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How to Be Better in Bed For Him: Tips in Keeping Him Satisfied - Date And Simple

How to Be Better in Bed For Him: Tips in Keeping Him Satisfied

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Listen, ladies. Never get intimidated with men. They are not complicated individuals, and they are rather easy to please.

In fact, it is really easy to make a guy go head over heels for you. How? You might ask? The answer is quite simple; just give him the best experience in bed and make your every moment with him unforgettable!

However, when it comes to bedroom moves, do you really know what men want? Did you know that men are more likely to stay loyal to women who are adventurous, confident and know how to please them in bed?

Having this kind of woman is every man’s dream. Do you want to learn how to be better in bed for him? Here are surefire ways to keep him satisfied.

How to Be Better in Bed For Him: 10 Secrets You Need to Know

  • Make the first move.

Gone were the days when women are the ones waiting for their partners to ask for sex. Surprise, ladies! It is now okay to make the first move.

Let your man know you can take charge by touching him first and letting him know you want to make love with him. Call him at work and let him know what’s waiting for him when he comes home.

You can also message him and say “I’m going to wear that black thong when you get here, so get here fast.” Sure enough, he can’t wait to see you after his long day. Plus, imagine how he would think about you the whole day.

  • Be more confident with your body.

During sex, men do not really notice how flat your breasts are or your other flaws. Let go of any of your inhibitions and let him look at you since it is part of the lovemaking process.

Forget the negativity about your body image and try to feel confident about how you look. If it helps, exercise regularly. Doing so will help make you more aware of what your body can do and make you more flexible, too. Exercising will also help you make more confident about your body regardless of your size and form.

  • Know your man’s erogenous zones.

Like ladies, men want to be touched as well and mind you, it is not just down there. Men, like women, have erogenous zones that you should pay attention to when lovemaking.

The ears, neck, nipples, and bum are just some of the male erotic zones that help heighten pleasure when touched. Stroke these parts and blow hot air on them, and it will surely make your man crazy.

  • Be more vocal.

Men do not like the feeling of being clueless when it comes to sex. If you like what he is doing, let him know. Also, groaning, moaning, or even heavy breathing can be a huge turn-on and can truly get them to the edge.

Talking to him, either as praise, instruction, or just plain dirty, will go well with most men. Saying the right words at the right time is the key. Knowing that you appreciate what he is doing in bed serves as a reward for him, which makes the act much more pleasurable.

Remember, it is very boring making love with a woman who doesn’t make a sound in bed. He may even wonder if you are already dead when you are not making any noise at all.

  • Be good at performing and receiving oral sex.

Learn how to do this mandatory skill. Men love oral sex. And sexually speaking, men don’t like going backward, so make sure you are better in giving a blowjob than the woman before you.

Moreover, knowing how to enjoy when you are at the receiving end is one mark of a sexually confident woman. After all, oral sex is considered more personal compared to intercourse as it means you are ready to embrace sex’s messier and rather more intimate side.

  • Keep your mind and body open for new things.

To be able to completely know how to be better in bed, do what others won’t. Show that you are totally devoted to him by letting go sexually.

Forget the yuck factor and do the best you can do. If he is into watching porn, go for it. You can also try suggesting using sex toys to spice things up. Or you can do a roleplay—if both of you are up to it.

Have fun and open yourself up to his sexual fantasies, as long as you are still comfortable doing them.

  • Be more submissive.

Be the Anastasia Steele to his Christian Grey and show him total devotion. If he is like any other men who want to be dominant in bed, let him. For most men, taking control and acting like you are his “slave” in bed is very satisfactory. But, keep in mind not to force things and just keep the act fun.

  • Participate.

Don’t just lie there. Receive his thrusts, arch your back, and maintain eye contact. Be flexible and let him move you around. Just do something sexy; he’ll love that.

  • Attack him when he least expects it.

Monotony is never enjoyable when it comes to sex, so surprise him whenever possible. Give him oral sex in the car, make love in a public place (but please don’t get caught), in his office, or any area in the house that is not the bedroom.

Initiate things and make him feel wanted. Make him feel that you can’t wait to have him.

  • Continue flirting with him.

Even when not in bed, take time to flirt with him. Make eye contact whenever you are on a date with him. Be touchy. Be close. Wear sexy outfits during date nights or make him know that you are not wearing undies when you go out.

Let him feel that he is your world. Doing these things will make him think about you more even when you are together.

The Bottomline

Having the urge to know how to be better in bed for him is the right mindset of the perfect partner. It just means that you have the desire to satisfy him.

In any intimate relationship, we know that giving more and more to your partner will eventually pay off. So, start applying these tips and let them transform your relationship and sex life.

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