Kosting Custom Engraved Wooden Watch Review

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Watches, when gifted, have been known as a sign of serious love. Therefore, there is a lot of emphasis on the brand of the watch and even to how expensive it should be. This fact puts a lot of stress on the gift giver. What if your budget does not allow you to purchase such an exquisite watch? What can you do then?

If you really want to gift a watch to your significant other, but your budget does not allow you to do so, you can take the sentimental route. What do we mean? Get it engraved! This does not only make for a unique watch, but it also adds meaning to the gift.

Kosting Custom Engraved Wooden Watch

For that exact reason, we have decided to talk about the Kosting Custom Engraved Wooden Watch. We are going to discuss its features as well as the pros and cons of getting this watch as a gift. Keep on reading for more information.



This match is made of natural wood, which is why it can be difficult to describe the colors it comes in. As with anything made with natural wood, the colors will differ based on the wood that was used.

On its back, you will find the words “Until the end of time” engraved. What’s more, if you are not satisfied with the default engraving, you can request other captions to be put. As for the face of the watch, it features no numbers. Instead, you will find thick and thin lines.

This design is very clean to look at, and it is also very classy and sophisticated. This also comes with a gift box, so it is perfect to give on special occasions. You will know that there was a lot of care that was put into making the watch because it is handcrafted. Therefore, there will be no watch that looks the same as the one that you got.

It also has a Miyota quartz watch movement that is very precise. This was developed in Japan, so you know that its movement is very reliable. You also do not have to worry that it will get broken while shipping because they ship it with a pillow to help prevent damages.


  • Item Type: Wristwatch
  • Dial diameter: 5.2 centimeters
  • Band length: 26 centimeters
  • Band width: 2.3 centimeters
  • Dial thickness: 1 centimeter


  • Looks nice and expensive
  • One of a kind
  • Very personalized
  • Has safeguards for shipping
  • Great style for men
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear


  • The strap is not durable
  • The hands can fall off
  • Customized engraving is not that high-quality
  • Prone to fading

Summary of the Features

The Kosting Custom Engraved Wooden Watch is a watch that is made of natural wood. It is handmade, so you are sure that no watch resembles another one. As for the color, it also differs based on the wood that was used. Overall, it looks very professional and classy.

Once worn, it is very lightweight and comfortable. What is so special about it is the fact that it has an engraving on its back. By default, you can get the “Until the end of time” caption, but you can also request for other captions.

There are some issues with its durability, especially when it comes to the band and even the hands of the watch. Also, you should expect a bit of fading as you use it for a long time. You might notice that the finish is fading on the wood, but that is to be expected due to its material.

Comparison With the BOBO Bird Wooden Watch

Let us now compare the Kosting Custom Engraved Wooden Watch with the BOBO Bird Wooden Watch. At first glance, you will notice that they are both wooden watches, but they differ in terms of style and functions. In order to keep with its raw and natural design, it comes in a bamboo box.

The one from BOBO Bird still has that classic look, but it has more of a business-casual style. As for its face, not only does it have the main watch face, but it also has three other smaller circles to determine aspects of time.

They are also both handmade, but there is such a huge difference in the band. You can also adjust the band with the use of a fix tool that comes free with your purchase. The BOBO Bird watch is made of wood that was made to look like metal blocks. As for the wear, it is extremely lightweight and comfortable.

From afar, you might think that it is a metal watch, when, clearly, it is made of wood. Another difference is that you cannot get an engraving on this one. The main selling point of this watch is its wow factor as opposed to that sentimental touch. It is still a wristwatch, but when it is worn, it looks more of a statement watch because it has a huge face and band, which mimics the look of military watches.


With all of those in mind, which one is the better watch? Should you go for the flashy looking watch? Or should you buy the simple watch that has an engraving on it?

If you are going to gift a watch that is not up to the standards of society in relation to “watch giving for couples,” you should go for the sentimental route. This is the reason why we are still choosing the Kosting Custom Engraved Wooden Watch.

The BOBO Bird Wooden Watch is still a great choice if you are only after its looks. Other than that, that watch does not hold any meaning. On the other hand, if you choose the Kosting Custom Engraved Wooden Watch, you still have that wooden and classic finish with a little added twist to it—a special message.

Definitely, your husband, partner, or boyfriend will be impressed with how good the watch looks, and they will appreciate it more because there is that engraving. For them, the watch is not just about telling the time, but it is also about cherishing each moment with you. No other expensive watch can deliver the same effect as an engraved watch can give.

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