to pick your potential partners works by learning your behaviors and improving matchmaking skills as it goes.

This will let you find your best option the more that you use the system. It also does the work for you. Just be yourself, and the site will do the matching for you.

What We Liked

As online safety is a significant issue for most online daters, photo identity verification is a great feature to have.

It also ensures that people are truthful about their appearance and who they are.

We also liked that you can sign up and browse through the site for free. This gives you a chance to check out the platform before you make any commitments.

What We Didn’t Like 

We didn't enjoy the fact that you do have to pay for the service of messaging with others. If it takes time to find your perfect match, then you could spend a good amount on messages.

Unlike Tinder, these sites are more serious matches.

The fact that this site has a carousel that works similar to Tinder at first is a bit strange. We think that this might work against the seriousness of the website.


  • Free to sign up and start browsing
  • Has many Christian members to view
  • Has photo identification
  • Safety is a priority
  • Easy to use site
  • Has behavioral matching


  • Not designed specifically for Christians
  • The carousel can hinder serious connections
  • Messages will cost money

3. Match.com

This online dating site is one that many people have likely seen before. It is very popular, has many members, and offers matches for all kinds of people.

Their success rate for serious and committed relationships is very high, and the number of people who want serious connections is numerous.

best christian dating sites

Image Source: Global Dating Insights


Though this dating site is not made for any specific religion, you can enter filters that meet your criteria.

Doing this allows you to search for those who abide by your religious convictions, too.

Match.com is one that has been proven to work for many people looking for a partner.

With a high number of people getting into serious relationships or getting married through using this site, you are likely to find a like-minded person waiting for the same thing.

When you’re new to online love searching, you can start without paying money. The free trial gives you the ability to test out the site to decide if you like it or not.

If you end up liking the platform, you can choose to pay for a membership.

What We Liked 

We do like the fact that you have filters that can narrow down your search. With so many people on this popular site, it would be hard to find someone with similar interests otherwise.

So, for Christians looking for a similar religious person to be with, you can add religious restrictions on your filters.

In doing this, the site will only show you those who also see religion as an essential part of their relationships.

What We Didn’t Like 

With such a large site, though, there will always be some caveats.

It could take a lot of time to find a good match. There is also a chance that people on the site are not looking for a religious person, though that could be said about other websites, as well.


  • Free trial membership available
  • Religious affiliations on filters
  • Large numbers of members
  • A popular site with a high success rate


  • Large numbers could take time to find someone
  • You must pay after your free trial

4. eHarmony

This dating site is another popular choice that you have probably heard of. Started in 2000, it continues to be a top choice among adults looking for partners.

This platform is free to use and stands on the foundation of Christian values.

Hence, although the site is not designed for Christians, you will find that the values that you believe in hold up on this site.

best christian dating sites

Image Source: PC Mag


The eHarmony site uses a personality test to find your match. Hence, much of the work is already done for you.

Though this site welcomes people from all different faiths onto its platform, the main creator was a Christian, so many of the things on the website are based on those beliefs.

There are even blogs about dealing with dating as a Christian, giving you helpful ways to set boundaries when it comes to pre-marital dates.

The information for other sites doesn’t always take your location into account, but this one does.

With a location-based option, you can choose to view profiles of men and women who live nearby so that it is easier to meet face to face when you are ready.

What We Liked 

This site bases its matches on a personality test, which makes it more accurate than simple preferences.

This leaves things less up to chance and makes a more profound connection based on your personality and what your beliefs are.

What We Didn’t Like

One thing that we think could use some work is the fact that the location-based option and the compatibility-based option are separate.

These would work better together, though it seems like there might not be a simple way to do that with this site.


  • Free to start on site 
  • Location and compatibility-based searches
  • Personality test makes matches 
  • High success rate 
  • Religious filters


  • Location and compatibility work separately 
  • Not as based on personal preferences, which still play a role

5. OurTime

This dating site is one made for those who are 50 years of age or older. It is also designed specifically for Christians.

best christian dating sites

Image Source: ourtime.com


OurTime is a newer option that allows those who are older to look for partners around the same age as them.

Since most mainstream dating sites are filled with younger professionals with less time to date, this site is excellent for those who only want to be paired with other older adults.

It will pick 10 different profiles for you to match with each day to make it easier to find someone you connect with.

With these 10 profiles, you can see who you think you’d connect with, and the site will be able to adjust your preferences by your picks.

With an older group of individuals, the site should be easy to use.

Though many different features come with it, you can easily navigate through them and have them work to your advantage.

One such feature is the Connect Me, which allows you to contact others without giving out your phone number.

What We Liked 

The best thing about this site is the fact that the personal preferences pick the 10 daily possible matches. This is useful for those who don’t want to search on their own.

We also liked that the members can chat through the site, keeping both parties safe.

What We Didn’t Like 

The only thing that we didn’t love about the site is that someone could have a great connection with someone a bit younger.

So, if you are only looking for older individuals, you could miss out on that.


  • Ideal for 50 and over
  • Christian-based site
  • Offers many safe features
  • Free to become a member


  • Not usable for those under 50
  • Offers many choices, which may be too many

Final Wrap-Up

There are many different ways to find a connection with someone these days.

If you are looking for the best Christian dating sites, the list above shows you the best of the best.

These sites will allow you to find someone of the same faith to connect with and start a relationship if all goes well. They are all easy to use, too, so you can get started today.

Whether you opt for Christian Mingle, our top choice, or one of the other options, you will have a great time finding potential matches for your next date.

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