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Dating Guide Reviews

Some of the best and worst products online are in the dating field. There are new products released every day, and they range from downright scam, to life-changing advice.

Here at dateandsimple.com, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to review every product we can find. We’ve awarded every product a score, and written a full review so you can find the lowdown.

Each product we review, we bought and checked out for ourselves. Many of them receive a negative score. We’re not here to promote every product we see in order to make a quick commission. The first 5 products we checked out got a C- or lower, and it was sometime before we awarded our first B.

On this page, you can find an index of the reviews we’ve written, an overview, and their scores. Click the links to check out the product or read the review in more detail.

We update this page in order of review, not in order of quality.

Men’s Confidence Project:

Want to go from a man who is “coping” with life and society, to a man who is thriving? This is exactly what the Hypnotica community promises, and unlike other programs, actually achieves.

Rating: A

Read the full Hypnotica’s Collection of Confidence┬áreview here.

Unlock Her Legs:

Want to know how to get with those seriously “hard to get” girls? That’s what Unlock Her Legs claims to do for you. Unfortunately it is more about hype, hot air, and trying to trick girls than anything of real value, and it didn’t receive a glowing recommendation.

Rating: D

Read the full Unlock Her Legs review here.

Tao Of Badass:

This is perhaps the most famous and most well promoted product online, which is why we reviewed it so early on. We did see a lot of promise, but unfortunately the product is half-assed in too many areas. It could have been great, but instead, it’s probably not worth your time.

Rating: C+

Read the full Tao of Badass review here.

Make Women Want You:

Do you want to make women want you? Yeah, who doesn’t. This is another product which claims to teach you how to become amazing and magnetic with women. It’s a bit of psychology and a lot of techniques that don’t really teach you much about how to properly get girls. Guides like this are great for wannabe players, but not great for someone who wants to learn how to get a girlfriend the legitimate way.

Rating: D-

Read the full Make Women Want You review here.

Magnetic Messaging:

This is a guide that teaches you how to get girls by using texts, calls, and other messaging platforms. It appeals to the shy guy who wants to build up the rapport without being face to face.

Unfortunately, we didn’t recommend it.

Rating: D-

Read the full Magnetic Messaging review here.

Attract Hotter Women:

Don’t just attract women, attract hotter ones! There are some positives to this product, as it teaches you to improve your dating averages by improving yourself. There’s no trickery or one liners in this guide. Again though, it falls short of being great, and has a lot of contradictions. It could be worth checking out, but don’t expect miracles.

Rating: C

Read the full Attract Hotter Women review here.

Pull Your Ex Back:

The “get your ex back” scene is huge online, and rightly so. When you are heartbroken, there is nothing more powerful than the thought of being able to get your ex back. Many of these products are pure BS though, which is really, really low.

This isn’t one of those BS products though. The first review we’ve done that has been awarded a proper positive review, Pull Your Ex Back is perhaps the best “get your ex back” product online. Certainly the best we’ve found to date.

Rating: B

Read the full Pull Your Ex Back review here.

Text Your Ex Back

You’ve probably heard of this program, as it’s one of the most well known, and well received programs around. Did you know that despite the often spammy promotion going on, it’s actually a great program?

Rating: A

Read the full Text Your Ex Back review here.

Overnight Seduction System

Usually when we come across programs like this with an incredibly cheesy sounding title, we run a mile. Usually the programs are terrible as well. We’ve reviewed many that have a D rating when we’re being generous.

Not this one though, it’s actually a great program and will help you become better at getting women in a short amount of time.

Rating: B-

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