How To Start A Conversation With A Girl – 10 Tips To Break The Ice

It’s always hard to approach an attractive girl. After all, we are left stumbling for things to say. And we don’t want to come across really badly in the first chat as it will give her the wrong impression and a date will definitely not be on the cards.

We want to make sure we come across as confident and attractive so that she will want to get to know us better. But guys are left perplexed on how to start a conversation with a girl. In fact, it can put them off approaching the girl in the first place if they fear they will be knocked down in minutes.

Therefore, if you are really struggling to think of ideas, here are 10 tips you need that work every time when you want to start a conversation with an attractive girl.

When You Want to Start a Conversation with a Girl Face to Face


When guys approach girls, they often feel they need to start with a cheesy chat up line. After all, they think it’s the best way to make them smile and show they are keen.

But a lot of the time, it’s going to cut the conversation short. After all, girls prefer something a lot more simple and polite when they first meet you.

They don’t want to feel like you are being too full on within the first few minutes of meeting you. You might be surprised that just a simple “Hi, I'm Jack. It’s nice to meet you” will go a long way in wooing a girl. In fact, it’s the best way to start a conversation with a girl.

Telling her your name helps her to feel less nervous talking to you. And if you pair it with a cute smile, it’s bound to help you to have a great conversation with this girl.

Remember to ask her for her name too. You already have one step in the door if you find out her name straight away. If she’s with her mates, ask for their names too. This will go a long way in impressing her during the first meeting and hopefully will lead to a date before long.

Ask her “have we met before?”

Another great way you can start a conversation with a girl without scaring her off is to ask her whether you have met her before. It’s a great way to get her interested without coming across as too full on. You can then start discussing possibilities of where you might have seen her.

It gives you a good way to get to know her. After all, she might mention her work, or where she’s from when she’s figuring out how you know her.

Once she has realized you don’t know her, you can say it was nice to meet her anyway and then hopefully she will carry on the conversation so you can get to know her better.

You could always go down the route of saying you might have met her in your dreams then. While it might cringe her out, there’s a chance it might make her smile. And then you can take the next step of getting to know each other better.

Approach her with confidence

There’s nothing worse than freezing when you go to start a conversation with a hot girl. She will instantly be put off you before you start talking. In fact, it’s likely you will scare her off if you stand there and don’t speak. Therefore, if you want to make sure you start the conversation off on the right foot, you need to make sure you approach the girl with confidence.

Stride over to her without hesitation and start chatting with her. Girls love it when the guy takes the lead and is full of confidence.

It will help you to win her over when you start speaking if you show you’re a confident guy. It’s worth taking a few deep breaths before you take the leap of faith by going and starting a conversation with a girl.

That way, you are less likely to come out with something random or to freeze when speaking to her.

Start with a compliment

It’s always a good idea to start a conversation with a girl on a positive vibe. After all, if you give a poor first impression, it’s going to lead to you going back to your mates with no digits. In fact, you might end up feeling embarrassed as the conversation is cut short.

One way you can ensure you get off on the right foot with this girl is to give her a compliment. It might be that you start with “you are the hottest girl in this room” or you might say something like “wow, your eyes are so beautiful”.

She’s bound to smile and blush if you start the conversation with a comment like this. She’s also bound to know you like her if you start the chat with a compliment. Hopefully she will return the favour with a compliment of her own.

Then you can start to get to know her better if she does carry on with the conversation.

Ask an open question

A lot of guys make the mistake of asking a girl a closed question when they are trying to start a conversation with them. It means that as soon as the girl answers with a yes or no, the conversation is over before it’s properly started. And then you are stuck on what to say next to the girl if the conversation is already over.

Therefore, if you want to make sure the conversation doesn’t end before it’s even begun, ask the girl an open question. For instance, you might ask her what she’s doing at the location. Or you might want to ask her about something topical such as a movie or TV show that is on.

By asking her something open, she will have to give you a full answer which means she will have to take time to respond. Hopefully, she will give you something else you can ask her about once she responds to the open question.

Even if you have managed to get her number, you might not know how to do the next step of texting this chick. After all, it’s just as complicated chatting to the girl over text as in person.

A lot of guys worry about what they are going to say to this girl. But the best thing about texts is that you get to think about what you want to put, so you are less likely to go wrong. If you need some help, the following tips will help when you need to start a text conversation with a girl.

When You Want to Start a Conversation with a Girl Over Text

Start with an emoji

Emojis have completely changed how we communicate with other people. In fact, a lot of people use these rather than real words when having a chat on iMessage. It’s the cool and trendy way to chat to each other today. It can save you saying the wrong thing too if you do send one of those cute emojis. After all, you can’t go wrong with one of these funny characters.

Therefore, send the girl a smiley face, or even a winky face to get the conversation going. She’s bound to send a reply back and then you can start speaking via words after a couple of funny emojis.

It’s a great way to put a smile on her face and to carry on communicating, even when you are stuck for words. It can remove some of the initial awkwardness when you first chatting which is no bad thing.

Send her a funny picture or video

A funny picture or video is a great way to start a conversation with a girl you like. After all, you will make her laugh and she’s bound to respond. She will hopefully answer you with an open question about the video or picture which will then allow you to chat with her some more.

Sending her something funny will show you are up for a laugh and don’t things too seriously. And as we are a generation of people who spend ages watching funny things online, it will definitely appeal to her.

You might want to send her a picture of a funny animal or even a kid doing something hilarious.  Just make sure it’s nothing offensive. After all, you don’t want her to block you if she finds it too outrageous or shocking. That will mean game over before you even have begun the conversation.

Ask her what she’s been up to

It’s always a good idea to show a girl you care about what she’s doing. After all, if you jump in with flirty bants or even some sexting at the beginning of the conversation, you are going to scare her off. She needs you to show you are interested in much more than a quick fling.

You want to get to know her better. You can do this by asking her what she’s been up to. She will tell you what she’s been doing, and then it can lead to you asking more about it. Hopefully, she will then ask you questions about what you have been doing too.

If you follow each other on social media, it’s fine to mention something you have seen on there as a conversation starter. For example, if she’s recently been on holiday, you might want to ask her how it went. It’s a great way to find something to chat with her about initially before you get to know her better.

Mention a past event that you both experienced

If you have a girl’s number, it’s highly likely that you have spent some time together before, even if it’s with other people. It might be that it was at the workplace or even at the school canteen.

 A great way to start a conversation with a girl you like is to reminisce about this past experience. After all, it will make her smile and think back to that time. Then you can chat about it and have a laugh about what happened then.

It might be that you mention what the teacher used to say, or even about something going wrong when you were both at work. Chatting about something that happened in the past will definitely be an icebreaker and will help you feel more comfortable with each other.

You can then hopefully get to know this girl better so that it leads to something more serious. And then you will both have joint memories you can look back on.

Make sure you spark her curiosity

It’s always a good idea to try to catch a girl’s attention. After all, you want to be the only guy in her inbox that she pays attention to. Therefore, a great way how to start a conversation with a girl is to leave her wanting to hear more.

Whether it’s “I had a dream about you last night” or “you won’t believe what happened to me yesterday”, you are sparking her curiosity and she will want to chat to you more about what happened.

You can make her laugh or even shock her if you tell her an embarrassing story. It will grab her attention and then you can start texting back and forth.

It’s a great way to leave it open for you to both chat more and hopefully get to know each other better. Just remember not to tell her anything too obscene. After all, you don’t want to scare her off before you get to have a full conversation with her.

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