How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend?

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How to raise a boring girlfriend? If you are asking this question, then you should not have a girlfriend at all. You have to understand that your girlfriend does not need raising, as you are not her father.

Also, if you think that you have a boring girlfriend and looking for answers on the internet, then there is a big chance that you do not deserve this boring woman.

So let us rephrase that question for you. It should actually be, how to make a boring relationship fun? We will tell you in this article why it means that you have a boring relationship (yes, my friend, you are boring too) when you think that you have a boring girlfriend. Also, we will give you some tips and tricks to bring out the fun for both of you.

How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend?

This question, in itself, is very wrong. First of all, you do not raise a girlfriend. The fact that you think that you want to raise her into some other kind of being is very selfish and ignorant of you. Your girlfriend has a mind of her own and does not need additional “raising.”

At the same time, if you think that your girlfriend is boring, then you might be boring too. Why is that? Did you ever think about why she became boring? She is your girlfriend for a reason. She is very pretty and smart; she might be feisty in her own way. Definitely, there is something in her that you found interesting and that is why you asked her to be your girlfriend.

Unfortunately, the problem might be you. Through the trying times and the progression of your relationship, something significant happened, and this type of behavior kept on being reinforced (maybe by you or her) that led the both of you in this boring state.

Keep in mind that if you think your girlfriend is boring, more often than not, your girlfriend thinks the same way too. So, you see, this is not her problem, it is both your problem. Your relationship might have been stagnant due to lack of communication. Either way, this is a problem that you should fix or else there will be more problems.

What You Can Do

Are you desperate to give your relationship a chance? Here are some simple things that you can do to find fun in your relationship. In the process of doing these tips, you might even find out why your relationship became boring.

  • Change Your Mindset

Instead of viewing your girlfriend as boring, think about what made her become that way. Did you stop trying to impress her? Whenever you get into an argument, does it always end up to non-solutions? Is she getting tired of you?

It is important to ask her if there is anything wrong. Also, remember that you should not tell her that she is boring because she might just end up slapping you. This is where communication is vital.

Sit and discuss this problem. At the same time, tell her that you feel like being neglected by her. Once you open up, she is more likely to open up to you as well.

  • Try New Things

Long-term relationships can become pretty boring if you let it be that way. Therefore, keep on having more “first times.” This is as simple as going to a new restaurant that neither of you has tried before. Or, you can swap household chores for a day just to appreciate the struggle of each other.

Trying new things does not necessarily mean that you should go out of your comfort zones and do extreme sports. It is about those little experiences that can enrich your conversation. You now have experienced new things together for the first time; hence, you have new things to discuss.

  • Follow a Tradition

This might go against the boring theme because you are following a tradition, but this makes you look forward to something. It can be a date night every once a week, or it can even be pizza and beer while watching your favorite show. Just make sure that you make it your tradition and never miss it.

Doing so will bring back how you both were when you were just starting out. At the same time, you might even find that doing the most mundane of things is not essentially boring, but it is a sign of love that is so secure that it needs no thrills.

  • Surprise Her

Instead of waiting for fun things to happen, make them happen. Surprise her with breakfast in bed or maybe take her on a romantic date. Try to do those “new couple things” that you used to do. This will be a stepping ground in lighting that spark again between the two of you.

In doing this, your girlfriend will also get inspired to do fun things with you. In showing that you appreciate your girlfriend, she will be more than willing to do more things for you.

Do not forget that a relationship should be a give-and-take relationship, so there might be things that are lacking because you are focusing on too much taking.

Final Words

Does that answer your question on how to raise a boring girlfriend? Now you know that this should not be the question at all.

When there are negative things that are happening in the relationship, you should not only focus on the other party, instead assess yourself as well. In this way, when you talk things out, you will not be condescending, and you will arrive with better solutions.

Just follow our simple tips in order to find a bit of reconciliation, but keep in mind that you should not just stop with these tips. Always adjust to the current situation you are in, and make sure that you arrive at a solution that are both beneficial to the both of you.

Lastly, while this may sound too cliche, communication is still the key to a long-lasting relationship—with your significant other, your siblings, your parents, and your friends. After all, you can’t expect others to read what’s on your mind. So, speak up!

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