First Date Tips For Women + Infographic

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A first date can be nerve wracking and it doesn’t help if you have been away from the dating game for sometime. The truth however is that you can totally ace a first date and have a chance for a second date or even a relationship with the guy who tickles your fancy.

So how do you ensure that your first date goes well regardless of the anxiety?

Below are ten first date tips for women that will guide you and ensure that you are on the right path where first dates are involved.

1. Try to relax

Well, this is easier said than done. Do anything that works to relax you whenever you are anxious and remember that that guy wants to date the real you and not that perfect woman you wish were. You do not need to put undue pressure on yourself.

If it’s any help, your date could also be anxious and wondering how things will progress on your first date.

2. Dress right

First impressions do matter and a first date is the best time to show off your best features. Looking good doesn’t however mean that you forget about comfort. This means that you cannot wear your little black dress if there is a blizzard coming or even worse show up for a picnic date in heels.

Dressing in comfortable but attractive clothes will enhance your confidence and a confident woman is a sexy woman.

3. Choose the right first date activity

First dates are about knowing the other person. Activities that take a lot of your attention will only mean that you will be focusing more on the activity as opposed to your date. You should therefore plan around activities that allow you to get close to your date and know them more.

Where such activities are inevitable, say your date is that hotshot athlete who has to still perform his duties, a quiet dinner after will make up for the time spent doing other activities and allow you enough time to get to know your date.

4. Have boundaries

So you feel the chemistry the time you get started on your date and you are compelled to go all the way. Well, sharing too much on a first date can ruin what you two had going because, come on, if you could do it with your date on the first date, who knows how many times this has happened and will happen in the future.

If you are having a great time by all means enjoy yourself but be clear on boundaries if you are even hoping for a second date.

5. Put your phone away

The easiest way to put your date is off is to keep on checking on your phone and, to be honest, you would not be concentrating too much on your phone if you were enjoying the date. Even when you do not feel the chemistry and are not interested in a second date, at least show your date some respect and pay attention to what they have to say.

Imagine how you would feel if the tables were overturned and keep off the phone as much as possible. If you have to make a call, excuse yourself to the bathroom where you can make your call in private without making your date feel uncomfortable or disrespected.

6. Practice courtesy

No one wants to date a rude person. Be polite not just to your date but to the wait staff as well.

7. Be honest

While a first date is not the time to tell everything there is to know about your life, it is always important to be honest especially in matters that you know can break or make a relationship. So you have a kid, say it, your date will most likely be impressed by your honesty.

If your date is however put off by your honesty, just be happy that at-least you did not waste time dating a person who would never date you for who you are.

8. Let him lead

Men like to be leaders so by all means respect his wish to lead. This means that however liberated you are and he wants to pay the bill just let him do it.

Where you both agree to split the bill please honor your end of the bargain. It would be awkward if you offered to split the bill and have no means of paying the same.

9. Be decisive

Well this might seem like a contradiction from the point above. Being decisive does not mean that you take up the lead on your date it just means that you take a stand whether it is in the conversation or your date venue. If you do not like the place you meet for your first date, be sure to state so as a move to a different place will leave you more comfortable in a position to enjoy your date.

If your date asks you a question, do not be afraid to state what you believe in. Be respectful whatever your stand but do not be the person who cannot make a choice where options are given or requested.

10. Do not drink too much

Well, who wants to deal with a drunken person on a first date? It portrays an impression of someone who cannot control themselves. It is okay to have one or two drinks if only to help you relax and enjoy your date but overdoing it is another thing altogether and should be avoided at all cost.

Staying sober on your date will also mean that you spend more time knowing and spending quality time with your date and isn’t that what first dates are all about?

The 10 first date tips for women discussed above represent a good portion of all you need to remember on a first date. More tips do exist and will differ depending on your unique situation and your date.

Whatever tips you choose to follow just remember that dating can be fulfilling or tiring but with the right person a first date can lead to that fun relationship you have wanted for ages.

Bonus Infographic: Should I Go Out With This Guy?

This will be useful for you before and after your first date.

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