Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends: The Top Options

Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends

Let’s face it: the gift market for boys isn’t really good, and it’s totally our fault. Recent Valentine Day research shows that 62% of men buy gifts for their better halves compared to only 45% of women. If you’re part of the 45%, but can’t find anything useful and impressive for your man, don’t worry. … Read more

Why Don’t I Have a Boyfriend?

Why Dont I Have a Boyfriend

If we had a penny for every time someone asked us “Why don’t I have a boyfriend?” we would definitely build our castle. It’s not just us, though. We can imagine single ladies rolling eyes and grinding teeth whenever they hear this mainstream question. It sucks when everyone around you believes that it’s time for … Read more

How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend?

How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend?

How to raise a boring girlfriend? If you are asking this question, then you should not have a girlfriend at all. You have to understand that your girlfriend does not need raising, as you are not her father. Also, if you think that you have a boring girlfriend and looking for answers on the internet, … Read more

Why Is Dating So Hard: The Top Reasons

Why Is Dating So Hard

People have become so blinded in Hollywood movies that they have unrealistic expectations, especially when finding “The One“. This is why a lot of people complain about heartbreaks and share the same feeling about relationships. One common question you’d hear is “Why is dating so hard?” In this modern era, commitment seems to be non-existent … Read more

Do Dating Sites Work? The Reasons Why or Why Not

Do Dating Sites Work? The Reasons Why or Why Not

For many people, finding the one is not as easy as ABC. While most meet their significant others through work functions and within their social circles, some need to put forth extra effort. Some travel, others end up in dating apps. Do dating sites work, though? What are the factors to help you succeed at … Read more