How To Find The Right Man

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Finding Mr Right is one of the most challenging moments for most women; more so those who have been forced to keep up with the agony of losing people whom they believed they loved and “loved” them too.

In fact, some have gone as far as ruling out the existence of men of their dreams. Of course, most people will always encourage them to keep on searching and be optimistic that one day they will be lucky to get that “perfect man”. Which is a good idea; I don’t object.

But, what about if they happen to meet the very same guys who only pretend to love them, use them to satisfy their selfish needs and leave them by the end of it all? It is really humiliating and hurting indeed.

The question of how to find the right man has been a core area of discussion in very many dating forums. Finding the right man is not about guess work and probability; it is a systematic process. There are a number of things a woman who craves to find the right man should do:

Get a life

What do I mean by this? Most women assume that Mr. Right should transform them or change them into better persons than they already are. For instance, if you are a woman who is self-centered and lazy; getting a generous and an industrious man will not change you.

You need to learn how to be caring, kind, interesting; I mean, just let people admire your good character. I am sure we are not 100% perfect since we have some defects. But why don’t you work hard to change your character defects? It could be a reason why men keep on leaving you. You can get some help or follow some guidance and be ready to interact with other people, as they can help you identify yourself.

Physical attractiveness

You don’t need to look like a model in magazines to get the right man. Every woman has a unique feature which will most definitely capture men’s attention. Why don’t you accentuate it? Accept your physical appearance and manage it well. Remember men will always want to be proud of their women’s appearance. Opt for a makeover and you can also consult a beautician as they will help you to revamp your look.

What are you looking for in a man?

Reading these so called “how to find the right man blogs” and trying to implement the ideas won’t be of any significance if you don’t have a clue of what exactly you are looking for in a man.

What are your main aims of the relationship? Is it all about losing/finding yourself, making up for all that you lost during childhood, keeping you excited, boosting your sagging esteem, being in control, showing off to friends, running away from your responsibility etc.?

Generally, some of the most common qualities of a healthy relationship a woman should look for include: the ability to forgive and to be forgiven; have common goals; the desire to raise children; have common values and culture etc.

Are you looking for an older man? A younger man? Try to establish where you would wish to be in say 20 years to come, how your choices will influence the outcome, the desires of the heart and how the choice will have impact in the future. You really need to be honest at this point with yourself. Decide wisely to avoid any heartache later in the relationship.

Rise above past mistakes

Learn from your past mistakes. Just by pointing out some few mistakes which made your past relationship not to work is a clear indication that you are half-way to getting Mr. Right. Of course we are not perfect, but repeating the very same mistakes again and again will ruin your relationship even if you happen to meet a man of your dreams.

Identify what really made the past relationship not work and since charity begins at home; begin by evaluating yourself and not blaming him for having left you. You could be the problem.

Matchmaker services and the Internet

Being open to such services could also be another way to find Mr. Right. Only go for those services which are reliable and have good reputation. Getting referrals could be a better option. A number of couples have been able to meet through such platforms.

However, as you go for this do not forget you main objectives for the new relationship. Moreover, be cautious before meeting anyone you find here.

What about blind dates?

They have worked for some people more so those who have actually known whom they are and they know what they want from a relationship. You never know, you can meet your Mr. Right at your friends place during dinner, when you are hanging out with friends or in church.

Where do you expect to find right man?

Under normal circumstances, people with certain character traits or qualities are associated with certain environments. Therefore, it could also be a noble idea to identify such places and make an attempt of visiting those places. You could be lucky to get man of your dreams.

A common example is religion. For instance, if your primary objective is to date a Muslim, then you will have no option but to visit the Mosque or associate with them. On the other hand, if you need a Christian, then you will also have no option but to go to Church or where they socialize.

People tend to look fora  perfect human being which is really unrealistic. As a matter of fact, no one will do everything as you have ever dreamt of. The bottom-line is; expect a human being, not a supreme being who will be 100% perfect.

Learn to accommodate one another. Do not just focus on how to find the right man yet you are doing very little or absolutely nothing to make yourself be the right woman for that particular man.

As it has been said severally “Rome was not built in a day”; be patient. It may take some time before you discover what appeals to you and why it does.

You may break someone’s heart and they may also heart you too; it should not be the end of everything. There are good men out there all you need to do is to be patient, listen to yourself, put your priorities right and define exactly the kind of relationship you want to have.

Funny Infographic

If you’re in any doubt about who the right person for you could be, here’s an infographic that could give you some inspiration!



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