Derek Rake HQ Shogun Method Review – Raking The Money In

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Derek Rake HQ is a combination of training courses, of which the principal trio will be reviewed here (or make that a triad of courses – you’ll soon get my meaning). The tri(o/ad) are MKDELTA, Shogun Method and Derek Rake’s Insider Labs. The concepts that comprise the Derek Rake HQ suite are claimed to be primarily Oriental in genesis and influence. Even his logo is decidedly Eastern-inspired:

The Derek Rake HQ logo - Western-style Eastern-inspired
The Derek Rake HQ logo – Western-style Eastern-inspired

The emphasis here is on mind control and all matters subliminal, i.e. of the sort manipulated by a guy over a woman, of course. Subliminal words and phrases, Pavolvian reinforcement of ideas by a guy and the resulting, desired actions by a woman is the main appeal here. It’s about getting into her mind and making sure that the guy is in control at all times.

It’s not a small claim to assert that a guy can control a woman by means of subliminal messages, words, props and actions. But can any of this work? Does the Derek Rake HQ range of training courses achieve any of it, even if possibly? This review of the training courses that comprise Derek Rake HQ will make its assessment, with opinions that will be obvious, less subliminal.

Derek Rake HQ Shogun Method

Our Rating: F
Price: $59.97 plus upsells
Creator: Derek Rake
Recommended: No

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First off, any claims of ‘hypnosis’ and ‘mind control’ that are made in Derek Rake HQ are not even remotely backed up by anything resembling anecdotal evidence, never mind empirical evidence. So that’s bogus rubbish. Secondly, the bogus undertone of much of the training is further undermined by the relentless hard-selling and hyper-aggressive legal disclaimers that abound on this site.

The mixed bag on offer here is mixed up and frankly unconvincing. Derek Rake doesn’t even seem to respect that ‘Oriental’ is not a catch-all for everything east of India. It’s not perchance that many of the titles for training courses here may sound distinctly ‘Oriental’, yet make no distinction between China (“triads”) and Japan (“Shogun”). How the Chinese and Japanese would love to know they’re so alike!

That Derek Rake HQ appears to have so many adherents and so many guys posting questions in the various forums on the site is stunning. Who can be convinced by this? Is it all the copious amounts of pseudo-Oriental theories? Does the hard-selling actually work? The supposed popularity of what is a collection of dubious nonsense cannot be explained – nor does it justify the content. For this reviewer, the experience was an unauthentic and unpalatable mess, a bona fide failure.

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The Lowdown…

There are few things more jarring than thinking you have access to something and then being denied access on your first attempt, which is what happened to me. Then, on your second attempt, having these words blaring at you on the very first page of a PDF document:

MKDELTA Warning - great way to make a person feel welcome, Derek...
MKDELTA Warning – great way to make a person feel welcome, Derek…

Jeez, dude! Talk about being paranoid about intellectual property rights! Seriously, is this the way to welcome someone into the first module / product that is part of your training? Somehow I think not. I hate pseudo-legal bullshit like this – it’s unnecessarily aggressive, it’s legal overkill and it’s frankly off-putting. And it does make one sit there and think to oneself: Shit, do I actually have access to this…?!

The bullshit gets amped on the next page: “I want you to promise me not to share this with anyone else. The opportunity to obtain this document is limited to only my top clientele (typically 0.1% of everyone that I coach – now numbering to 14,000 across the world). Also, I’ve purposely priced it rather expensively so that bottom feeders are filtered out automatically due to self-selection.”

Yeah, the italics and bold were added for emphasis. But…”bottom feeders”?! Can you fucking believe this guy? I haven’t even started his training course and I’m already thinking that I hate this arrogant, elitist schmuck. Way to go to welcoming your members, Derek Schmerek! On I went…

MKDELTA comprises four techniques. The first is ‘The Dragonhead’s Shadow’ as presented by Ronald Kwok-Sing, an alumnus of the Derek Rake fraternity. It states that it was “Developed with additional inputs from Keyzer Soze, Dan The Automator and Jeff”. For those who don’t know or remember, Keyser Soze was the mythical ‘villain’ in Brian Singer’s gangster flick The Usual Suspects. Hmmmmmm….

Ronald claims he was a “quasi-member” of the Triad for ten years when living in China and Hong Kong. You know, he openly admits to membership of one of the most secretive and vicious organised crime groups in the entire world. Yeah, for sure. Basically, Ronald tells us that his technique is based on observations of one of the ‘Dragonheads’ (leaders) of the Triad. If you’re a true Alpha, she will follow.

It’s fundamentally all about social engineering, which is how, according to Ronald, the Dragonhead he observed was able to control so many people. Total control commands total respect. It’s not about fear – it’s all about absolute control, subtle and powerful. As Ronald says, “A basic precept of MKDELTA is perception is reality…your job as a seducer is to create and manage this perception inside the female’s mind”.

He adds: “Of course, issues of morality is [sic] irrelevant here. As with any covert psychology tool, you can use it for good or otherwise. The technique itself is amoral.” That’s reassuring. Being the Alpha is everything, from eye contact at all times to being the so-called “verbal leader”. Even if she upsets you, you must remain “unreactive” [sic] and stoic at all times. It’s all very ‘Oriental,’ as you can tell.

‘Implanted Commands’ is by another Rake disciple, named Nirwana. You must “bypass their critical thinking” in order to be in control, this one asserts. The subliminal use of certain words and phrases will act as triggers to make her succumb to your every wish and desire. It’s all about manipulation on the subconscious level. And these come in multiple forms – or so Nirwana tries to convince us.

‘Subliminal State Access’ is by a guy called Colin Simone, who is a “DerekRakeHQ Instructor & founder of the Conversational Seduction [trademarked, of course] method”. Once you’ve gained control of her by being the absolute Alpha and planting subliminal commands in her, then next you must amp it up by making her act in certain ways, i.e. due to subliminal impulses that she now has, without even knowing it.

Finally, there is the fourth technique named ‘October Man 2.0’ by a “contributor” called ‘pre10se’ (get it?). This technique, or the ‘improved’ 2.0 version thereof, demands that ‘fractionation’ be ratcheted up (there will be more on this concept later in this review), followed by ‘anchoring’ if needed and, finally, if absolutely necessary, ‘Installation of New Sexual Identity’.

This final technique is powerful because it distorts her emotions, detaching her from the cruelty and coldness of the external world, and compelling her to come into your loving and warm embrace”. Excuse me while I go and get a bucket… So endeth 19 pages of a PDF that leaves you wondering: What the fuck is there in these 19 piddly pages that demand such hysterical copyright protection? Jesus wept.

The second product on offer is ‘Shogun Method’ and it’s primarily about one concept: fractionation. Never heard of it? Me neither. It’s defined thus: “Fractionation is taking a woman into a trance and taking her out of the trance repeatedly over time until she becomes emotionally addicted to you”. Mind control and trances take centre stage again, like some parlour room seance in Victorian England.

According to Rakeyboy, it’s the same techniques used by bestselling novelists and Hollywood screenwriters: “Each chapter is written to put you into trance, snap you back to reality, and put you back into trance again”. There is a crucial warning provided: “Before you use Fractionation on a woman, know that there is no UNDO button you can push to remove the effect”. Good to know. Yawn.

Rakeyboy then gives his concept of fractionation real gravity and learned meaning by providing an episode between The Joker and Harley Quinn as an example of fractionation at work. I kid you not – here’s a screenshot of said cartoon:

Fractionation by The very apt
Fractionation by The Joker…how very apt

Rake explains his choice of The Joker as using fractionation in this clip by bringing our attention to this dialogue in said clip:

Yeah, it’s “genius” all right – that’s if you equate The Joker with high literature and Freudian psychology. It’s learning about dating and conquering women by cartoon. It makes a lot of sense. Various scenarios are provided by which a woman is made to lurch from trance to jerking reality and back to trance and so forth. Some of the scenarios are semi-believable, others are just laughable claptrap.

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There’s also much made about the “rollercoaster effect” by which, yet again, a woman is made to have ups and downs akin to a rollercoaster ride as a means of gaining control of her. Rake uses Hollywood screenwriters as being the ones who have perfected this technique of manipulation. Except in scriptwriting it’s called ‘the emotional arc of a story,’ Derek, but don’t let that concern you.

There are a series of modules which comprise the main training, a study guide and a coaching section. Some of the modules also include downloadable materials in the form of PDF transcripts, checklists and MP3 audio files. There are also worksheets that accompany the learning in a given module, so there’s a lot here for any guy wishing to go through the entire Shogun Method.

‘Derek Rake’s Insider Labs’ is a series of what appear to be editorials by Rake and FAQs that are answered by him. “Newly Pressed” in this section is ‘How Joker Seduced Harley Quinn’ (Using Fractionation!),” no doubt trying to capitalize on the current media coverage surrounding the release of the Hollywood blockbuster Suicide Squad. Sheesh, nothing cynical going on here!

There are two ‘Insider Guides’ on offer: ‘The Derek Rake Insider Labs’ Guide to Physical Escalation’ (at least the possessive apostrophe was used correctly 😉 and ‘Advanced Rapport Building: Role Reversals’. FAQs that are dealt with include such crucial live-or-die-meaning-of-life questions such as ‘How Can I Find 9s and 10s Over the Internet?’ and ‘How Can I Overcome A Soft Voice When In Clubs?’. Deep. Crap.

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Jesus, is Derek Rake HQ swimming in upsells! I don’t explain products that one has to buy, but here are titles of some of them and how much they’ll burn your pocket: ‘Sonic Seduction’ ($59.97), ‘Conversational Seduction’ ($39.97), ‘Dark Rake Method’ ($49), ‘Online Dating Playbook’ (ranging from $39.95 to $49.95), ‘Alpha Male Activator’ ($48) and Cougar Seduction’ (for those who like them older – at $49.67).

There are another three of these bonuses, with prices set at $39, $66.95 and $69. That’s nine upsells that the generous Mr. Rake has to hook a guy on. The bonus ‘ReSeduction’ by the “relationship recovery specialist,” Ronald Steven, does seem to offer some information and a short PDF for free. One is almost shocked to see a bonus offered for what appears to be for free.

The Derek Rake HQ site does have a “Customer Happiness Manager” in the shape of a winsome young Asian lass called Kathy Yin. And, admittedly, the site does seem to have quite fulsome feedback sessions and forums with members. Some of the questions posed by members are quite intense and lengthy, with apparently quite in-depth replies by Derek himself. There does seem to be a real sense of ‘community’ on these pages.

And how does it look and feel?

The site is one of the better-looking dating course sites. The use of predominantly white with accents in yellow and grey give the site a fresh, accessible look. The logo is nifty-looking and the principal (Chinese?) character is cleverly used throughout as a brand. The site looks more professional than the majority of these sites tend to do. Even the initial landing page looks good, with that Asian twist:

Landing page for MKUltra... sorry, Derek Rake HQ
Landing page for MKUltra… sorry, Derek Rake HQ

Clicking links is easy enough, even if many of the times one lands up accessing yet another clickbait upsell! The PDFs on offer are fine, even if not visually interesting in any way. But there’s not much one can do with those. There is an over-tendency of presenting content on the website page rather than as a separate file. Perhaps that is done on purpose (i.e. less content gets saved that way), but that’s a minor quibble.

What’s To Like About Derek Rake HQ?

  • There seems to be a lot of interaction on the Derek Rake HQ site between members/fans/believers and Derek himself. Many of the questions seem real enough and forums seem to pop everywhere. It certainly gives the site more apparent credibility, as amazing as that might be to any person who finds what’s on offer to be dubious and half-baked (as I did). There seems to be popularity with what is on offer by Mr. Rake. You might see no pictures or video footage or even hear the voice of Rake the Man, but he seems to be all over the place on this site. He’s certainly got a hell of a team behind him, as can be seen in this list on the website:
  • The Derek Rake HQ 'team'
  • The site does look professional. Clickbait is in abundance and does cheapen the feel and experience of being on the site, no doubt about that. But the icons and the lines and use of colour are intelligent, well thought out and speak to a distinctive, discernible brand. These superficial niceties don’t improve the content one iota, of course, but that attention to detail is commendable and does at least show some respect for the punters.

What’s Not To Like About Derek Rake HQ?

  • It’s basically shite. I say that because there is no real, tangible evidence provided of how the mind control and hypnosis methodologies on offer actually work. Or even if they do work. All that’s presented are copious amounts of hearsay and theories that may sound convincing, but, upon further reading, are not convincing in a way that a person can say, “Aaaaahhhh, yes, that makes sense – I see it now”. It’s like reading promise after promise made without any follow-through on how the promises came to fruition and actually worked. Using their so-called methodology I couldn’t begin to hypnotize or control a goldfish, never mind a person, if my life depended on it.
  • The whole ‘Oriental’ schtick is exactly that – a schtick. It’s not convincing. Slapping a word like ‘Shogun’ onto a training course or claiming that you were once a part of a Hong Kong triad doesn’t make what you say any more convincing. What is it with some white people who seem to think that anything that sounds remotely Oriental is somehow going to give a product ‘mystery’ and ‘mystical powers’?? Whatever ‘Oriental’ here is nothing but smoke and mirrors. It’s like a magic act – it looks great, but you know that there’s a trick at play and it’s not really what it seems. Anyone who has seen and remembers Christopher Nolan’s film The Prestige will know exactly what I mean.
  • Derek Rake HQ is a money-making racket. There, it’s been said. And I mean it. Sure, any person who runs any course, whether online or in real time, wants to make money, and wants to capitalize on further upsells or associative sales wherever possible. Everyone has to make a living and make the most of what they can offer. I get that, and that’s cool.  But the upselling on Derek Rake HQ is truly aggressive. It could even be called relentless, and is among the worst I have seen on any such site. He sure wants to rake it in. But Derek Rake does have a ‘soft side’. After all, he does offer private one-on-one counselling sessions (usually by telephone), for which there is “currently a waiting list of up to two months”. It will cost you – starting at $1, 275 per hour. Yip, $1, 275 per hour. Enough said.


Threatening legal banners before one even gets started, giving lessons by using The Joker and Harley Quinn as analogy and enough clickbait upsells to make Wall Street giddy – these are some of the lasting impressions of the unholy trinity that comprise Derek Rake HQ’s offerings. For all that it supposedly offers and the apparent ‘success’ due to its many members, it still comes across as unauthentic shite.

The offerings in Derek Rake HQ are getting a failing grade for a simple reason: too much of it reeks to high heaven, which is only galvanized by the hard, hard selling on display. And when you start throwing in the likes of ‘Keyser Soze’ and cartoon characters (not to mention someone called ‘pre10se’) into your training as ways of making a point, then either you’re making fun of your members or you’re just childish.

That’s why Derek Rake HQ cannot be taken seriously – and that’s why you fail, Derek. Oh, and just a hint, Derek: calling a course ‘MKDELTA’ does not magically make it MKUltra. You can fantasize all you want about mind control and rip off a product’s name from an infamous CIA project, but take care to make it worth our while.

It’s seldom that I come to the end of viewing a product feeling this scammed and patronized. It’s claimed in the ‘Derek Rake’s Insider Labs’ section that this training course has been “proudly seen on” no less than The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Times of London, Canada’s The Globe and Mail and Men’s Health magazine. If so, all those publications should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Grade: F

Derek Rake HQ Shogun Method

Our Rating: F
Price: $59.97 plus upsells
Creator: Derek Rake
Recommended: No

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