How To Date An Asian Woman Review – A Tacky B(east)

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The focus of this training course is very specific. The name says it all: How To Date An Asian Woman. Never before on Date And Simple has there been the review of a dating course for guys that is so specific in the type of women that it references. It’s an approach best suited for a specific type of guy – the one who’s seriously considering pursuing and dating an Asian woman, of course.

The very demure How To Date An Asian Woman logo
The very demure How To Date An Asian Woman logo

The course offering is simple: a 73-page PDF document that outlines everything from ‘What “They” Say About Asian Women” to explaining the so-called “Asian Mystique” to what Asian women are seeking in Caucasian men, as well as where they “hang out” and how to date an Asian woman, and so forth. It goes into some detail about personality traits and socio-cultural similarities that are common to Asian women.

There is of course an inherent danger in grouping such an enormously diverse and heterogenous range of women into one safe and easy designation, i.e. ‘Asian’. There is no denying the appeal of Asian women to many non-Asian men. This course should tap into that appeal of (and lust for) Asian women. How well it accomplishes that without falling into woeful stereotyping is what this How To Date An Asian Woman review will assess.


So, here we are: our first review of a dating course focused solely on one specific type of women. Make that a focus on one specific race of women, namely Asian women.  In this day and age of social justice warriors baying for blood at the slightest hint of racism, so targeted a focus could be problematic, even a bit icky.

It goes beyond being icky – it’s downright stupefying. For one thing, how the hell can you lump together a continent as enormous and as culturally and socially diverse as all of Asia?! This is the continent that comprises China, Japan, India, Indonesia and the Philippines – for starters. How hugely different can you get with just those Asian countries? For another, how can one generalize about so diverse an array of women on matters such as food and religion, never mind her breasts and what she looks for in a man?!

This course quickly dissolves into laughable generalizations and uncomfortable stereotypes of Asian. women.  This is compounded by the slimmest and slightest of content (by Anonymous) without any depth or real insights provided by said content. There will no doubt be guys who idolize or are intrigued by Asian women who will want to buy this training. However, when it comes to stereotypical bullshit that offers little, they couldn’t get any worse than How To Date An Asian Woman.

The Lowdown…

A very modern three-letter acronym immediately springs to mind merely by looking at the Table of Contents at the very beginning of the 73-page PDF for How To Date An Asian Woman – WTF! Seriously, what else could the reaction be when seeing topic titles like ‘Tips for Writing Emails and Letters to
Asian Women’ and ‘What Turns An Asian Woman On?’ to real humdingers like ‘Her Neck’ and ‘Her Genitals’. Would that be the genitals of all Asian women?! Again…WTF!

It’s seldom that one hasn’t even begun to read content for a review and yet one already has bile stuck in the throat, but such is the ability of this course. The title could be a giveaway, of course, in a ‘horny-yet-racist-stereotypes-masquerading-as-preference-for-another-racial-group-of-women’ sort of way. But I have to keep an open mind, so in I wade into what will be How To Date An Asian Woman.

The How To Date An Asian Woman PDF 'cover'
The How To Date An Asian Woman PDF ‘cover’

Part 1 of the PDF for How To Date An Asian Woman is ‘Why We Love Asian Women’ and starts off with that pivotal question: ‘Is It True What “They” Say About Asian Women?’ Here’s a delightfully profound quote from that section: “Sex with an Asian woman is more gratifying because of a certain anatomical difference. Since Asian women generally have smaller and thinner body frames than Caucasian or African women, it is believed that they have proportionally smaller vaginal openings.” Wow.

It continues: “Medical research has hinted at this but we have found no concrete evidence to support it (only this author’s personal experience).” I see. That last part in brackets is particularly interesting, given that there is no author named with this book nor anywhere on this site! Yip, not a name in sight is attributed to this course, which means that the “author” here is Anonymous itself.

Stereotypes quickly start to abound with statements like this one: “This [allure of Asian women to Caucasian men] alludes to a far off ancient exotic place where the life purpose of a woman is simply nothing more than to a please a man. This notion of Asian submissiveness is very attractive in itself.”Jeez, like we haven’t heard that stereotype about Asian women before…

And then there’s this: “Culturally many of them have been raised to respect and honor men, which is of course, a real perk for American men who may feel American women, are too competitive for them.” And that says what about American men, never mind American women…?

The stereotypes shift into laughable high gear with the presumed ten ‘categories’ of Asian women. They’re actually worth listing here, just for a laugh:

  1. The Bookworm
  2. The Glamour Girl
  3. The Ice Princess
  4. The Geisha Girl
  5. The Muse
  6. The Little Orphan Girl
  7. The Nurturer
  8. The School Girl
  9. The Super Happy Sex Kitty
  10. The Warrior

How do you like them apples?! Never mind that most of the so-called categories could be applied to any number of women in any number of countries or regions anywhere on planet Earth, let alone Asia! The only one that sounds remotely ‘Asian’ is ‘The Geisha Girl’ and even that’s a stereotype of a stereotype. ‘The Warrior’ makes me think that this is some guy who’s seen one Chinese kung fu film too many. Where’s ‘Crouching Tiger’ and ‘Hidden Dragon’ when you need them, huh??

Downright offensive is the sub-section that ponders “You Know You Have An Asian Fetish If…” with examples like ‘You’ve started renting anime instead of regular movies” (huh?) and “You are attracted to tiny feet,” as well as “You believe Woody Allen did the right thing.” Who writes this shit? Oh, that’s right – Anonymous, that’s who. Well, no wonder.

Part 2 asks ‘What An Asian Woman Really Really Wants’ (and, no, correct punctuation and grammar is not a strong suit of this training). Her motivation to get a white man includes reasons like, “Western culture has so permeated the Asian cultures that the white male is now prized as the trophy husband.”

It continues with, “If you look anything like George Clooney, Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford your chances are doubled when it comes to having an Asian woman consider you as a real prize.” Mate, if any of us look anything like Clooney or Cruise or Ford (not to mention had their wealth and fame) we could get a woman of any fucking nationality. That’s hardly an Asian thing, now is it?!

‘Social and behavioral taboos’ include never making fun of her accent (like ordering “lice” at a restaurant) or of her height (because most Asian women are so tiny, of course) or of your experiences dating other Asian chicks or brag openly about your sexual experiences in front of others. These are all big ‘no-nos’ to the Asian woman. Yip, I kid you not.

Most egregiously laughable of all (if that were possible) is Part 3, which is titled ‘A Crash Course In Asian Woman – Inside and Out and From Head To Toe’ and which literally travels from her very head to her very toes. You get told on how to cherish her mind and soul, as well as know everything regarding her (read: all Asian women’s) eyes, hair, lips, ears, neck, voice, arms, hands, breasts, stomach, back…yes, back!

And, of course, her genitals. This ‘learning’ is imparted with these fine words: “Asian anatomy may be
slightly different than what you are used to. The genitals themselves may be placed higher and more forward than a Caucasian woman’s. Also you can expect her vagina to be smaller.” Once again: this relates to…all…Asian..women…

It goes on and on, from respecting her culture and family (yeah, that’s a real shocker!) to feng shui (and this is important to Japanese or Indonesian women exactly how?) to even getting a list of different Asian foods and ingredients (nearly all of which look suspiciously Chinese or Japanese in bias). There’s even a nifty run-through of all the major Asian religions – a veritable Dummies Guide thereof.

Part 4 takes generalizing into the stratosphere with its take on ‘Where To Meet An Asian Women’. They do congregate so, don’t they?! Also included are the ten places in the U.S. where Asian women are most prevalent, as well as ‘international hotspots’ for Asian women with this astounding fact: “The best areas to find Asian women are in geographic East Asia, and mainland Southeast Asia that consists of Indochina and the Malay Archipelago.” Really? Who would have thought!

The geography is beyond pathetic. The PDF claims that, “The term Asian actually includes over include [sic] 40 distinct nationalities and ethnic groups ranging from the more numerous Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese and Filipino to the less well-known Hmong, Lao, Sri Lankan and Indonesian races.” 40 distinct nationalities, is it? Just 40 in all of Asia? How about you try 400 or even 4000, you twat?!


There are only two extras, the first of which looks like this on the landing page:

The link that goes nowhere (like so many things in China)...
The link that goes nowhere (like so many things in China)…

And which goes nowhere when you click on the link.

The second is a PDF titled ‘101 Romantic Ideas’ and written by some guy called Michael Webb. Idea #1 is this gem: “If your partner is going away for a few days, tell her that you are worried about her so you have organized a bodyguard to look after her. Then give her a small teddy bear.” It’s a whole 39 pages of that sort. Enough said.

There are also no other links or bonuses or resources or any such thing. Which is probably just as well. Can you imagine what a forum or members’ area would look like (and sound) for a training course such as this? Yikes…

And how does it look and feel?

This is basic and crap-looking ‘site’ as any. It looks like a total hack job done with the very least of budget or attention to detail. That explains why there’s no branding consistency to be seen whatsoever. The PDFs are as generic as can be, although at least the font usage and content layout is reader-friendly. That’s about the only positive thing one can say about this site’s entire design ethos.

What’s To Like About How To Date An Asian Woman?

  • Jesus, Joseph and Mary, what the hell is there to recommend here?! Well, if one were to really scrape the bottom of the barrel, I guess one could say that at least it’s singular in its focus, i.e. its childish fetish-like approach to Asian women. There will be a ready stream of guys who are into (or could be into) Asian women, so this course is a definite option for those guys. That is a plus in that at least they are catered to from a dating perspective. The fact that the content is mostly shite will of course be pursued (with relish) below…

What’s Not To Like How To Date An Asian Woman?

  • Oh, where to begin? It goes without saying that this is the most appalling jumble of ceaseless stereotyping that I have ever come across in reviewing dating courses. And much as I hate to trample down the ‘social justice warrior (SJW)’ path, it has to be admitted: this is so steeped in stereotyping that it’s borderline racist and, therefore, could very probably be considered offensive. Is it all lies and rubbish? For sure not – some of the gross generalizations on offer regarding Asian women are probably somewhat on point. Many of them do possibly have smaller feet or are very tied to their families or don’t like their men to be drunk in public. Then again, one could make the same generalizations about any other group of women, whether Latinas (‘oh, how tempestuous they are!’) or Africans (‘oh, what a sense of rhythm they have!’) or Indians (‘oh, how gracious and feminine they are!’) and you might be half-right about some of them! Big bloody deal. And what of the constant reference to ‘Caucasian’ men? More racism based on stupid presumptions, perhaps? What of African-American men who may want to date Asian women? Or Native Americans for that matter? And does ‘Caucasian’ here also include Latino men, or are they not ‘Caucasian adjacent’ enough? Who the fuck knows.
  • Besides the often offensive generalizations and resultant stereotypes, this is content that is simply poorly written and with very little substance. It reads like mostly vacuous shite. It makes a valiant attempt at structured presentation and analysis of content into various categories and sub-categories, but still manages to look poorly conceived. No real-life scenarios are provided and statistics are scant and unverified. The content is simplistic and seem the meanderings of a person with every clichéd notion of what constitutes ‘an Asian woman’. All the content seems to do is lurch from one stereotype to another. It’s frankly pathetic just for that.
  • Why Anonymous? Well, I can answer that question, actually – because no one in their right mind would openly and expressly take ownership of training this badly written and so blatantly offensive, that’s why. But still – the fact that no person or people are attached to How To Date An Asian Woman speaks volumes about the course’s (lack of) credibility, reliability and veracity.


A course calling itself How To Date An Asian Woman was always going to be skating on thin ice. It’s a course title that too easily lends itself to creepy notions of crass stereotyping and even borderline racism. They were always going to be two huge, looming traps. Unfortunately, this course doesn’t just fall into both traps, it literally seems to wallow in them.

To read (or, rather, wade) through the crap that passes for content in How To Date An Asian Woman is to be caught up in the mind of a very facile, rather stupid mind. The fact that the writer of this course chooses to stay anonymous is a dead giveaway. This course is so poorly written, so ill-conceived and so blatantly bad that no sane person should ever be associated with it. Anonymity is the only way to go.

I didn’t hate this course because it dared to hone in only on Asian women. Not at all. All power to it for that – if it had been properly and with more taste and maturity. Instead, we get this pile of rubbish that is far worse than what I thought had been the worst dating course – until now. How To Date An Asian Woman beats them all, it’s that bad. If I could give it a ‘Z’ rating, I would.

Grade: F

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