Dating Rules For Women

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To start a project, you will need the right strategies, plans, proposal, funds and an introduction to your target partner on how the project is going to be, and the same goes for being in a relationship. You will need to have introductions and ways of pleasing your potential partner.

That is, you will need to start dating, and prove that you are the ideal person to fit in that space.

Here are some date rules for women that will help you in finding the most ideal man and secure a committed relationship.

Everyone has their own rules, so it’s up to you whether or not you follow them. These are some great “general rules” to adhere to. Feel free to add or subtract.

Give Him 2 Weeks Patience

A man will most probably ask you out, once you have met for the first date, you can then give him a maximum of 2 weeks. If you don’t hear from him within that time, then you need to keep walking. A concerned man will always want to call you or just know how you are doing.

Balance the Communication

Actually, it is best if you let him call and do all the communication in the early stages. This will make you know that he is more concerned. On the other hand, if you keep calling, texting, using Facebook and all that, you will become his communication slave. He will not call you, because he will conclude, ‘well, she’ll just call’.

Slow Your Row

Even though you need to know if the guy will be committed in the relationship, you will need to take it slow. Some men are always not that ready for a committed relationship, yet.

For that, you will need to give him enough time to decide if he is ready for a relationship. Don’t just ask for a relationship within just 2 outs, this will make him wonder how easy you are in accepting strangers, because he is one in a way.

You could ask about the dating goals on the 4th or 5th date, this will also give you time to know some information about him.

Comparative Courtesy

In whatever he orders, ensure you have made the same order. A man would appreciate if you ordered the same amount as he has ordered. Most men rate a woman’s character through these situations, and for that, you must be smart at it.

Be Appreciative

Men are also concerned about how appreciative a woman can be, mostly with the stuff that he buys. Therefore, if he buys you anything, wear it, or if its food, eat it with pleasure. This is an aspect that will attract their attention a lot, so be very watchful in whatever he gives you, and receive it with gratitude.

Don’t Rate The Money

You should never rate the amount of money that he spends on you. Even if it is a $5 gift, take it, and don’t just keep it in the trash box. You might not know his financial stability, and by that, you will need to cut off the money limits. This could also be a test by the man, to test if you only care about the money. So you must be very careful, because you might discredit a millionaire.

A 2-Way Process

Ensure you have given back the things that he has bought for you, or at least try something similar. If he has bought you stuff, taken you to dinner and such, you could try to return the favor too. You might make him a dinner at home, or just a gift that he loves most (make sure you know his likes).

The Ex is not Existent

Never ever talk about your ex to your date. Whether it is your ex husband or ex boyfriend, this could be a sign to him that you are comparing him to the ex, or maybe you are still in love with the ex. So keep the ex topic away, an appropriate time will come and you might talk about them.

Don’t Give Out The Cookies, Yet.

You should never have sex with the guy you are dating, until when you believe you are ready for the relationship. And mostly, never have sex on your first date, absolutely. If a man asks for it, don’t give in too easily as this will get him curious about your generosity.

If you resist him about having sex, he will respect you even more. And alternately, if you are too loose to supply it all on the first date, he will discredit you. So keep your pants on until when you believe the relationship is ready.

Don’t Be Too Hesitant

It is good to use the hard-to-get strategy, nevertheless, you are going to have to limit it. Technically, a man is like a lion, after an antelope, and once he spots a great one, he sets after it, no matter what. But if the antelope is too fast, the lion will go for the next catch. So play your cards wisely, don’t slow down, nor run too fast, let him sprint enough to catch you.

Express Your Excitement

When he picks you up, ensure that you have shown him how excited you are to see him. This will help develop a warm feeling inside him, which will attract him more.

Don’t Exaggerate

The rule here is to be yourself, no matter what. You should try giving your date stories about how many celebrities you have met, or how many big nations you have travelled to. Don’t try to win him with these tricks, that’s just being phony.

Just show your deep, and sincere qualities in order to win him naturally, this is not a Hollywood movie.

Look Elegant, Always

Ensure that you are dressed elegantly for your date. And speaking of elegantly, it’s not all about the slutty look, many guys don’t love this. So you need to be very careful about how you dress, just dress best and maintain your reputation.

When you are dating, you must also ensure that you avoid playing games. If you need the man to love you and be ready for a relationship, then you will need to prove that you are serious and loyal. Ensure you show your loyalty during the early dating stages.

With these dating tips for women, you will be sure of finding the right man, and in turn, they will help you display your lovable characters.

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