How To Flirt Well

Many women struggling with knowing how to flirt well. Flirting is a science so people need to be able to use the right techniques to try to be able to make a good impression on a man.

Here are some tips on how to flirt well.


Make Eye Contact with Him Frequently

Guys need to visually see that you are into them. The best way to accomplish this is to look at them often. Winking is a great way to directly communicate that you like him without ever having to say a word. Body language is important because it can convey the message that you would like to know more about him and possibly start a relationship.

Show Up to the Places That He Is

It is important to make your presence known when trying to flirt with a guy. This can be done by showing up to the places that he is and waving to him or trying to spark up a conversation. Reach out to his friends and family members to try to get information about him because this will eventually get back to him through the grapevine.

This shows him that you are putting in an effort to get closer to him. Never be too forward with him because that can be a turn off. Men like to take the lead so it is crucial to respect that.

Obviously, try not to look like a stalker when you do it.

Use Compliments to Flirt

Guys like it when girls compliment them because it boosts their confidence and egos. It is important to make the compliments believable. One way to do this is to compliment on his appearance, a play that he made on the field or a task that he completed.

This helps to slowly build up his impression of you. It is crucial to not be complimenting him all the time because it comes off as fake. Do it once in a while because less is more when trying to learn how to flirt well.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Flirting by text is a great way for girls to get guys to notice them. Most people own cell phones so it can be easy to get their phone numbers from others. It is important to be bold in your first text to him by saying things like,”I could not stop thinking about the way that you made me laugh today when you told that funny story.”

This shows him that you like him, but does not reveal just how deep your feelings are for him. This helps to keep the allure there so that he is more likely to want to respond and strike up a texting conversation.

Tease Him at School or Work

Guys often enjoy teasing other people so you can make your mark on them by teasing them. This should not be done in an aggressive way, but in a silly one so that it can capture his attention.

Flirting is all about showing interest so guys need to see that you are only kidding and that you have a sense of humor. With these tips, you can flirt well today.

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