EFYTAL Necklace Gift for Girlfriend Review

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When your girlfriend’s birthday is coming up, and you still haven’t managed to find the perfect gift, there’s only one option left. For occasions like these, you need a gorgeous Efytal Necklace to make your girlfriend’s day. Instead of going for typical flowers or chocolates, read this EFYTAL Necklace gift for girlfriend review and get ready to be praised as the best boyfriend ever.

Gift your girlfriend, wife, or even your mother or sister this incredibly beautiful necklace and show them exactly how much you love them. It might feel small, but this dainty necklace holds a world full of meaning.

EFYTAL Necklace Gift for Girlfriend Review

We’ve all gone through the embarrassment of giving a terrible gift. It could be because you forgot to buy something better or had to buy this at the last minute, or simply because you bought it from an unreliable shop. To save you from experiencing this embarrassment ever again, Efy Tal launched her Efy Tal Jewelry for all your gifting needs.

With studios in New Jersey and California, Efy and her beyond talented team are continuously working to make sure you’re the best gift-giver ever. You can find all kinds of necklaces, from long chains, to layered necklaces, to simple necklaces. Moreover, besides necklaces, they also have earrings, bracelets, rings, and other miscellaneous jewelry items.

You can browse through gifts, especially for kids, grads, moms, nieces, sisters, daughters, in-laws, friends, and many more. Furthermore, you can get jewelry for special occasions such as retirement or pregnancy. Their main goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you don’t like anything from their vast collection, you also have the option to get some customized or personalized jewelry made.

More importantly, as much as we love all their amazing pieces, we just couldn’t get our eyes or heart off this beautiful compass necklace. Once you look at its key features and go through this entire EFYTAL Necklace Gift for girlfriend review, you’ll be ordering one for yourself right away.


This elegant necklace features a unique and meaningful design. It includes a beautiful and dainty chain along with a lovely compass-engraved charm on it. 

The compass is meant to symbolize your love and how you’d be lost in this world without them as your ‘compass’ and guide. With this heartwarming message, this necklace is excellent to gift to your wife or girlfriend to remind them how much you need them.

The necklace has a powerful yet not too overbearing design. It has small proportions but a charming design, which means it can be worn on any occasion, be it her birthday or Valentine’s Day. 

It will be the perfect addition to make your outfit look brilliant. Additionally, the necklace is pretty but not too flashy so you can comfortably wear it anywhere you want.


This ETYFAL Necklace has a length of 18 inches, which makes it sit perfectly around your neck. The length will suit most people, so you don’t have to worry about having a necklace that’s too loose or too tight for your girlfriend or wife. However, as mentioned earlier, ETYFAL aims to satisfy you 100%.

Therefore, if the usual length of the necklace doesn’t suit your needs, you can get it adjusted. ETYFAL will alter the length of the chain precisely how you want it so that you can give a perfectly fitting gift. Best of all, ETYFAL will make this adjustment completely free of cost. All you have to do is contact their super helpful and responsive team.


This necklace will last you a long time just like your love for your special someone! It has excellent construction with high-quality components. 

The necklace is made using high-grade 925 sterling silver which if cared for properly, will remain in good condition for a long time. ETYFAL makes sure to get their silver from only reputable and reliable suppliers so that you get the best product.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted in one of their studios in the US. Therefore, even though the necklace chain looks dainty, it is actually quite strong and won’t break easily, unlike other chains. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about the spring ring clasp on the chain breaking either. More importantly, ETYFAL offers a five-year warranty on the chain, in case it ever does break.

Additionally, all the metals used to make the necklace are nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic for a purer product. This also means that the chain won’t turn your skin green or cause itching or any kind of bother when you wear it.


You can’t imagine a gift without a proper gift box. Even though this necklace from ETYFAL is pretty amazing on its own, it comes in a classy packaging to make your gift even better. 

The packaging includes a delightful box with extra protection to keep the necklace safe and untangled. Moreover, inside the wrapped box, there’s a special card with a message for your girlfriend or wife.


  • Meaningful message
  • Subtle yet classy design
  • Adjustable length
  • Made with high-quality sterling silver
  • Long life
  • Each piece carefully handcrafted
  • Five-year warranty
  • Doesn’t bother the skin
  • Excellent packaging


  • Compass is a little small


The necklace makes one of the best gifts for your wife or girlfriend. From its design to packaging, everything is brilliant. It perfectly portrays your feelings while also giving off its own unique charm. 

The message is simple yet full of meaning. Your girlfriend will want to show it off everywhere. With a perfect, classy handcrafted design and features like adjustable length, the necklace stays with your girlfriend for years to come. As it comes with a generous five-year warranty, it is also a safe investment. 


Among jewelry, since many people like to gift bracelets as well, we thought we’d see how this ETYFAL necklace stacks up against this Joycuff Bracelet. Both items are beautiful in their own way and can be personalized with unique engravings. Moreover, the bracelet is made of high-quality materials which don’t stain or bother the skin while maintaining its quality.

Since a bracelet is larger, it allows for longer messages to be engraved and can be more customized. Similar to the necklace, it is adjustable as well. However, a bracelet requires more precise fitting than a necklace, so it’ll be harder to find the perfect bracelet. Furthermore, the Joycuff Bracelet is not quite as dainty and charming as the ETYFAL Necklace.

Final Verdict

When words are not enough, you need a good gift to convey your feelings to someone. Even though both are great gift items, when it comes to your girlfriend, the necklace is better. Its design and look are better for those sentimental times. Hopefully, after this EFYTAL Necklace gift for girlfriend review, you’ll agree.

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