Global Seducer’s Rise of The Phoenix: A Book Review

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The Rise of the Phoenix is the new book by Sebastian Harris, also known as the “Global Seducer”. It is full of tips and advises that he collected from years of experience on how to meet, attract, and seduce women.

This book is divided into five chapters, plus an introduction about himself and the reasons why he wrote this 148-page book. We’ll take a closer look at what’s inside it, so you will know if Harris is indeed the right mentor for you.

Introduction: Five Years of Sex, Love, and Broken Hearts

Sebastian Harris begins the chapter with a quote from Pele, “Success is not an accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” He emphasizes here that, in order to be a successful seducer, you need to be prepared to put in time and effort in changing and improving yourself.

Reasons for Writing the Book

There are two main reasons why he wrote this book. The first is because of his past. Harris was born with a congenital heart defect, because of which he had to undergo several surgical operations as a young child, leaving him with a huge scar on his chest.

This made him insecure about his body, and from there, he learned how to overcome his insecurities and depression. For this reason, he wants men not to undergo the same struggles and self-doubts that he experienced.

Harris’ second reason for writing this book is to reveal the secret that contradicts everything that the third-wave feminist movement, the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement, and the so-called Social Justice Warriors have been telling men. This includes making men believe that approaching women is a crime and that every man who has the audacity to approach a woman is a disgusting bastard, a rapist, and a misogynist. If you are one of those who advocates feminism, you may find it hard to accept Harris’ advises.

From the Ashes: The Laws of the Man Every Woman Desires

This chapter is divided into eight sections.

  • My Scars, Your Success, and the True Reason
  • When the Boy Dies and a Powerful Seducer Rises
  • Set Goals Like Brian Tracy to Get Laid Like Russel Brand
  • How to Turn Your Limiting Beliefs into Pure Gold
  • How to Overcome Your Deepest Fears and Become Confident Beyond Measure
  • The Forgotten Values: A New Path for a Tamed and Tortured Phoenix
  • Adventure and Approaches: The Lifestyle of a Man Who Plays with Fire
  • How to Break Your Self-Destructive Habit and Rise from the Ashes

In this chapter, Harris explains the three stages of his program. The first stage requires you to stop being the nice, shy, and obedient puppy that the society wants you to be. In the second stage, you’ll learn to understand and read the female mind, discover terrible lies you’ve been told about women, and know what women really want you and what they do to show you that they want you.

Finally, on the third stage, Harris reveals every trick, technique, and strategy that he used to seduce dozens of girls on four continents. You will learn everything you need to know in order to become the master seducer you always wanted to be. According to him, once you complete these three stages, you will “rise like a Phoenix from the ashes”, which is where the title of this book came from.

Setting Her on Fire: Cracking the Code of the Female Mind

This chapter focuses on the second stage of Harris’ transformation program. It is divided into five sections.

  • The Two Lies You’ve Been Told About THE Woman
  • Sex, Loneliness, and Revenge Porn: What Women Really Think
  • The Truth About Sexism and Christian Grey: What Women Really Want
  • Zero Rejection with the Power of Screening
  • Be Like Bob and She Will Spit You Out

Hunting Angels: The Best Places to Meet Emotionally Healthy Women

In this chapter, Harris introduces the beginning of the third stage. He describes in full detail where to meet the women of your dreams and learn how to “pick-up” girls from these places. It is broken down into three sections.

  • Why Club Promoters Want You to Fail with Women
  • How to Use Your Hobbies to Get Hotties
  • Go Where the Money Pussy Is (Do it 19 Times)

Catch Her If You Can: Psychological Weapons of Mass Seduction

This chapter is the highlight of the book. As promised, Harris divulges his tactics and strategies to seduce women. You will learn how to control a woman’s emotions, whatever that is. Whether you want to take her on an instant date, get her number, or set up a date within seconds, it’s all in this chapter. It is divided into 14 sections:

  • Radical Honesty and the $100 Hooker Approach
  • Wounds of the War: How to Use the Blood of Rejection as Fuel
  • Conversational Warfare: The Innocent Words That End Your Dry Spell
  • The Primal Attraction Triggers Neil Strauss Didn’t Reveal
  • Touching Girls with the Anti-Trump Handshake (Grab them by the…)
  • The Instant Date: Fast Sex Since 2005
  • How to Get the Magic Digits 83% of the Time
  • German Efficiency: How to Set Up a Date in 76 Seconds
  • 66 First Date Ideas that 99% of Men Don’t Even Think Of
  • The Big Bang Is Coming: How to Prepare for Your First Date
  • First Date Trap: How to Control Her Emotions and Connect with Her in 3 Minutes
  • 19 Scientifically Proven Seduction Techniques Feminists Want to Ban
  • The Perfect (French) Kiss and Why Hollywood Betrayed You
  • First-Date Fireworks: How to Lead Her Hands to Your Pants

Disney Must Die: The Secrets to Getting and Keeping a Girlfriend

Now that you have the girl of your dreams and have decided to take it to a more serious level, Harris teaches you, in this chapter, how to make that girl fall in love with you. He explains the true meaning of love and other love lies you’ve been fed on by mainstream media.

This chapter has four sections:

  • Oxytocin Addiction and the Disney Love Lie
  • 11 Psychological Loopholes that Make Her Fall in Love with You in 2 Minutes
  • How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Narcissistic Crackhead (Find the Unicorn)
  • Girlfriend Game: Ejaculate Endorphins and Shit Adrenaline

Global Seducer: Are You the Next?

There are two more sections in the book, “Final Words: How to Achieve Your Wildest (Sex) Dreams Without Tony Robbins” and “The Super Annoying P.S. That Destroys Everything (Sorry About That)”, which sums up the entire text and provides bonus tips.

Overall, we do not recommend this book for men looking for a serious, long-term relationship. If you are open-minded and a bit liberated, you may find the tips stated in this book useful. Keep in mind, though, that this book contains sensitive topics about feminism. The approaches taught in this book may also come as too hostile.

As with all dating advise, never go awry of your common sense and ethical beliefs. You don’t need to change yourself completely just to be accepted by someone, and you definitely don’t need to be a global seducer just to feed your carnal desires or to meet the woman of your dreams.

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