How to Get Guys to Like You

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When a guy likes a girl, more often than not, he’ll just approach her and tell her straight without caring much about what the outcome is. But, when a girl likes a guy, that’s another story. Most girls won’t just tell a guy directly to his face that she likes him until she knows for sure that he will like her in return.

If you are a girl who likes a guy, what will you do? Will you just wait in vain? Or will you try these secrets on how to get guys to like you?

How to Get Guys to Like You: 10 Helpful Tips

  1. Give him your full attention. Look at him when he talks in a way that will make him feel comfortable and confident. When he is with his friends or is doing something in a corner, let him see you glancing at him from time to time.

The reason for this subtle yet effective move is that guys like receiving attention from girls. If you show him that you are more interested in him compared to other guys, it will make him think of you, maybe wondering if you like him or you are just friendly. That is what you exactly need: for him to think about you.

  1. Let him talk about himself. Ask him casually about himself —his interests, hobbies, or anything under the sun. Let him talk about his passions. It feels great to have someone to talk to regarding the things you are passionate about and issues that you care for. This will make him feel more comfortable with you.

Talking about anything, including his passions, is also a great opportunity to get to know him better and vice versa. And when he feels good around you, he will want to spend more time with you. Spending more time together will eventually make him attracted to you.

  1. Ask favors from him. When you constantly ask him for favors, he will subconsciously make himself believe that you will also be there for him when a need arises. Also, asking him for favors can be an excuse to get close to him. But be mindful not to do it in an annoying way.
  2. Don’t be too perfect. Many women want to look perfect to guys they are attracted to. While looking good is one of the keys in making him fall for you, it is also advisable to make him see some of your flaws. You can show yourself goofing up, laughing loud or having a bad day—anything that will make you look more human is a good step.
  3. Look your best but don’t try too hard. While being too perfect is not advisable, it is still a must that you look your best whenever you see him. Guys are visual creatures, which means that they get first to get attracted to what they see. If you want him to notice you, make sure that you are eye-catching, but don’t try too hard or he will know you are faking it.
  4. Keep calm and make him feel good. Try to be comfy, relaxed, and happy when he’s around. Do not feel tense or there would obviously be unwanted tension between the two of you. While it is fun to be with someone who is relaxed, happy, and comfortable, it doesn’t feel right when you are around someone who feels tensed and uncomfortable. If you want him to enjoy being with you, make him feel good when you are around.
  5. Show him your traits that are similar to his. Humans tend to relate faster with people with similar backgrounds, beliefs, values, and traits. You can attract him by letting him see your one side that he also has. For instance, if he is close to his family, show him how much you love yours. If he has a rebellious side, show him that you are also a rebel. People with similar hobbies can also attract each other. So, if he is into video games, this is your time to impress him with your gaming prowess.
  6. Impress his friends. Chat with his friends, even when he is not around. Be warm and accommodating to them, hang out with them and impress them with your wit and charm. Doing so will make them like or even love you. And since they are friends with the guy you like, chances are, he will hear good things about you and eventually take notice of what a special girl you are.
  7. Flirt with him. Don’t worry that he’ll be annoyed or see your feelings as obvious. Believe us when we say that guys are generally clueless. Just drop hints that you are interested in him. Treat him in a friendly but kind of romantic way. Let him wonder what your real feelings are. Most guys won’t see you the way you want to be seen unless they know that you are interested in them.
  8. Confuse him. You may like him, but don’t make it easy for him. When the guy you like is around, talk to him. When some other guy approaches you, be accommodating. Don’t be a snob to other guys and be too friendly with the guy you like.

You can also try this tactic: Give him your full attention one day and ignore him the next. Make them crazy!

Make your guy crazy by wondering if you really like him or if you are just like that to everyone else. Make him curious about the real score, and eventually, he will know that he shouldn’t take you for granted and must make a move, fast.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to get guys to like you, it is now up to you to decide whether to use them or just wait for him to see you in a romantic way. Just keep in mind that making him like you is not a guarantee that you will have a happily ever after with him—that’s a story for another day. What you can do now is to enjoy every moment and nourish what you already have.

And if he doesn’t reciprocate, be ready to walk away. Remember, nothing is sexier than a girl who loves herself more and knows when to stop chasing a guy. But you can never tell. Who knows, one day, he may come around.

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