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how to create the perfect tinder profile - Date And Simple

How To Create The Perfect Tinder Profile

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There could be a number of reasons why you are not getting matches on Tinder. For instance, your profile might be being shown to girls who are just not into guys like you. Or you might be very picky, which will reduce the number of people you can match with.

However, the number one reason why a lot of guys are getting no matches is their profile. After all, if you have rubbish pictures or a boring bio, it’s not going to lead to a swipe right. So, if you want to turn things around so that you have plenty of dates in the not so distant future, here are some tips for creating the perfect tinder profile which will secure you a date in no time.

First things first, you need to change your Tinder profile photographs if you want to increase the number of matches you get on the app. After all, it’s the first thing they see and they can make a judgement in seconds, so you need to sort those photos out.

How to improve your Tinder profile photographs 

1. Smile at the camera

As much as you think a profile of you looking away into the distance looks cool, it’s actually going to turn girls off. For one thing, it can make you look less friendly and approachable if you are not looking into the camera. It also stops girls seeing one of your best features—your eyes.

Not only this, but a smile does wonders for boosting your sex appeal. It makes your face light up and gives off an impression that you are ready for a laugh with a girl. Seeing your smile will help the girl feel less nervous about chatting with you and could help turn you from a swipe left to a swipe right instead. So, skip the shots which show off your best side and switch to a nice friendly shot where you look directly at the camera and give a big grin instead.

2. Don’t lie with your photograph

A lot of girls and guys edit their photos before they put them on Tinder. They want to make sure they look top of their game to ensure they get more hits with their profile. But while you might go a bit filter-mad on your phone, it’s actually likely to make girls swipe left instead of right. A lot of the time a girl will be able to see you have edited the photo. And it can instantly make them worry about what else you are lying about, so they won’t give you a chance.

Also, if you make your photo picture perfect, it’s likely to put girls off as they will be looking for someone more down to earth. After all, they might think they won’t meet your expectations if you have perfect looks. Therefore, put an honest photo on your profile. Not only will it get more swipes, you will also be starting the relationship off on an honest footing. That way, there will be less risk of being brushed off as you don’t look like your profile picture.

3. Stick to photos of yourself

As much as you might want to show off to that potential love interest that you are a popular person, group photos could actually turn a girl off. After all, they want to see you, and if you are in the midst of several people, they might find it hard to get a good look at you. In fact, they might start checking out your mate instead. Therefore, they will swipe left instead of getting to know you better.

You should make sure that you use the photos on your profile to show off what you are like. They can always see more about your life and your friends once they go onto your social media. But for now, if you want more matches, it’s time to put photos of yourself on your profile and let them see the real you.

If you find that you are not getting any swipes, this could also be down to your bio. After all, a lot of people let themselves down with the wording, and some guys don’t even bother putting anything in their bio. Believe us, if you don’t put anything, it will lead to most girls swiping left. Therefore, you need to give your bio a boost to make sure you get some action on Tinder sooner rather than later.

How to Write a Killer Tinder Bio 

1. You need to find your funny

One of the most attractive things about a person is their sense of humour. After all, once you get on that date, you can’t hide behind your looks anymore. And a great relationship is often built on laughter. Therefore, to make sure you get more swipes in future, you should inject some humour into your tinder bio.

You might want to tell your best joke in your bio. After all, if you make them laugh, they are more likely to swipe right. Or you might want to tell them a funny story that happened to you. You might be surprised that if you show you don’t take yourself too seriously, they will be keen to meet you.

2. Cut down the number of words

It’s important to make sure you don’t go off on a tangent when it comes to your bio. They want to read about you and your likes and interests. But they don’t need to hear your life story before they have even swiped right. If you put too much in your bio, they will get bored before the end and then click off your profile and onto someone else.

It’s so easy to get carried away and write too much when you are nervous to get it right. But remember, while the maximum length is 500 characters, you don’t have to write that much. Therefore, make sure you keep it simple and easy to read if you want to increase your chances of matching with someone great.

3. Make sure you spell check

It’s also worth checking what you have written after finishing your bio. You might be surprised how off-putting a spelling error can be to a girl. For one thing, it will make them feel like you have not tried very hard when putting the bio together, which can turn them off you straight away.

Also, if your bio is littered with errors, they might think you are uneducated. This can also stop a girl swiping right as they will want someone with a good career. Therefore, before you complete your bio, make sure you check it over, and even get a mate to look to make sure they think it sounds good too!

Remember that when it comes to your Tinder profile, you need to make sure that you enhance your profile by linking it to your other accounts like Spotify, Facebook and Instagram so that a girl can get to know you better before she swipes left or right.

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