Creative Dates Ideas Review: A Guide for The Modern Couple

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Are you running out of creative dates ideas for your next night out with your special someone? Perhaps in your fervent attempt to come up with something new, you’ve stumbled upon this eBook titled, 300 Creative Dates by Michael Webb. If not, then allow us to introduce it to you.

The Author

Michael Webb is known as “The Romantic” and is a popular dating advisor. According to him, people from all over the world have been continually asking him for unique dating ideas, and that’s how 300 Creative Ideas was born.

He compiled hundreds of “new” ideas to add spice to bland relationships. However, this book was published 16 years ago, which begs the question: can we still use the creative dates ideas mentioned in the book? Are they still relevant in today’s modern world driven by information technology?

The Book

It may be your first date with your long-time crush, and you want to make a good first impression by taking her out on an exceptional date, or it may be your 457th date with your wife, and you want this date to be something unique from all your other dates before. Whichever it is, this eBook promises to give you hundreds of the world’s most romantic, unique, and fun dating ideas.

This eBook was first published in 2002 at, which is the author’s official website. Today, it is now available in major e-commerce websites for download.

300 Creative Dates: Chapter by Chapter

To find out if the ideas presented in this book are worth your time, we will discuss it chapter by chapter. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will have an idea of what to expect, and you will be able to decide whether this book is something that can be useful to you or not.

Chapter 1: Tips for Successful Dating

In the first chapter, Webb discusses the basic guidelines that you should follow to ensure that your date is as successful as possible. No matter how creative the ideas are, the basic dating etiquette still applies.

Webb emphasizes being flexible, using your five senses, making the date personal, and using the power of surprises. Finally, he ends this chapter with tips on what not to do on a first date.

Chapter 2: Creative Dates

This 45-page chapter is the highlight and what makes up most of the book. Here, Webb discusses each date idea one by one. Some of them are his own ideas, and some are credited to other authors.

Each idea begins with how it works and then a little story of how Webb (or the other authors) have used such ideas for their dates. You’ll find that Webb talks a lot about his wife, Athena, and how he used these date ideas from time to time.

Chapter 3: Unique TV/Movie Dates

Going on a movie date is pretty common. In fact, Webb does not advise going on movie dates if you could help it. His reasons are simple. First, you date someone to get to know one another better, and you can’t do that if both of you are focused on the movie. Secondly, if the movie you chose was not good, it will reflect on you and the overall date.

The ideas presented in this chapter will help make your TV or movie date more unique. If you know that you or your partner is not a TV or movie kind of person, then skip this chapter and move on to the next.

Chapter 4: Different Dinner Dates

This chapter is full-packed with 25 dinner date ideas. However, there are already many different “unique” themed cafes and restaurants now that you can try so this may not be as helpful in generating new dinner date ideas.

What you can do is combine the ideas here and apply it on your newfound café or restaurant to make your date even more unique!

Chapter 5: Vacation Dates

All 14 vacation date ideas presented in this chapter are from different authors (maybe Webb has yet to take his wife on a vacation date?). Anyway, we appreciate that he compiled this for our perusal.

Vacation dates are the most versatile (and the most expensive!) dates of all. With the several travel agencies popping out here and there, you can easily find a travel package for your date and incorporate some of the ideas from the book.

Chapter 6: Picnic Dates

In this chapter, Webb collected 12 picnic date ideas from different authors plus 10 of his own. A typical picnic date in itself is already uncommon, so if you and your special someone is considering one, you can use the ideas here to make your date more interesting.

Chapter 7: Seasonal Dates

This chapter presents eight date ideas perfect for the holidays. We especially love the “Riding Through the Leaves” idea!

Chapter 8: Game Dates

If you and your date prefer to hang out at home, these game date ideas can ward off any tension and awkwardness. You just need to have some board games or Jenga blocks prepared.

Chapter 9: Craft Dates

Craft date ideas are a really fun way to spend time, especially if your partner is an artsy-craftsy type of person. The ideas presented here are more procedural, but feel free to customize each one according to what materials are available to you.

Chapter 10: Sports/Outdoors Dates

No, these are not the typical watch-football-with-me kind of dates. You both don’t have to be athletic too. If the weather is good and you decided to have a special day out, then you can try these sports/outdoors date ideas.

Chapter 11: Long-Distance Dates

Sure, we already have Skype and Messenger video calls, but after some time, talking to one another becomes boring. What if you run out of things to talk about? This chapter gives you nine long-distance date ideas to keep the fire in your relationship igniting even when you are worlds apart.

Chapter 12: More Creative Dates Ideas

Can’t choose from the previous chapters? Webb gives 65 more date ideas in this chapter in bullet points! Some are corny (which some women actually love), and some are exceptionally good ideas!

Chapter 13: Asking Someone Out

As a bonus, Webb also compiled eight unique yet funny ideas on how to ask someone out. Seriously, it’s a hit-or-miss scenario, so think carefully about the personality of the woman you want to ask out before trying out the ideas from this chapter.

Chapter 14: Dating Disasters

This chapter will entertain you with 14 dating disaster stories that Webb gathered from different people. Learn from their experience, so you don’t make the same mistakes they did!

Chapter 15: Date Coupons

Finally, Webb created 24 different coupons at the end of the book that you can print on nice stationery or cardstock. Let your special someone pick one for your next creative date.

Final Thoughts

Webb stresses that some of these ideas may not work for you, so just choose the ones that complement your personality and style as well as that of your partner’s. The amazing thing about these date ideas is that most of them are very budget-friendly, even in today’s time.

Webb speaks from experience, so the stories in the date ideas also incorporate some trade secrets and insider tips, which you probably won’t think of had you never read his book. Also, we can’t say if the ideas are a hundred percent unique, as some are already common (you’ve probably seen them in movies) and Webb just added a few tweaks to the original ideas to make them more fun.

Overall, these date ideas are not bad! For the open-minded and easy-going couples, this book may prove to be handy and useful more than once.

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