How To Appear Sophisticated

So you want to make a good impression and appear sophisticated? You don’t need to sit in cafés drinking coffee and talking about museums and art to show people how sophisticated you really are. Sophistication comes from the way you present yourself, the way you speak, your style and energy that you put out. If … Read more

First Date Tips For Women + Infographic

A first date can be nerve wracking and it doesn’t help if you have been away from the dating game for sometime. The truth however is that you can totally ace a first date and have a chance for a second date or even a relationship with the guy who tickles your fancy. So how … Read more

How To Find The Right Man

Finding Mr Right is one of the most challenging moments for most women; more so those who have been forced to keep up with the agony of losing people whom they believed they loved and “loved” them too. In fact, some have gone as far as ruling out the existence of men of their dreams. … Read more