Magnetic Messaging Review – Dating With Pizza To Go

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Magnetic Messaging takes us into the world of texting and phone calling as the means to get a date, get laid and even have a lasting relationship. It does this primarily by means of an ebook (the ‘Magnetic Book’) that provides an exhaustive, step-by-step analysis that a guy can take in the communication minefield that is texting and smartphone love and lust.

It also offers an ebook with ’99 Texts’ to be gleaned and memorized when needed, as well as its ‘Infatuation Formula’ video modules in four parts. The training also includes many bonuses on how a guy can score a girl, well beyond the restrictions of a phone screen and text bubbles.

Banner on landing page for Magnetic Messaging
Banner on landing page for Magnetic Messaging

It’s by the same two guys (Bobby and Rob) who brought us the very lame Unlock Her Legs training program, which I have previously reviewed on here. Here they are pictured doing their schpiel, with Bobby the verbose one (on the right, mouth wide open in yakking mode) and Rob his seemingly deaf mute sidekick (on the left, looking stunned as usual, even though he does say the occasional words and is clearly the ‘brains’ behind this training):

Bobby and Rob at it again
Bobby and Rob at it again

This Magnetic Messaging review will assess to what extent their is a winning formula in how to score with texting your intended girl.


Bobby and Rob put themselves into a corner by focusing their training here on dating by texting and phone calling. But that’s a narrow construct on which to base an entire training course, even if heaven knows these guys can bloat a course by laying on the info thick and heavy!

They divert into other areas of the dating game with their video module offerings about infatuation, as well as the multitude of bonus features that they offer. Unfortunately, what happens is training that is so all over the place and without solid grounding that it seems like a hot air balloon gone adrift – full of hot air and with no real destination.

An attempt to be more adult and even offer advice on relationships that are lasting and how to make them really work is undermined by facile, crude tips and themes that clash with this more ‘sophisticated’ approach. These guys really don’t seem to know (or care to know) who their intended demographic of guys is or what their training is fundamentally about. There is too much of a lack of sustained purpose.

Once again, for all their earnest banter and straight-faced ‘theories’, Bobby and Rob still come come across as fratboys mired in wishful thinking. Some of their insights and examples are mildly amusing, but the overall effect is confused and laboured and, therefore, unconvincing.

Magnetic Messaging Full Review

The Lowdown…

Magnetic Messaging commences with exactly the same gambit as Unlock Her Legs did: namely it empowers a guy to try and ‘rope in’ that girl he’s got the hots for, or even ‘rope back in’ the girl ‘that got away’. A lot of roping is going on in their opening pitch, like something out of a dating rodeo.

Rob claims that the course is based on his book that he wrote based on “dozens” of girls that he interacted with over a three year period using these techniques. I don’t mean to be judgemental, but a nerdy nebbish like Rob getting to (one assumes) score with that many girls in that amount of time seems a bit of a stretch. Hey, who knows, maybe he did…

It’s all about plugging the perfect texts in the text messages that you shoot off to a girl. It’s alleged by the boys that literally thousands of texts have been analyzed in order to bring Magnetic Messaging to life. But are they bringing a dating Frankenstein to life here?

First one is told to read through the ebook, i.e. the ‘Magnetic Book’ with the byline ‘3 Texts to fast-Track Attraction’. And it’s 191 pages long. Yip, you read right. It’s a shit load of information to wade through, like cramming for a particularly tough social sciences exam.

With (anonymous) quotes like “I use texting as a replacement for meaningful conversation” one can see at what level the philosophy of Magnetic Messaging is pitched. If ever there was proof that texting and their like have killed the art of communication, then it’s little depressing nuggets like these that say it all.

Anyway, enough of the Luddite asides – what does this ebook espouse? It starts off with what it calls “Phone game”, which comes after “Initial meeting” and before (drum roll) “The date”. It’s basically the “three act play” of modern dating – it’s thoroughly Shakespearean.

As if ordering a pizza, these guys claims that there are three essential “ingredients” when texting or phoning a girl, namely: 1. Sparking emotions; 2. Making connections and 3. Handling logistics. To me it sounds less like ordering a pizza takeaway and more like a DHL advert.

According to the training, ‘Sparking Emotions’ is likened to the dough and ‘Making Connections’ is the sauce on the pizza. So you can guess what ‘Handling Logistics’ is on the pizza. No cheesy prizes for that one. These three texting ingredients will later transform into ‘Key’, ‘Turn’, ‘Push’.

The training then goes into greater details for each of these three key ingredients in the phoning / texting malarkey. One tip that really caught my eye was “Start with “mock drama”” whereby the advice given is that a guy text something like “It’s over” or “I hate you” to just get a response. Then the guy must send a quick funny (desperate) response to remind her he’s just kidding. And this works??

It then meanders along about how dating goes through three phases (the number three is a recurring number in this training), from wanting to date her to actually formally dating. Along the way little snippets of text are offered as examples, like this one after a guy has just met a girl:

Magnetic Messaging text
Magnetic Messaging text

They call this an example of an “icebreaker”. I dunno – looks more like a creepy deal breaker to me.

They even suggest that texts full of typos give off an impression that you’re not bothered and your whole approach is very ‘casual’ and of not taking it all too seriously. Who knows, maybe this type of reverse psychology works?:

Magnetic Messaging text
Magnetic Messaging text

The course is a step-by-step deconstruction of how to progress with the girl you want via texting and phone games. Tips line the way, with reminders and warnings aplenty, like how you should avoid “becoming her “texting buddy””.

There are some amusing terms in the faux glossary regarding the dating game, from the “Cinderella Effect” girl (self-evident) to “The Sixth Sense” (where one must as well be a ghost to a girl, very much like Bruce Willis in the movie of the same name) to “Shred Her Responses” (which, according to Rob is, “a proven response that “shreds” a woman’s objection, flakiness or bad behavior”), and others.

An interesting twist is that this training goes beyond merely scoring the girl. It also details the relationship part, with the boys getting quite prolific advice on how to not only nab the relationship, but *gasp*, how to actually make it work and last – with countless nifty, quirky texts, of course.

Bobby and Rob are clearly enamoured of the power of texting and relationship by smartphone. They have so much faith in it. Things get turned up a notch when they delve into the murky waters of sexting, even offering suggestions on how to get her to consider and even want to get into threesomes, followed by ways to get her to send nude pics of herself to you. Real classy.

Some more on it…

There is more than just the ebook. There are the video modules for the “Infatuation Formula” which comes in four parts, with the most important outcomes thereof seen in this screenshot from Part 1 of this magical formula:

Infatuation Formula outcomes
Infatuation Formula outcomes

The four parts collectively total more than 140 minutes of PowerPoint slides with Bobby doing his earnest yakking routine. That’s well over two hours of chat on how to get her to be infatuated with you. It’s tip after tip after tip until I reached my tipping point and moved on.

There’s also the ’99 Best Texts of All Time’ PDF. The texts provided are divided into seven sections: 1. Response Bait; 2. The Day After; 3. Making Plans; 4. Golden Responses; 5. Getting Sexual; 6. Situational and; 7. Random Humor.

These text examples veer from the gag-worthy (“I think I sprained my soul last night”) to the WTF?! (“Most important question ever: do you prefer big dogs or small dogs?”) to the truly original (“For lack of a more Shakespearean first text, just wanted to say it’s Rob and enjoyed meeting you last night!”).

Then there’s “The Keylock Texting Seminar” with none other than Rob this time, looking completely different with his tan and blond hair and semi-confident demeanor. He’s so different to how he looks in the other videos with Bobby that here he’s like the Manchurian Candidate for dating.

The byline to this texting video (all 51 minutes of it) is a real kicker: “In the seminar video, Rob Judge spoke to a private audience who paid top-dollar to attend an inner circle mastermind of dating experts in New York City. Rob Judge was invited to speak on texting.” New York must be awash with money if people are willing to pay “top dollar” for this. As for the alleged “inner city circle mastermind of dating experts”…yeah, I know, me too…


There are some course bonuses, such as MP3s with titles like “Rejection Proof”, “3 Ways to Getting Laid TONIGHT” (uppercase not for added emphasis) and “From Ex to Next”. At least they’re all free, and there may be some (light) information interesting for some guys in their midst.

There are the usual upsells from these two guys. One such clickbait offering is an ebook titled ‘Make Her Horny With Humor’ that comes in at $47, whilst ‘Master Her Mind’ comes in at a decidedly juicy $97. The latter has a (very loud) voiceover by some lusty, decidedly horny chick who could just as well be voicing over any clickbait porno offering available online. Trust me, her voice alone is NSFW!

And how does it look and feel?

As with their Unlock Her Legs site, this site and its various (and I mean various) modules and files are easy enough to navigate. And, yet again, because there’s so much on offer in what is a template befitting a blog, the site looks cluttered and fussy. The colour scheme is mainly grey, black and white, with some deep red for emphasis, but the overall look remains as drab and uninspired as their other training site. I know most guys don’t give a damn about that, but the boring design will be off-putting to some.

What’s To Like About Magnetic Messaging?

  • Bobby and Rob have gotten more ‘professional’ this time around. Or at least tried to be. There are more efforts at a methodology that has some logic to it. Rob’s “12 ‘Almost Magic” Topics That Keep a Conversation Going – and Spark Attention in the Women You’re Talking To…” is one such example. At least it’s an attempt (of sorts) to be more ‘adult’ about the whole dating thing.
  • There is a forum on the site, with a few posts from members. Who knows if the members’ posts are real, but at least Bobby and Rob have tried to provide some ‘authenticity’ and interaction with the guys who have bought their products or have questions to ask.
  • There are a crate load of bonus features on a page with “Quick Links” and “Bonus Jumpstarts” and which states that, “You’re going to find training on dating, fitness, health, sex, relationships, money, fashion, and self confidence and inner game”. To their credit, there is a lot of information here, most of it in the form of audio webinars, which could be helpful for some guys.

What’s Not To Like About Magnetic Messaging?

  • The training ‘philosophy’ for Magnetic Messaging tries hard to come across as complex and highly evolved, yet it’s pretty simple stuff: basically, it’s endless tips on how to get it on with a girl via texts and phone calls, with a bunch of other unrelated stuff about girls and their psychology, how to win them over, etc. There is some ‘lasting relationship’ stuff thrown in for good measure, but the more adult, real-life scenarios are in the minority here.
  • These guys may come across more adult and a tad more sophisticated here than they did with their previous fare, but it’s tainted by crass interventions like sexting and more tiresome mind fuck high school game playing. And that’s not to mention the upsells, some of which come across like little more than clickbait for the cheapest-sounding online porn around. It just cheapens the whole effect – and undermines it in the process.
  • There’s a serious case of dating schizophrenia going on with Magnetic Messaging. What guys are Booby and Rob speaking to? What is their primary intent with this training? Is it about simple texting to the point of getting laid or is it about more long-term, meaningful stuff like relationships and how to make that last? There’s no decisive cohesion to the training and its content. Everything is thrown into the pot, from threesomes to keeping relationships healthy in three steps. All that happens is diluted fare that doesn’t know if it’s fish, fowl or some bizarre hybrid of the two.
  • The delivery continues to be dull from these two, with far too much emphasis on talking and talking and more damn talking, as well as lots and lots of written info. MP3s and PDFs abound, and most of them are too long, not that professional-looking and, as a result, look or sound boring. The entire Magnetic Messaging process is overly academic and, ultimately, stodgy.
  • The use of ordering pizza as analogy, even for a topic as simple as dating-by-texting, is just silly and puerile.


There’s a lot here; too much, in fact – and too little of any real value. It is conceded that some guys may get a kick out of some the suggestions and tips, as not all of it is utter tripe. Some of it is even amusing. But it’s just too much damn information. Why do so many of these dating ‘gurus’ insist on such overkill? Maybe the market demands that, huh?

It’s also all the ‘scientific methodology’ behind it that is so spurious. So much of what is suggested in the training for Magnetic Messaging is so dogmatic and so precise (step by step by endless step) that it can only be described as being somehow ‘scientific’. Why so prescriptive?

Sorry to break the news, guys, but dating cannot be such an exact science. That is especially true when it comes to that most tricky of all things in communication – words. And that must surely include texting, sexting or whatever ‘ting you’re doing.

As for the whole pizza analogy thing – ummmm, no…Ultimately, any dating philosophy that likens trying to score a girl by phoning or texting her to how one orders a pizza has some serious growing up to do. I finish this review off on this point precisely because it says so much about Magnetic Messaging. These boys might appear a bit older and more polished now, but they’re clearly still little fratboys at heart.

Rating: D-

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