Mastermind Club Review – And A Master of None

Mastermind Club pitches itself at ‘the action man,’ at the ‘man who takes action in his life’…it’s all about action, action, action. Put together by dating guru, Dean Cortez, this training is fundamentally about one thing specifically, and one thing only: a guy getting laid and improving his odds of getting laid, including with the … Read more

Alpha Immersion Review – More Beta Than Alpha

Alpha Immersion claims to make a guy into a he-man to beat all he-men. This training puts guys in the driving seat, and girls submissive and panting after the guy. Influence builds attraction and then power, according to the logic here. Please note that this training purports to be both proven in the field and … Read more

Drama Method Review – A Lack of Real Drama

“Hypnotic suggestions” – that’s what Drama Method is fundamentally about. Aimed at women trying to nab a guy, this training is all about the thoughts and discussions that must go on between a woman and her guy so that the ‘drama’ can resolve itself, even with much heartache and conflict. According to the authors, Elaine … Read more