eDating Doc Review – The Doctor of Blah

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Online dating can be daunting for most guys, as other dating courses we’ve reviewed have made clear. The eDating Doc makes it clear – it provides (many) tips regarding the ins and outs of what it takes for a guy to date online. The main tools of ‘eDating’ get a thorough analysis here, including a guy’s photos and profile, as well as how to master emailing and calling all those luscious lasses, and even an overview of current online dating sites.

eDating Doc is a training course for guys with simple needs – to get to date as many girls as possible, or at least get better at dating them one at a time. Think of it as dating for guys with a beer budget mentality. And that’s cool, so long as it delivers on that premise. So does it do that? Is it straightforward dating tips for guys with straightforward needs? Or does it aspire to more or fail to deliver even the basics? This eDating Doc review will spill those beans.

The eDating Doc Academy welcome...the doc is waiting...
The eDating Doc Academy welcome…the doc is waiting…


There is absolutely nothing wrong with a training course that has a simple premise and that seeks to only stick to that simple premise. Courses that aim too high or that waffle along or that are just plain pretentious crap can do a lot of damage to the patience and nerves of any student member. The eDating Doc course aims for that simplicity and never strays from its core topic: to provide tips for guys who want to successfully date girls online.

The eDating Doc course confused simplicity with simplistic. It’s not to say that the entire course is without merit, because that would be too harsh. There are interesting tips to be gleaned, and at least the effort was made to provide a cohesive, logical training experience. Pity then that it feels so tired and so much like it’s been done before. Perhaps the topic didn’t lend itself to be exciting or very engaging. One thing about eDating Doc – it’s Dullsville Central.

The Lowdown…

Our eDating Doc is of the opinion that this course is best done over three days. He does say it’s okay if done in just one day (you know, for this guys who are super-revved to get some you-know-what on the go), or even up to two months, although he reckons that may be taking it too slow. This flexibility in his approach seems to be the ethos of the entire course – laid-back, easy and suited to your needs. It’s all cool, man.

A nice touch is a simple 90-second introduction to the course instructor, the Doc himself. He tells us about how shy he was, to the point of having some social anxiety disorder, and trained himself to become more confident, literally by forcing himself into certain social situations. He found this especially helpful online. And the Doc’s real name? It would be appear to be Radio Wright, which is as out there a name as possible. He’ll be Doc for us. Here he is saying hi:

The Doc...or is that Radio Wright...?
The Doc…or is that Radio Wright…?

The learning is done via a series of lessons as video clips and the Doc starts us off with his ‘Core Concepts’. These concepts include Synergy, Uniqueness and Momentum & Mystery (‘3.S.U.M…geddit?). He shows how you should open up a folder on your desktop and proceed to fill it with important dating stuff, which must include sub-folders titled ‘Competition Research,’ ‘eDating Doc Tips’ and ‘My Profile’. Yeah, this is pretty prescriptive stuff.

One feature of this training by the Doc is that he insists that you complete Worksheets throughout and keep updated with your notes, answers and necessary downloads. It’s his way of making the course feel more like progressive learning with some outcomes thereto, I guess. Here is an example of a worksheet, this one from the inaugural ‘Core Concepts’ module:

Here's Your Homework, Guys...
Here’s Your Homework, Guys…

Module 1 is all about Photos, from ‘Photo Fundamentals’ to ‘Get Great Photos and ‘Quick and Easy Photo Editing’. He gives copious tips on what photos to include, what photos to never include, what photos to avoid at all costs, what photos are winners and which are losers, what photos…you get it. It’s over 40 minutes of some interesting stuff but mostly overkill on a topic that has been done to death many times online…and readily available for some years now.

Next up is the Profile module. For this foray, the topics include ‘Learn How to Write a Magnetic Profile,’ ‘Create an [sic] Username Women Find Irresistible’ and ‘The 3 Things you can Learn from the Competition’. Regarding profile names, this guy pulls up an actual list of profiles from the Beverley Hills area on match.com and proceeds to rip some of the usernames to pieces. Jeez, I hope the Doc has a good lawyer…

Emails get the lowdown in the third module, with scintillating topics like ‘An Overview of the 3×5 Email System,’ ‘ Specific Details about How to Write your Emails’ and ‘The 1st Email’.  It’s rather simplistic stuff sold by the Doc, albeit rather ‘scientifically’ and with various steps in place. Scientific data and studies are provided on such momentous topics such as addressing the gal by her name and other such riveting stuff. Was that a yawn I heard?

Phones and all things dating relating to phones are dissected to an inch of their lives in Module 4. To his credit, the Doc does provide an endless stream of what-ifs and potential scenarios that could arise owing to phoning her. Some of them could be insightful (for example, what to do if you call her and she doesn’t answer – ruuuuuuuuuun and never look back! Nah, just kidding…).

Online dating sites are given their turn in the 5th module. He gives his own opinions regarding certain free sites, paid sites and even sites based in other countries. The selections he provides are very limited, whilst his suggestions regarding ‘Response Boosting and Details’ has chestnuts like “change a few things weekly in order to keep your profile in view and at the top of search results”. Do dating sites work like Google Adwords? Riveting stuff, huh?

He then wraps it up in his Final Thoughts module, which includes thoughts on what to watch out for and what should be next. There’s also a rather incongruous ‘Ethics’ section here, as well as a ‘Help Me Out’ segment. Self-sabotaging, bracing for rejection and something called ‘calibration’ are all dealt with, whilst the ethics component has him shouting out, “Be a gentleman! No douchebags allowed!” That’s cool – I’m sure the chicks will appreciate that, Doc.

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There’s a Recommended Resources section that offers a host of links to a variety of websites, articles and other info, most of it relating specifically to the topics covered in the eDating Doc course. There’s also a ‘First Dates’ vid of just under 20 minutes by Doc as an extra, as well as another vid called ‘Facebook – The Social Warmer’. The Facebook one has some interesting insights into the dynamics of how to contact, flirt and go further using the social media behemoth.

The one upsell on the eDating Doc site appears to be one titled ‘Dating Profile Critique Special‘ in which I gather a member will submit an honest revelation of how they date and how they interact with girls, for which the Doc will respond with an in-depth critique thereof within 48 hours. And that will cost ya $43. At least this guy doesn’t beat his members to death with endless, horribly expensive upsells.

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And how does it look and feel?

I must admit to liking the eDoc Dating logo quite a lot. Otherwise, this is a visually inconspicuous site. Navigation is simple enough because the site itself is very simple. The bulk of learning is done via video clips, which are mostly glorified slideshows. The graphics on those are okay, although Mr. Radio Wright does love his organogram-type tree diagrams with endless drop-down menus and topics, which get rather tiresome on the eye after a while.

Oh, and in the welcome vid we get told of a grid of numbers that appear at the top of the homepage and that allow a member to navigate between different topics as they wish. It’s a minor detail, but my homepage never showed what was highlighted in said welcome page:

So, where are these numbers at the top of my homepage, Doc?
So, where are these numbers at the top of my homepage, Doc?

What’s To Like About the eDating Doc course?

  • The eDating Doc course does what it sets out to do: that is, to provide as many tips and insight into the nitty-gritty fundamentals that guys must overcome when dating online. It’s claims are modest and it does so modestly, and that could be commendable. It’s hardly intellectual stuff, never mind heavy in concepts or new ideas, but at least it sticks to its chosen topic.

What’s Not To Like About the eDating Doc course?

  • It’s really simple stuff. There is beauty in simplicity, but to a point. The feeling with eDating Doc is simply this – it’s too simple. Very little in this course is a stretch, for either student or instructor. There’s little psychology here, and little in the way of a guy getting to know himself better by and through his exploration of online dating. This dating comes across rather sterile and perfunctory, so easily conquered with scientific and deterministic approaches. Jeez, anyone who’s tried online dating knows it’s anything but that!


There’s nothing wrong with getting as much information as possible about how to date girls online. After all, dating online can in some ways be more daunting than in real-time – the tremendous unknown, never really knowing who’s on the other side and the usual minefields of dating. This course commendably tries to make it all seem very doable in more scientific ways than one. The impact and persuasiveness, however, is less than convincing.

Radio Wright may present his points (in endless drop-down menus in his slideshows) with as much enthusiasm as he can muster, but it still comes across being rather blah stuff about blah topics that have been done to death in many other guises online. Could these topics about guys trying to date girls be done more interestingly? I’m sure that they could. However, with eDating Doc, the effect is so much bla, bla, bla that is so very blah, blah, blah.

Grade: D

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