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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him - Date And Simple

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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It’s customary for some of us to give gifts on special occasions. 

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or a simple appreciation day, a thoughtful gesture can go a long way to making someone happy.

What better day to hand a present to someone than on a day that celebrates love? 

We’re not just talking about romantic love, but all forms of love. 

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a day that pays tribute to the love shared with friends, family, and romantic partners.

Why Give Your Man a Gift?

Traditionally, women are on the receiving end of such appreciation. 

It’s usually the boys who ask their girlfriends out and the husbands who cook dinner for their wives.

We’re sure you do a fantastic job of appreciating the men in your life because fathers, husbands, brothers, boyfriends, and guy friends all deserve to be treated in a special way. 

As a modern woman, you want to veer away from the tradition of always being on the receiving end. 

While you’re probably still going to be showered with presents on Valentine’s Day, this time around, you want to make it even clearer to the men in your life that you’re just as grateful for them as they are for you.

But really, we aren’t just talking about women. 

You can be a guy thinking about buying a gift for your best guy friend or a son contemplating about what to get his dad; it really doesn’t matter.

You can pick any of the precious items in our rundown of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him to make the day extra special for the men you love and look up to.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him: A Review

1. Amazon All-New Echo Third Gen Smart Speaker

You can operate the third generation All-New Echo by Amazon via Alexa voice control. 

It comes in all the different hues we’re sure the guys will love, such as charcoal, heather gray, limited-edition red (perfect for Valentine’s Day), sandstone, and twilight blue.

If you’re willing to dish out a few extra bucks, you can get this product with white or colored hue smart bulbs or a smart plug. 

Don’t hesitate to make this gift even more special for the men you appreciate.


Guys listen to music, podcasts, sports analyses; you name it. 

Like the rest of us, they’re also very particular about the quality of their listening experience, and they’ve got to get those stats and schedules right.

Well, whatever your guy is listening to, we’re sure he will appreciate the sounds delivered by the simple but classy All-New Echo speakers by Amazon. 

It’s powered by Dolby to produce super high-quality surround sound with a dynamic bass response and clear and crisp vocals.

Adjusting the equalizer settings allows you to have a more personalized listening experience. 

You can pair this device with other Echo speakers to produce exceptional stereo with additional base and Echo sub.

The Alexa voice control is really what this item is all about. 

There are days when guys just love to sit around and watch sports, and this product is great for that. 

You don’t have to move away from your spot to adjust the volume or change the settings; you can stay put and let your voice do the commanding.

Alexa has tons of skills and has a design for your privacy and protection. 

This gadget is even better when you have a smart home because then you’d be able to use the voice control on other compatible devices.


  • 360° Dolby audio for quality surround sound
  • Operated by Alexa voice control
  • Designed for your privacy and protection
  • Solid and durable
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Slows down when you use too many apps
  • Sound distorts when the volume is near max
  • Doesn’t have the rotation ring of the first-gen
  • Design is not unique

2. Apple AirPods

You had to have seen this coming because there’s just no way an Apple product won't be on this list. 

This specific set of Apple Airpods is the latest model of the bunch and comes with a super convenient and high-tech charging case. 

It comes in, you guessed it, the trademark white color that only adds to its classiness.


You won’t be able to get enough of how amazing the latest pair of Apple Airpods is. 

It plays audio automatically when placed in your ears and pauses when taken out. 

A light double-tap is all it takes to skip forward and, for other controls, such as making calls, getting directions, and changing songs, you have the ever-reliable Siri to count on.

When you’re talking to Siri or taking a call, the device’s accelerometer with two beamforming microphones works to filter out outside sounds and ensure that voice transmission is done with consistency and clarity.

The charging case is an essential part of these headphones. 

At full charge, it’s good for multiple fast charges and also makes for a convenient, protective carrying case.

Something you also might be interested in is the new Apple headphone chip that helps provide a faster wireless connection to all your devices. 

This feature is one that makes the Apple AirPods a true contender for the top spot in our list of best Valentine's Day gifts for him.


  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Switches seamlessly between devices
  • Fast charging carrying case
  • Automatic audio pause and play


  • Not the best microphone

3. Paksh Novelty Seven-Piece Whiskey Set

Special occasions call for a drink, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with the seven-piece Italian crafted glass whiskey set by Paksh? 

It comes with a classy whiskey decanter and six gorgeous cocktail glasses.


This product is an impressive set to give someone for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. 

Many guys love to have a drink now and then, and this would be the perfect addition to their barware collection.

It includes a 33.75-ounce decanter with a beveled edge fluted stopper and six exquisite pieces of 9.5-ounce tumbler glasses.

There is just something about this elegant set that makes people enjoy their liquor even more. 

It’s masterfully crafted and is an excellent topic of conversation for drinking sessions. 

If you pay attention to the detail of each piece, you’ll notice so many amazing things worth pointing out to your crew.

As far as glass making is concerned, you’ll find no better crafters than Italians. 

Italy is arguably where the finest pieces of glassware come from, and you’ll notice that immediately as soon as you set eyes on this set. 

Your dad, brother, husband, or boyfriend will notice the same thing the moment they open their present.

Whether it’s in the man cave, living room, or bedroom, sipping whiskey or any other alcoholic beverage from this stunning set gives an undeniable feeling of sophistication that adds to the joy of the moment.


  • Great for everyday use and formal entertainment
  • High-quality glassware
  • Perfect for all types of drinks
  • Elegant looking


  • Too rigid glass
  • Difficult to wash
  • Some parts are made of plastic

4. Hydro Flask Beer Growler

We definitely love our Hydro Flask beer growlers, especially one that can hold 64 ounces of liquid contents and maintain temperatures for a long, long time. 

As if that isn’t good enough, you also get a variety of colors to choose from, such as citron, pacific, white, graphite, black, stone, and olive.

This flask is great to have for barbecues, camping trips, hikes, and other activities spent with friends and family. 


If you’ve bought a hydro flask before, you’ll notice that this one lacks the trademark symbol that usually appears next to the logo. 

This might raise some concerns about the product’s authenticity. 

Well, you have nothing to worry about because this simply means your order was part of the newly manufactured batch of Hydro Flasks that don’t feature the trademark symbol.

One of the really cool things about this model is that it implements TempShield insulation to prevent condensation and keep your beverages hot or cold for a maximum of 24 hours when the lid is in place.

The manufacturer has always expressed concern for the environment, so if you happen to be an advocate for preservation yourself, as we recommend everyone should be, then you will appreciate how they created this product to be phthalate- and BPA-free.

This beer growler is made of 18/8 quality stainless steel and implements a fresh carry system that ensures beers stay carbonated. 

The handle is designed for easy carrying and pouring. 

You can use it to hold and pour your drink in different ways.

A man in your life will appreciate this gift. 

It’s just the right size for their beer, so they don’t have to keep moving away from their position on the couch for a refill, which is ideal, especially when a game’s just starting to heat up or a conversation’s getting good.

This is a great beverage container not just for carbonated drinks but also for hot beverages like coffee or tea.


  • Doesn’t condense
  • Keeps your beer carbonated and fresh-tasting
  • Impeccable stainless steel construction
  • Easy to pour and carry


  • Not as effective on hot drinks as it is on cold and carbonated beverages

5. Every Man Jack Body Kit

Last, but not even close to being the least, is the Jack Body Kit by Every Man. 

This set of quality grooming products is exactly what every man in your life needs. 

You can even buy it for yourself if you want to.

Sandalwood is such a great masculine scent. 

It reminds you of nature and the outdoors. 

The guys will definitely appreciate you because of you wanting to make sure they smell clean and fresh all the time.


Each product in this set has high quality and gives men that deep cleaning sensation they’re looking for. 

To top it off, they get to smell amazing afterward.

As much as possible, the manufacturer tried to make sure that the products’ ingredients were all derived naturally from plants, while still being able to deliver optimal results. 

Every item is free of phthalates, parabens, dyes, and GMOs.

The production and packaging of this product were also done with the environment in mind. 

Fifty percent of the wash bottles’ composition is recycled plastic. 

It incorporates this method in the manufacturing process whenever possible, too.

When it comes to items for grooming, many of us only care about them being high quality. 

If they smell good and keep us looking fresh, then that’s enough, right? No, it actually isn’t. 

Sometimes we have to find out what’s really going on during the production of our favorite brands.

You’re definitely going to be happy that the Jack Body Kit in Sandalwood by Every Man is certified cruelty-free by PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Organization. 

You can be sure that none of these products are ever tested on animals.


  • Certified cruelty-free
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Gives you a great, long-lasting smell


  • Inconsistent scent strength


Many of us are grateful for human beings who don’t hesitate to express our appreciation for the men in our lives. 

Whether he’s your dad, brother, boyfriend, or husband, you want to make him feel happy and cared for, particularly on Valentine’s Day.

Each item in our compilation of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him make awesome presents for the male figures in your life. 

You can choose from products that are great for everyday use, formal entertainment, outdoor activities, and leisure activities.

Which product gets the top prize? 

If you’re looking for a gift with “wow” and personalization factors, the Apple AirPods can offer that and more. 

It’s easy to set up, offers quick access to all compatible devices, and is convenient to control thanks to the pre-configured Alexa app.

This product also holds special features that allow you to tailor your listening experience and comes with a fast-charging case that’s able to power your headphones multiple times.

At the end of the day, though, you must remember that while this may be our choice, it’s you who knows your loved one best. 

Choose the product that you believe is most fitting for your male role models during Valentine’s Day.

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