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Do Dating Sites Work? The Reasons Why or Why Not - Date And Simple

Do Dating Sites Work? The Reasons Why or Why Not

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For many people, finding the one is not as easy as ABC. While most meet their significant others through work functions and within their social circles, some need to put forth extra effort. Some travel, others end up in dating apps. Do dating sites work, though? What are the factors to help you succeed at it?

The internet has paved the way for modern dating. Online dating is really quite popular with the advent of various dating sites. It seems easy to use—you swipe left or swipe right depending on whether or not you like someone based on their profile. But how many swipes are needed before you find the one?

Do Dating Sites Work?

As you spend hours every week to swipe through or message attractive men or women, you get responses, too; you get swiped right or receive messages or replies. But do these responses come from people you genuinely want to go out with? What’s worse, you get ignored or ghosted after a short conversation.

Here’s a comforting truth: you are not alone. In fact, one-third of guys who sign up and actively search through the dating sites don’t go out on actual dates. These guys spend at least 12 hours a week swiping through profiles and sending messages. Obviously, it could be exhausting and time-consuming.

On the other hand, dating sites work for some people. In fact, one in five relationships begins on the internet these days. The same statistics predict that by the year 2040, 70 percent of the US population would have met their special someone through dating sites.

Although there is a growing hesitation on dating sites, many Americans still view it as a convenient way to meet people. The Pew Research Center shows that more than 15 percent of adults admit that they have signed up and used an online dating site or app at least once in their life. Dating sites are now the second most popular means of finding a romantic partner.

Reasons Why Dating Sites Don’t Work for Many

Here are significant reasons why many are unsuccessful in online dating:

  • In most dating sites and apps, men are likely to outnumber women. What usually happens is that the more physically appealing women receive more swipes and messages. The competition is tight.
  • The algorithms for matching people are not that effective. Dating sites and apps depend on the information you enter, such as your beliefs, favorites, and behavioral characteristics. How someone acts and responds to life stresses and success are not quantified online. Face-to-face interaction is the only way to find out the potential chemistry between two individuals.
  • More often than not, dating sites don’t work because you are doing it wrong. The smallest step can improve or destroy your chances of developing an interesting relationship.

What do we mean by these? For example, a more beautiful woman gets more likes and messages compared to the general population in the dating site and app. It gives her more choices and is pickier than the others. She decides who is worth her time.

Statistics show that the average rate for women to respond is less than 20 percent. If she finds out even the smallest reason to remove you from the choices, she will do so without a doubt. These are the reasons why you don’t get the attention of the women you want to meet.

The Ugly Truth of Online Dating

Many people are hesitant in joining dating sites and apps because of the belief that the people are fakes and the applications are just businesses trying to earn money from punters. The sites and applications don’t really have the intent to match you with a right partner.

Here are the other undesirable assumptions towards online dating:

  • People can lie on their profile. Obviously, people want to impress others by enumerating their desirable characteristics. Nobody would want to include in their profile that they cheated on their past relationship or have the bad habits of lying or short tempers.
  • Most guys who are looking for a relationship online means all they want is sex. This raises considerable concern among women who sign up in dating sites and apps. On the other hand, men assume that women who are in these dating sites are interested in sleeping with someone who they have just met.
  • Dating sites make you judgmental and picky. Evaluating several options or candidates causes people to be more judgmental and immediately lay off the less desirable candidates.

How to Make Online Dating Work for You?

Finding your significant other through dating sites and apps takes extra effort and study. Before you start clicking through the profiles, here are the recommendations for you to succeed in online dating:

  • When you become interested in someone, immediately switch your conversations offline. This is especially important if both parties have developed a mutual agreement and agreed to meet each other in person. Attraction and intimacy in online dating will further be established once it is followed by a hasty personal interaction.
  • Do not base your judgments on physical appearance because these qualities have a little to do with building a meaningful relationship and chemistry.
  • Avoid comparing potential partners. Because you see different women or men in the dating site or app, you tend to compare one from the other. When you do so, you will prioritize the unimportant characteristics, whereas separate judgments let you think carefully whether an individual is a perfect match for you or not.
  • As you spend more time in dating sites, take a short break, reflect on errors, and learn from them. Adjusting your online dating strategies and improving your profile will give you more chances to succeed.

The Bottom Line

Do dating sites work? Just like conventional dating, online dating has its advantages and disadvantages. While there are valid reasons why it doesn’t work for some guys, there are ways to give you more chances at finding a partner online.

Whether a relationship begins by way of conventional dating or online dating, it is essential that both partners nourish it with sincerity, trust, honesty, and passion. After all, making a relationship work and last for years amidst all the challenges of life is more difficult than finding a partner online.

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