How To Appear Sophisticated

So you want to make a good impression and appear sophisticated? You don’t need to sit in cafés drinking coffee and talking about museums and art to show people how sophisticated you really are. Sophistication comes from the way you present yourself, the way you speak, your style and energy that you put out.


If you want to appear sophisticated then read on and follow these important tips.

Put Yourself Together

First things first! Put yourself together because it is the first step towards sophistication. You want to be stylish and it’s extremely important to make sure you are well groomed.

You should always make sure to style your hair before going out. Your hair should look neat, clean and in place. A really good tip is to be careful not to put on too much makeup (you want to avoid the cake face) and it is best to just keep it simple and minimal.

Just a touch of mascara, some concealer and a lipstick should do the trick.

Dress To Impress

Don’t forget that the clothes you wear put out a strong message as to who you are so it’s important to dress well. Dressing well means that your clothes are clean, fresh and crisp.

That mean no stains or wrinkles. A good rule of thumb is to avoid wearing super low cut tops and too short skirts that tend to rise up.

It’s best to just keep it classy.

Be Confident

Did you know that being confident means you are more likely to try new things because they feel that they can succeed? It’s true so now that your look is well put together it’s important that you are confident in yourself. Confidence shows in the way you carry yourself and the body language that you use.

You should feel good about yourself and your appearance and when someone is talking to you, make sure that you making eye contact with them and not looking away or fidgeting with your hands.

If you aren’t able to do that then you will appear shy and timid to people.

Mind Your Manners

Mind your manners ladies! Manners are important to have and first impressions do always count. Having basic manners conveys respect to the person you are socializing with and in return they will respect you back as well. If you are going to be going out somewhere to eat, then it’s good to know your dinner etiquette.

You should always be courteous and say please and thank you. Keeping your elbows off the table and not slouching will help you to feel and look more sophisticated as well.

Don’t Swear

This is one of the most important steps in appearing sophisticated. Don’t cuss and swear. You are not a sailor and nobody likes a potty mouth!

Ask most men and they will tell you that it is really one of the most unattractive things that you can do to turn a man off. Most guys really appreciate it when a woman knows how to act like a lady, especially when they are in public settings.

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