COAWG Flower Glass Tea Mug with Spoon Review

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A glass tea mug is a perfect tea or coffee mug for women and anyone who likes fancy stuff, especially elderly people. It is a stylish mug that holds great value. These mugs are not only attractive, but they are also very easy to use and come in many styles.

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to selecting glass tea mugs, but one of the best that you can actually get is the COAWG Flower Glass Tea Mug with Spoon. Below, we will be looking at a detailed description of its features to help you know if this is the right choice for you.

COAWG Flower Glass Tea Mug with Spoon

COAWG mugs are a trademark of Shenzhen Coawg Technology Co., LTD. This company is among the trusted manufacturers of kitchen and household utensils such as 3D-designed tea mugs, ceramic sculptures, vases, bowls, vessels, pots, and plates.

The COAWG flower tea mugs are made of quality materials and designed to last a lifetime. Will it live up to the hype? Let’s find out!



This product is a hand-made enamel mug that every coffee or tea aficionado would love to have in their collection. If you fancy drinking coffee and tea, and you also love unique hand-made glassware, butterflies, and roses, then this romantic glass tea mug is just for you.

  • Unique Design

This enamel glass tea mug is designed elegantly with rose flowers and 3D butterflies. It is a uniquely crafted cup, which means that no other design looks like yours anywhere in the world.

This glass cup is quite attractive and noticeable for your guests, making their visit to your home a memorable one. With its beautiful design, it is also suitable for any art collection.

  • Made from Quality and Safe Materials

This flower glass tea mug is made from top-quality, eco-friendly lead-free glass material, which is a much healthier choice compared to acrylics and plastics. It has no harmful heavy metals, such as lead and barium, and doesn’t have an odor, unlike plastics that tend to have some kind of unpleasant smell when newly purchased.

The material used in making the cup is translucent and glittering, classic, and at the same time, noble. This tea mug is easy to clean and safe to use, giving you the choice to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

  • Versatile

This cup can be used for your favorite morning coffee, hot tea, milk, juice, hot chocolate, and other hot or cold beverages. The beautiful design on the cup offers great fun and easily lightens anyone’s mood.

Its visual appeal makes it a great product in the home, office, and restaurant. It is just an item that you would love to have around you.

The unique, elegant floral design and enamel metal handle will make your life more colorful. The cup is not only beautiful on the table for drinking purposes, but it also a perfect decorating item for the home.

  • Unique Gift for Ladies

You can decide to buy the COAWG Flower Glass Tea Mug as a gift for your loved ones on their birthdays. It can be presented as a birthday gift for your mother, girlfriend, female teachers, friends, grandma, sisters, tea lovers, and colleagues at work.

It is an ideal gift for not only birthdays but Christmases, graduations, weddings, Valentine’s Day, tea parties, and many more. The design is quite feminine, which is why women, especially senior citizens, would fancy them more than men.


  • Safe to wash in the dishwasher
  • Can be heated in the microwave
  • Perfect for collectors
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Has a sturdy handle
  • Eco-friendly


  • Design is too feminine
  • No lid cover

Summary of the Features

With a maximum capacity of 12 ounces, this tea mug is quite easy to hold for adults. It is dishwasher safe with the ability to resist strong heat. It comes in many designs, some with a spoon.

Made from glass material, it is a healthier choice than plastic mugs because it does not contain lead. At the same time, it is easy to clean and safe to use. The classic design of the mug wills your life more colorful. It is not only for drinking, but it is also perfect for decorating the home, giving your guests a lasting memory after they come visiting.

Comparison with a Similar Product

Comparing the COAWG Flower Glass Tea Mug with another flower glass mug is one way to ensure that you are getting the best quality mug for either your personal need or a gift for a loved one. Our search brought us to a similar product, the FDINF Flower Tea Glass Cup.

Though having similar 3D designs with the COAWG glass mug, the FDINF mug is quite cheaper and comes with less intricate designs across the body. It is also eco-friendly, odorless, and has no risk of harmful chemicals when compared to mugs made of acrylic and plastic.

The butterfly and flower decorations on this mug are top quality too, but they are not as pronounced as the details on the COAWG Flower Glass Tea Mug. The one from COAWG has the designs spread across the area of the mug.

This mug also comes in the same size as the COAWG tea mug, and it is as well adorned with a beautifully designed spoon and a cleaning cloth. The FDINF Coffee Mug is also a quality tea mug, but it comes at a lower price compared to the COAWG tea mug.


The COAWG Flower Glass Tea Mug with Spoon is not only for drinking but can serve as a good home decorating item. The maker, COAWG, is renowned for its top-quality flower mug that is designed to last for a very long time. This mug’s aesthetic value is magical, and it is good for the home, office, and restaurant.

Preferred by senior citizens, this product is a perfect tea mug to gulp in their early morning tea, coffee, milk, juice, herbs, and many other drinks. While this mug may come at a relatively high price, you can rest assured that it offers great value for your money.


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