Language of Lust Review – The Lust Guru

Language of Lust is put together by a guy called Michael Fiore and is part of the ‘Digital Romance’ series of courses. This trip into lustful longings is with a guide by the name of Lawrence Lanoff, who claims to be a “sexual expert-guide” who will take men on a “deep dive into the exciting … Read more

The Modern Relationship – Smart, Modern & Relevant

“Enjoy the happiness and true love that you deserve.” That’s one of the first promises made to you by Dan Bacon, the creator and host of this course, breezily titled ‘The Modern Relationship’. That’s no small promise. Comprising just a single video of Dan doing his shtick directly at the camera and before a class … Read more

The Flow Review – Stuck In The Shallows

The Flow Logo…Or How To Not Mince Your WordsAs the logo shows: “The Easiest Way to Get Laid Or Get a Girlfriend” – that’s what the training course offered by Dan Bacon known as The Flow promises to do. It comes packaged in a single PDF document of no less than 209 pages. There are … Read more

eDating Doc Review – The Doctor of Blah

Online dating can be daunting for most guys, as other dating courses we’ve reviewed have made clear. The eDating Doc makes it clear – it provides (many) tips regarding the ins and outs of what it takes for a guy to date online. The main tools of ‘eDating’ get a thorough analysis here, including a … Read more

Tripp Advice Review – An Annoying, So-So Trip

Tripp Advice logoTripp Advice is one of those dating courses without a central thesis or that is structured in such a way that a member advances from one module or section to the next. Instead, what it offers is a series of different courses all geared (presumably) to give a guy more insight into women … Read more