Dating Tips For Girls


Dating can be very scary, especially for girls. Sometimes, they need advice from people older than them to be able to know what to do and also what to expect. So here are some of the basic tips for all the girls out there when it comes to dating!

Speak your mind

It is a known fact that nobody likes a pushover. So when the boy you like asks you out on a date and he has already planned your night out but you don’t like some of the things that you will do such as drinking or playing a game of pool with his friends, then please do speak your mind.

You have to right to enjoy the night as well so you also have the decision to decide on what to do. So when he asks you what you like to drink or eat, never respond with an “I don’t care”. Tell him what is on your mind.

Wear comfortable clothes

Of course, it might be your first date so you want to look good and become more attractive for your special someone. It might not be the best tome to wear a very tight dress that you can barely breathe in or heals that hurt your toes. Usually, first dates are filled with anxiety. You can be really uncomfortable during these times so wear comfortable clothes. You would not want whatever it is you are wearing to add to your stress.

Be on time

This generation is not fond of being fashionably late. Most especially when it comes to dates, you will become more responsible and attractive when you pay attention to time. Guys like that. If you put yourself in the position of the guy, would you want to wait for a long time too?

If it takes you two hours to do your hair or an hour to decide what to wear then make sure to do all that several hours before the time of your date. Thus, it is very important to know how much time you will need.

Do eat

Don’t believe what you watch on television or movies that not ordering dinner will make you skinner because truth be told, it won’t. It will just only make your date uncomfortable because he can’t eat what he really wants to eat.

Guys find it really attractive and refreshing if girls are able to eat whatever it is that they want and not just sit there and pretend not to be hungry.

Don’t overdrink

Parents are always right and you should never ever drink too much that you can’t handle being drunk anymore. Having carried to your home by some guy you went on a first date with will surely not get you a second and is not lady-like for a girl like you.

A glass of cocktail is alright or even a two to loosen the mood it is very important to know your limits because this will make you have a good lasting impression on your date.


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