Why Do People Date: More Than a Social Norm

Why Do People Date: More Than a Social Norm

Wondering why do people date? People have been going on dates since time immemorial. When we hear the phrase “going out on a date,” we think of it as a formal social engagement between two people (or more, if it is a group date), which marks the beginning of their romantic relationship. However, each culture … Read more

10 Signs She Wants You To Chase Her

signs she wants you to chase her

It’s so tricky to know when a girl wants to take things further with you. After all, they can often blow hot one minute then cold the next when they are into you. They want to get with you, but they don’t want it to be easy. After all, they want to feel special and … Read more

10 Signs She’s Not Into You

10 signs she's not into you

There’s nothing worse than when your feelings for someone are not reciprocated. In fact, it can lead to heartbreak as you try and move on from that perfect girl. The worst thing about unrequited love is that we often don’t know that the feelings aren’t mutual. It means we can end up spending weeks, if not months … Read more