Dating Advice For Women From Men


When it comes to dating advice, who better to tell us what they want that than the men themselves. Even though these men can confuse the heck out of all of us, most of the time they are the best source of information when it comes to dating tips. Here are some of the tips that came from men and will surely help you do well on dates more.

Be your own person

First and foremost, be your own person. Don’t ever let a man be the center of your universe.  If you are going to make the man be the source of everything in your life, eventually he is going to lose interest and maybe leave you hanging any time because he will feel suffocated.

You have to remember that he liked the dynamic you who also has her own life and interests. Guys just want to be a part of our lives but not the entire thing. Men are more attracted to women who knows the value of interdependency which is a balance between dependence and independence.

Don’t overindulge

Let the guy know the person that you are when you are sober and not when you are drunk. Girls tend to think that it is attractive to drink 3 or more glasses of wine on a date but to tell you the truth, guys don’t like that. There are a lot of ways to loosen up for a date such as watching a comedy or joking around with friends.

This will surely get you in a good and light mood. Also, guys like it when you order real food and not just say that you are not “hungry” or eat a leaf of salad. Just stay true to what you really want but don’t overindulge at the same time.

No invitations after first date

Truth be told, guys don’t like to be invited after the first date. Yes, they will ask if they can come in but they won’t like it when you say yes. A kiss on the forehead is already enough for them to assure you that they like you enough already.

Forget Facebook 

After the first date, just don’t send him a friend request right away. You definitely don’t want to let him see all that old tagged photos of you. Also, this will prevent you from stalking him and his profile on Facebook.

Also, we are not just talking about Facebook but other social networking sites as well such as twitter or Instagram. Just steer away from these websites and deal with the feelings in the real life.

These are just some of the tips from men that should be able to arm you in feeling more confident about dates or the whole dating game in general.

But of course, it is very important to note that not all guys are the same. You should compare one guy from another and learn that not all men will treat you the same way based on your experiences from your past relationships.

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  1. Nice article.Apart from that,one should also remember to be her real self.Dont behave or do something because a friend did the same.One can end up embarassing herself.

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