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10 Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl - Date And Simple

10 Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

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It can be tricky to make the move on to flirty chat.

After all, you don’t want to scare the girl off before you’ve properly got to know each other. At the same time though, you want to make sure she knows you want to be more than friends. And you want her to fancy you and make sure she’s up for getting to know you physically too.

However, a lot of guys don’t want to make an error which will send her packing. In fact, they wonder if it’s ok to be so forward. After all, they don’t want to come across as a creep. However, a lot of girls like getting flirty and dirty messages. In fact, it can turn them on.

So, Is Sexting OK?

so is sexting Ok?

Just make sure that you have got to know the girl a little bit first. After all, you want to ensure they know you are not just after a quickie and are actually interested in getting to know her better. 

And make sure they are comfortable with you before you do dare to try sexting. After all, you want her to be up for it too.

If she’s flirting with you, it’s a good sign she would be up for sexting. However, guys who want to give it a go are often stuck on what to ask. After all, they don’t want it to come over too cringy.

And they don’t want to ask something that will offend her. Therefore, here are 10 dirty questions to ask a girl.

1. What’s your favorite part of your body?

Asking a girl what her favourite part of her body is can work for a number of reasons. For one thing, you get a good insight into what parts of their body they like to be touched. For instance, if she is a huge fan of her bum, you can then ask why she likes it. And you also both get to start thinking about her body if she talks about her favourite parts. She will know you are keen to know more about her body, and it will show you are interested in her sexually.

She’s bound to start asking you about your body too. And then you can start teasing her about what the best feature of your own body is. If she closes up and says she doesn’t like any of her body, make sure you tell her what you like about it.

2. Do you have a sexual fantasy?

do you have a sexual fantasy?

A lot of girls worry that guys are not interested in what they enjoy in the bedroom. After all, they think we are just concerned with our own enjoyment. Therefore, to ensure she knows you do want her to enjoy herself, you should ask whether she has a sexual fantasy. You can then let her describe what she would love to happen. And you can tell her whether it’s something you would also be into.

You can talk about your own sexual fantasies as well. It works well to get her more interested as she knows you will then take her own feelings into account. And it will be a great experience for you both.

3. If we were alone, what’s the first thing you would do?

It’s always good to let a girl’s imagination run wild. After all, you want to hear more about what she likes and doesn’t like in the bedroom. Therefore, asking her about what she would do first if you were alone will allow her to talk more about her desires.

It also sets the scene for her as she will then start thinking about what it would be like to be alone with you. And then you can ask her whether she would like to make it a reality now. And then hopefully you will be meeting up for some alone time sooner rather than later. Also, asking what the first thing she would do gives you an insight into what you should try first.

4. What’s the craziest thing you have done in the bedroom?

While you don’t want your love interest to start thinking about her exes, it’s always good to get her to do a bit of reminiscing. After all, if she starts talking about her past sex life, you get a good insight into what she might be up for. And then it will work well as you can talk about the crazy things you have also done in the past.

Of course, if the craziest thing she has done is fairly standard, make sure you tweak your story a tad. By asking her this question, it’s bound to get her in the mood to come and see you. After all, she will think you are interested in recreating this moment with her.

5. Have you ever had sex on the first date?

sex on first date

As guys, we always worry about asking whether girls will have sex on the first date. After all, we don’t want to scare the girl off before we have even got to know her properly. And we don’t want them to think we expect too much either.

However, one way you can play the question so that it works to get to know her better on a sexual level is to ask whether she has ever had sex on the first date. That way, she can make it clear to you that it isn’t something she does, or that she would be up for it. Then you will know whether you can make a move or not.

6. What’s your favourite position in the bedroom?

When you are sexting with your love interest, you need to make sure you find out what she likes. It’s easy to just go on about what you enjoy in the bedroom, but then she will think that the only thing you care about is your own pleasure. Therefore, it works much better if you ask her questions about what she likes.

One question which ticks the right boxes is what her favourite position is in the bedroom. She can then describe to you what she enjoys. And once you have heard her top few, you can also talk about what you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to talk about different ones you have heard about and you can even ask her whether she’d be up for trying them together.

7. Have you thought of me when you were alone?

You can always find out whether a girl is into you or not by asking them whether they ever think about you when they are alone. After all, if they say yes, you know they are imagining what the two of you might get up to. Then you can ask her exactly what she was thinking about when she had you on her mind.

It also works well as you can talk about the fact you have been thinking about her too. And then she will know you fancy her just as much. You can then suggest meeting up so that you can make it a reality.

8. What’s your ideal kiss?

It can be difficult to know what a girl will be into when you make the move to first kiss her. After all, while some girls love a full-on French kiss while others just prefer a quick peck. Or they might prefer kissing on the neck instead.

Therefore, asking her about her ideal kiss is a great idea as you will find out exactly what you should do. It will stop you making an error when you do make a move. And by asking about it, she will know you are going to pucker up soon. So, she will be ready to meet up for the date.

9. What’s your FAVORITE underwear?

You can ensure she gets in a flirty mood if you start talking about what you are both wearing underneath your clothes. After all, it helps you imagine you are with each other and what it would be like if you ended up in the bedroom. Also, if you ask about her favourite underwear, you get to find out exactly what she wears. And what she might put on if you did meet up with her.

10. How do you like to get a guy in the mood?

If you want to know what she would be like if you were dating, then this question works to give you a good insight. After all, she might talk about her killer moves when it comes to things like foreplay. And it will definitely help you to like her even more. After all, you will find out what you can expect when you are with her. It will also give her a good clue you are hoping for something more. She might then return the flirty chat if she does want to move forward with meeting up with you.

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