Make Her Desire You Review – Attraction Made Easier

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Make Her Desire You speaks to the geek, the not-so-attractive and the guy that always seems to fail at scoring the girl. The author of this training, Alex Carter, goes to great pains to assure his subscribers that he was the epitome of the geek, the not-so-attractive and the guy that always seems to fail at scoring the girl – and a lot more beside.

Make Her Desire You is his offering to those guys – to make them feel better and, more importantly for him, make them realize that attraction is far more scientific and manageable an approach than many of them may believe or know. This he does by offering a series of chapters on the attraction game, commencing with understanding the ‘female world’ all the way to being irresistible to the girl of your dreams.

A most dandy logo
A most dandy logo

A methodical approach is what underlies Make Her Desire You and, theoretically, that should appeal to guys in the same demographic that Alex Carter claims to be. But does Make Her Desire You achieve this? Will the geeky and not-so-attractive guys benefit from what Carter imparts, especially as he claims to be ‘one of them’? It’s an interesting proposition, and it will be one of the central themes of this Make Her Desire You review.


Alex Carter is a clever guy. He instantly identifies himself as one of the ‘guys’ – but in this instance the ‘guys’ are not flashy bros or panting fratboys. Here, the guys are geeks, the ugly and not very attractive and the guys that turn to blubber with the opposite sex. And Carter does this consistently throughout the Make Her Desire You training. He is relentlessly anecdotal and undeniably candid about his own many shortcomings. It’s a clever ploy – and, interestingly, it doesn’t come across overly cynical either.

That’s not to say that all of Make Her Desire You works well. Some of the anecdotes and scenarios provided range from twee to downright laughable and wishful thinking. There is too much chatty meandering in the content. Furthermore, the learning is hampered by a near-total reliance on dull PDFs that are visually stunted, much as the rest of his website is. This critique is not a train smash, but it does diminish some of the impact of what he offers. That is a pity.

However, there is no doubt that this training will work for some guys. They will relate and want to know more. Unlike many other dating gurus, who potentially alienate and annoy, Alex Carter is smarter: he invites and coaxes in and makes buddies out of his trainees. It’s a clever niche that Carter has carved for himself, however flawed, and for that Make Her Desire You can be recommended.

The Lowdown…

When you download the main PDF of a training course and it comes in at 155 pages, your heart sinks. Well, at least mine does. Again and again I have complained in reviews on this website about how courses too often resort to lengthy, unwieldy content that just goes on and on, i.e. pages and pages of PDF files. So, how does Make Her Desire You fare? Not too badly, so it turns out.

Alex Carter is the main man here, and the principal PDF for this course (all 155 pages of it *shudder*) is called ‘Impulsive Desire Method’. He describes himself as having been the classic ‘Nice Guy Finishing Last’, the ‘utter geek’ – in his own words.  He introduces himself by way of a lengthy description of his first big crush with a girl named Ashley. Turns out Ashley was a stuck-up little bitch who roundly rejected our little nerd. Sound familiar to some?

Carter starts off with a great statement: “All my life I’ve heard the saying, that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never harm me.” I’d just like to say one thing for the record: that is a complete and absolute lie. Words, from the right person, and under the right circumstances, have hurt me more than sticks or stones (or any other objects, blunt or otherwise) ever could”. He’s 100% right, of course! We’ve all been there in the world of dating, not to mention life!

Carter loves to spin a yarn, and he is very candid about the fuck-ups that were his past paramours-that-were-not, including a sweet girl called Kelsey who “just wanted to be friends”. It’s toe-curling, cringe-making stuff at times, but at least he keeps it honest. The point of all of this is to make ordinary guys realize that he was once in their same boats of dating hell. The rhetoric seems very much geared at geeks, which is an interesting twist in the dating genre.

First, you need to ‘understand the female world’. He asks guys to imagine walking in her shoes, including being hit on (mostly by guys you don’t dig), being harassed in different ways for most of the day, and so forth. Poor girls! Hot girls are so used to it, that they have a knee-jerk reaction that involves rejecting 99% of offers and come-ons by guys. Fucking bitches – I mean, poor girls…ahem…

The thing is, according to Carter, women don’t seek the rich guy, the good-looking guy, the sexy guy or even the guy with the big dick. No, no, he contends – rather, most women seek the guy that just makes them feel good. Uh huh. It’s not that women have more emotions than men, he assures us, it’s that they just focus on them a lot more than guys do. Uh huh. Really?

Chapter 2 of Carter’s Theorem is about his ‘Impulsive Desire Formula’ and which is described by him as being, “about impulsive behavior. It’s about learning how impulses arise, what gives them
their power, and how to trigger certain impulses in the girls you talk to”.

He continues: “The impulsive desire formula taps into what I’ve learned in my research, and (more importantly) in the field, taking into account how women actually think, for a far more effective, battle-tested approach”. So, one goes into the ‘field’ to do ‘battle’ with one’s love interest. It’s the tried and tested dating-is-war analogy. Nothing new there, buddy.

Impulses are all about ‘starved emotions,’ the very basest of what a woman seeks. Carter claims that, “It’s the level where addiction lives, where starvation lives, and where maternal instincts live—basically, impulsive desire tickles a need so deep, so primal, and so intense, that a girl can actually forget all logic”. Again, nothing new there, buddy.

He then goes into quite some detail about how this impulse attraction formula can work for a guy, laying out the do’s and don’ts of the approach. It starts off with ‘apathy’ (doesn’t it always?), moves onto ‘some attraction’ (the so-called ‘friend zone’) and then the netherworld of ‘hot and cold attraction’ (where the mindfucks really take a grip). It then builds to ‘strong attraction’ and, finally, ‘extreme, intense attraction’. And then you both blow up like something out of Aliens – sorry, just kidding.

Chapter 3 is an interesting aside as he asks ‘What Are You Truly Worth’. The theories behind it do meander somewhat, but at least it asks a guy to self-evaluate, which can only be worthwhile. The so-called ‘ Sweet Spot of Desire’ is dealt with in Chapter 4, in which, first and foremost, you need to show interest in her first. Games seem to abound between the sexes, which is hardly new stuff, but at least it’s jauntily put forward.

The ‘alpha male’ gets his inevitable airing, this time in Chapter 6 of this module. It’s all about being the dominant male, the one that provides, the one that catches her attention as the proverbial leader of the pack. Carter provides various scenarios that beg the question of a member: are you a leader or a reactor?

He then goes onto describe his ‘Emotional Blowout Formula (yip, Carter loves his formulas). There are three basic steps involved and they are:

The Emotional Blowout Formula - 3 'Easy Steps' - every time
The Emotional Blowout Formula – 3 ‘Easy Steps’ – every time

Some of the examples he provides for these three steps are worth a few good laughs. Here is a sample: “OMG! I am like already in love with you. But, hmm… you look like a heartbreaker. I wouldn’t want you to use and abuse me. This is your fault—why are you so hot? Stop being hot. Now. Damn heartbreakers”. No cause for alarm if he speaks to you like that, hey girl?!

Here’s one that’s bound to work like a charm on any hot girl: ““You make me want to ask for your number. But you also kind of look like you might say something mean if I ask for it. Be nice, and write down your number”, as will this one: ““You know, it’s a good thing you’re really attractive. Because you’ve got a mean side to you, too. Now how about you drop the whole mean-girl thing so we can
start getting along?”. For sure.

And here’s a fave of mine: “Wait, no, stop looking at me like that, with those beautiful eyes. I wanted to take it slow. You’re messing with my head and you know it! Do you do this to all the guys? Look! Quit staring at me already, would you?”. Time to send in the men with the white coats, hey, Alex?! I tell you, these little nuggets by Alex Carter certainly had me chuckling. Strangely, though, the guy pulls it off…

Chapter 7 is about perfecting the chase, i.e. making her the one chasing you. Carter offers interesting insight into the ‘Zeigarnik Effect’, which is, “a psychological principle that describes how the human
mind can’t stand having something unfinished. It wants resolution. This is why cliffhangers in books and movies work so well: you want desperately to find out what happens to the main character, and how the tension gets resolved…” So it is when you act cool and she wants resolution. It’s an emotional cliffhanger.

Chapter 8 has one of the oddest titles of any chapter in the dating course world: ‘Intrigue a Woman By Showing Her How Much You Suck’. It’s actually more about being vulnerable and showing your ‘weaker’ side, which so many guys would consider ‘girly’ but which Carter insists is a winning technique.

One example of this technique is by a guy declaring to the girl that, ““You know, you seem like such a happy girl. I don’t know if you can handle me. I can be kind of dark sometimes. I’d really hate to bring you down with me”. That, according to Carter, will actually turn her on something fierce. Well, maybe a certain type of girl, Alex.

Carter concludes in Chapter 10 by reminding guys that the single most important technique / skill they are going to need is to counter this fact: “the most important thing to remember is that women are going to test you. They are going to it frequently. You need to be ready”. Yip, it’s into battle again. And it’s all about ‘keeping the power’ at all times, and good ol’ Alex tells you how to do it -every step of the way.

That’s why Chapter 11 (‘How To Read Her Mind’) seems tacked on, as if an afterthought. He reminds us that women are masters (mistresses?) of playing mind games, which is why guys need to be savvy to it and play back twice as hard. Mind games play an important part in this strategy (yet again).


Alex Carter is generous with his free bonuses. In ‘The Secret Script’ Carter appeals to the inner zit in all geeky, ugly guys. Cleverly, he assures them, “This might sound absurd, but I promise you this will all be in your favor by the end of this report, but there’s actually absolutely NOTHING wrong with you. Now I know you will deny this, and you will think of 10,000 reasons why this isn’t true”.

Carter tells guys to just go for it, go out on a limb and try their luck. And that includes how they apply for a job and how they approach anything in life. They key is to be different – because that is what women, just like employers want, even crave (so Carter explains from his own experience). That is why it is so important for every guy to develop their own ‘secret script’ that works for them.

The ‘Confidence Exploder Report’ is, as the title suggests, all about boosting one’s confidence. It’s about making the subconscious work for you, because the subconscious is “programmable”. ‘Plant Suggestions In Her Mind” is, once again, very much as the title suggests. It is borderline pop psychology hocus pocus, but it could appeal to some guys looking for a more ‘cerebral’ approach…

Very off-putting is the Audio Book, which is divided into 11 parts, and is clearly voiced by computer-generated voice software. The digital voice that comes across has none of the chilly charisma of HAL, the supercomputer from the Stanley Kubrick classic 2001: A Space Odyssey – and is twice as creepy. Not a good choice for voice-over. Why is there not a peep from Mr Carter himself in these audio clips?

The creepy Audio Book - come back, HAL, all is forgiven
The creepy Audio Book – come back, HAL, all is forgiven

And how does it look and feel?

‘Make Her Desire You’ has a cutesy, eye-catching logo (as pictured above) – and that’s about it. The landing / home page for the site is as bland and blogesque as any, with not an iota of visual appeal. This is as lazy and functional web design as possible. I for one never find that a commendable feature for what is, after all, a service interface for which one has usually paid.

The PDFs are also uninspired, with perfunctory layout and fonts and zero on the visuals front. One does wonder why Alex Carter seems to have made such scant effort to make his material more visually appealing for members who will mostly be a generation of savvy online users who live and breathe graphics and visual stimulation. It’s odd how many of these training courses are so woeful in that regard.

What’s To Like About Make Her Desire You?

  • I would not rave about the ‘strong methodology’ on display in Make Her Desire You (see one of my cons below) but there are some adequate to quite good techniques on offer. And at least Carter goes out of his way to explain said techniques, with examples and scenarios aplenty. There are also technical concepts that are well-explained and that make sense within their given context. That is appreciated. Let’s face it: many guys (and certainly most geeks) love to read a story that unfolds in a way that is engaging and speaks to them. On that score, I believe Carter has done well here.
  • Alex Carter yarns a fairly good story. One can tell that he is a budding storyteller, someone who likes to regale others with his own tales and inspire them to learn like that. There’s something commendable about his folksy, amiable writing and storytelling manner. For someone who was dreading the 155 pages of the principal manual for Make Her Desire You, it was actually (mostly) quite readable. Yes, some of the stories and analogies were trite, even laughable, but there is an amiable sincerity to what and how Carter writes.
  • There’s sincerity in what Carter offers. Even the total lack of expensive clickbait ‘extras’ suggests an inherent sincerity. And if he’s being insincere about his past foibles and the many ‘lame duck’ experiences of his geeky life, then all power to him for making it seem and read so believably. That sense of sincerity will work for many guys, especially those who do not gravitate to macho posturing. These are the guys that will feel intimidated or even annoyed by the brash and ego-centered chest-beating of some of the other dating gurus out there, including this guy and these guys. These are trainees who may view Alex Carter not so much as a ‘guru’ but more as a buddy and a trusted confidante. And that will work for many guys. Power to Carter for realizing that as a niche in the dating world.

What’s Not To Like About Make Her Desire You?

  • Whilst one can appreciate his candour and willingness to be open about yuck moments in his life, there is some decidedly naff writing in Carter’s offering. An example is this snippet: “You might also hear him called the “masculine” man, or any number of other titles. They all conjure the same image: a tall, handsome man with big muscles and a deep voice. A real man. (Cue cheerleaders and gunfire.)”. Say what you like, but writing like that surely doesn’t inspire confidence in a real adult man, but anyway…
  • Here I go again, but it needs to be said: where is the methodology in Make Her Desire You? Where’s the focus? What’s the end goal? Yip, it’s me going on about that old nugget again, but it is as relevant here as with so many (too many) other dating training courses. I will grant Carter that he does take his participants on a sort of journey of learning and self-discovery. The category titles are like signposts along the way, but the content does still tend to meander somewhat. And one does come to the end asking oneself: ‘okay, the ride was fun enough, but have I really gone from Point A to Point Z in this journey of making her desire me?’ I’m not so sure.
  • There is a distinct lack of visual impact in Make Her Desire You. That may seem a superficial point – fair enough. But the lack of visual stimuli like interesting videos or even visuals in the PDFs does dull the experience. This is true of the learning media. Basically, here it’s almost all reading, reading, reading. Carter is an engaging enough author (although hardly Hemingway or Fitzgerald) but the reading does become one-dimensional as the only means of learning throughout the programme. More effort to diversify the learning media would have helped and been appreciated. And the less said about that creepola computer-generated Audio Book series, the better.


Make Her Desire You is definitely flawed. There is too much emphasis on the written word, a lot of which is anecdotal and way too often simplistic, clichéd and even plain silly. The learning can be stilted and even bland as a result of this lack of diversity of learning media. Also, there is not as discernible a structure and an end focus as the name of the course suggests or as the content deserved. All of these factors lessen the training’s impact.

However, the word ‘clever’ does continuously pop up when reflecting on this training, and on Alex Carter in particular. The candid, even wrenching honesty that Carter provides in his many personal stories and asides is clever in that it will create rapport with many of his subscribers. He has cleverly created a niche for that guy too often side-lined in dating training – the geek, the ugly, the guy who continuously screws up.

The low-key, folksy timbre of this training is nicely offset by technical facts and conceptual thinking that goes beyond the norm. It is training that will appeal to certain guys, especially the bookish and the introverted. Make Her Desire You may not accomplish everything that its flashy name promises. But it still delivers in a way that is surreptitiously adroit, even sly. He knows and respects his audience. It turns a middling course into a better bet. Clever man, Alex Carter.

Grade: B-

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