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Law of Devotion Review - Date And Simple

Law of Devotion Review

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Law of Devotion, yeah, you read it right. Growing up, people are all used to hearing the Law of Attraction, but this one is different. A Russian woman named Luba Evans created this training program. She has met her husband during his business trip in Russia, used the technique and voila, made him propose and been happily married for years.

In a world full of not so contented guys, this teaches the techniques on how to become the only woman he’ll ever get to devote his entire life to. Over-romanticizing as it may sound, but Luba made things easier for women to achieve a one-of-a-kind love story. She taught this to her students, and together, they empower women by educating them.


Anima Mundi Institute is a product of Luba Evans. The writer of this course was personally mentored by the great love guru. Having experienced all the hardships from being married at the age of 25 to being divorced with two kids on her responsibility, she obviously was depressed and frustrated.

She never lost the hope and continued dating, but always end up not compatible with the guy. Her story was the classic roller coaster ride every girl has probably taken once in her life. Her only goal is to help women become enlightened without asking thousand or more bucks for the retreats or personal coaching.

The Details

The way she presented reality in Law of Devotion has been interesting, and she has been on point with the problems and solutions.

The reality of how girls wonder where all the good guys went because there seems to be a real-life scarcity. The truth of being frustrated by everyone’s pressure that you should at least be dating for a long term, and the fact of being left behind with no further explanation.

The material outlines the basic supply and demand. The supply of great men gets smaller every year you become older. On the other hand, older men get more choices when they become older. With those being said, the material outlines how to stand out from a number of competitors.

Law of Devotion would unlock the secrets of a man’s devotion circuit. It would help you choose which compliments would make his heart feel more inspired. It would help you avoid mistakes in communication where he could be possibly distant; it outlines seven things that could ruin his interest.

Sounds interesting right? Are you in the habit of giving too much effort? Well, you no longer have to worry about that.

Law of Devotion is a course that would help you not to look so much of a desperate! This would teach you to have the correct attitude so that the man would pursue you. The less care you show, the more they would run after you; let them run after you not the other way around.

It’s the complete guide for all hopeless girls. The techniques outlined could be the things you subconsciously know but have never been given a chance to be the prominent factor in building strong relationships.

The Lowdown

They say that do not judge the book by its cover but cover matters. Good thing that the content of the Law of Devotion is excellent but the cover is way bland to look at, especially since the image is not catchy. It seems all plain.

The only thing that patched the not-so-good cover is the video. Plus, the animation and voice recording were enjoyable to watch.

What to Like About It?

  • Encouraging: When a woman’s life is nothing but devastated as hell, then this course can be a bit of heaven. It gives a sort of encouragement that everything will all turn out right. That it is not the end of the world and there’s always a way to make a man go crazy for you.
  • Real: It speaks of reality. It speaks of the writer’s experiences that every girl could relate to.
  • Looks at both sides: It makes you go for a self-evaluation check. Girls tend to blame men for cheating, but this will make you ponder as to where your efforts not enough.
  • Shows the effects of nagging: It makes you realize that nagging would severely hurt the relationship.
  • Goes beyond physical: It gives you the reality that physical look could attract men, but it won’t make them stay. Attitude does.
  • Affordable: It is inexpensive when compared to other books that offer the same learning.


What Not to Like About It?

  • Stereotyping: Unfortunately, they claim that only Russians know this secret. Isn’t that a stereotype? I have been to Asia and to disclaim stereotyping, the majority of them know the same principle too. Other Westerners do know it too. Let’s just drop the fact that this is a one-country secret.


The Law of Devotion program is not a waste of money. You can be the girl who just suffered miscarriage or got divorced. You can also be the girl who with no reasons was dumped and waits for explanations, as well as the girl who lost all the confidence in life.

Likewise, you might be the girl who thinks she could never be married, that every man would cheat and all hope is lost. This program is here for you to know that you are not alone.

A program like Law of Devotion recharges your drained state of mind. It is on point. It gives you the ideas on what to do or not while being mindful of your own situation.

There’s no guarantee this program could make everything in place perfect, but there’s no harm in trying with your own accountability. Programs like this can be bought, but love can’t be. We do not force it.

Law of Devotion empowers girls to be confident that everything will work out and there’s nothing to be frustrated of, even when things go wrong or against your goal. We do not just say that if it is meant to be, it would be. We choose it. We do it.

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