Make Women Want You – By Being Dull and Improvised About It

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Make Women Want You is about how women desire and want (as in desperately want and desperately desire) what it calls “the high status male”. By means of a 19-odd minute video with Smirky Jason Capital and Hot Babe Sidekick at his side, it offers guys the lowdown on how to get the hottest women available.

And by hot women it even means high profile, celebrity-level babes, with initial bragging about having no less than the girlfriend of a pro hockey player and a top pop star begging for your ‘honey’. The way one learns how to do this is by watching the video featuring Jason Capital (yip, that’s his name) and Hot Babe Sidekick.

The training guidance offered here is that one builds up rapport slowly but surely with a girl, always showing interest, always holding back a bit and playing little games back and forth. With that, a guy can nab any babe he wants. So is there any validity to the claims made by Make Women Want You? Read on…

Capture C


Make Women Want You is all about getting hot babes to want you – really, really want you. The promise made here is based on the premise that by a guy being a high profile male (read: schmucky alpha male) and playing a few deft games of communication with a girl, she will eventually be panting for the guy.

The premise, unfortunately, doesn’t hold much water. Firstly, the banter in the video by Jason Capital is simply too long-winded and too chatty for its own good. Secondly, the concepts at nabbing a hot babe at the heart of the endless banter is not convincing as it comes off hackneyed, and, let’s face it, it sounds and looks mostly improvised.

Thirdly, Hot Babe Sidekick doesn’t look that convinced for most of the video – and that can’t be a good thing! Lastly, the whole look and feel of the training on offer here is bland, unexciting and as generic-looking as one could get. There’s no polish here and, worse still, no real conviction at all.

It’s difficult to recommend Make Women Want You because it hardly makes an effort of its own. The chatting is tiresome and the concepts offered seem very familiar and without real purpose. The improvised low down effect simply doesn’t engage and isn’t that convincing.

The Make Women Want You Full Review

The Lowdown…

The initial landing page of Make Women Want You Now immediately kicks off with some schmarmy guy called Jason telling you about his “honey pot” – with a stock photo of a pot of honey in shot. Hmmmm, my warning lights started sounding off big time.

The proceeding schpiel is toe-curling stuff, with his voice-over telling us how he nabbed a famous pop star in just ten minutes, and had her in the bathroom begging him to do her as she “needed a real man in her mouth”. Uh huh.

Even better is when he first boasts about swiping away the girlfriend of a pro hockey player – yeah, you heard right, a pro hockey player! I don’t know what takes bigger balls or chutzpah – actually ‘stealing’ a pro hockey player’s wife away from him or going around boasting that you have!! Jeez Louise, dude!

It looks like every bog standard “Grab-This-Amazing-Offer-Now-Or-Lose-Out-Forever!” clickbait page that you’ve seen. You know, the one that inevitably exposes bogus claims or a downright scam. So is it full of bogus claims or even a downright scam? Let’s see…

At least the access page is simple enough and at least it gets you to the Make Women Want You ‘home page’. In view is a video clip with the somewhat smirky Jason Capital and the hot babe in blue dress (called Ashley. Or is it Ashleigh? Ashlee?) pictured in the screen shot above.

Jason does most of the talking, of course. She just sits there and looks hot, basically agreeing with him the whole time. She does shoot him the odd subtly WTF look from time to time, which is amusing! I swear you even see her laughing at times in a what-crap-did-he-just-say? sort of way – delish! The video passes more quickly if you spend it looking out for those superlative looks by Hot Babe…

The first port of call in Make Women Want You is that old dating chestnut, the pick-up line. Words like “cheesy” and “inauthentic” are used -basically words as old as the hills to describe bad pick-up lines. Jason does call them “a low status behaviour”, which is actually a valid point. And then Jason blows it by giving a whole thesis about good pick-up lines!

Its contended that a guy should use ‘bait’ or ‘hook’ lines to use on girls – which is totally different to what a pick-up line is all about, of course. Like, dude! Jason and Ashley do a pick-up line role-play. It’s all about ‘being in the moment’ and being authentic, with little quirks and games offered as tips.

Then it’s that further old dating chestnut (yip, this training is a veritable oak tree) about leaving her dangling. All the more for her to hanker for you and want to eventually jump your bones because you are so standoffish, of course. His punchline is, “That which retreats we are attracted to”. Yeah, it also made me gag.

It then goes onto the much-touted ‘Question Game’ between the guy and the intended girl. That is, they ask each other one question at a time, never being able to repeat a question, and so forth. Imagine trying to pull this off with some increasingly annoyed hot babe in the middle of some loud, smoky nightclub…!

Jason even tries to convince us that he can get a girl to talk about their ‘hottest sex experiences’ and ‘deepest sex wishes’ within a short time of chatting with her. Just by acting like a ‘high profile dude’ with all the right moves, he says. Well, maybe he can in his world, whereas down here on Planet Earth…

There is some good (and surprisingly valuable) discussion between our host and the hot babe about what she looks out for on the dating scene, what works and doesn’t work for her, and so forth. It makes for a nice change from other similar dating sites aimed at guys which go on and on and on about chicks and hot babes, and yet seem oddly devoid of any. The hot babe here has a voice, and at least she uses it.

Some more on it…

It has a few “as seen on” claims, very prominently displayed in the top-right hand corner of the screen, and which includes no lesser authorities than the Los Angeles Times and Men’s Health:

"As Seen On" banner from Make Women Want You
“As Seen On” banner from Make Women Want You

I love how sites like this always make these claims and yet never seem to bother verifying it by means of links or other means of proving said claims. I know that seems very petty of me, but, boy, would a gesture so simple be that difficult? I mean, they are real claims, right?

And then there’s the ‘extras’ page one has to click (see hereafter). Hmmmmm, does that set a different tone…


Oh, yes, you bet it has a big ol’ extra. Once you’ve sat through the video (which seems a lot longer than just 19 minutes), you are then told to click on the link, which is dubbed “Your Private Discount Page” – of course it is. And where you can look forward to a 76% discount (woohoo!) on the host’s book.

And what is the big extra? It’s Jason Capital’s book called, you guessed it, Make Women Want You. It shows photos of Jason, possibly all over the world, and being kissed and groped by a bevy of beauties. The price is just $47 for his book, down from a whopping $197. What a steal.

This ‘extras’ page is the polar opposite of the bland landing page of the Make Women Want You site. The extras page is all brash and even has another, more in-your-face video of Jason extolling the benefits of his book and its methods. His short video on this page even has Jason making claims about the ‘type’ of guy who should buy and read his book – something never mentioned in the main 19-minute hook video.

The contrast in style and vibe between the main page and the extras page is huge. It gives the Make Women Want You experience have a real Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde feel, and I for one found it quite odd, even off-putting. The hard, hard sell of the extras page really looks tacky – like the initial page for the site.

And how does it look and feel?

Tacky does first come to mind. I mean, just take a look at the sign-in landing page for “Free Instant Access”:

Make Women Want You free access page

The hot lesbian groove that the photo gives will no doubt appeal to many guys, but it’s hardly the classiest access page on the Web – or in this dating genre, for that matter.

As for the rest of the site (the little that there is), it’s the epitome of a dull and very generic-looking site. Even the logo looks tired. Although I am glad to see that the site did get the memo on the colour scheme (red, black, white and grey) that seems mandatory for all dating sites aimed at guys. What a relief!

And then there’s the final, all-important ‘extras’ page:

Capture D

No hard selling here, of course…

No hard selling here...noooooo

So, What About This Jason Capital Guy?

To be fair, Jason Capital has a presence online. A few searches revealed that Jason, the self-styled “America’s Honest Dating Coach”, has written no less than 21 books on everything from dating and how to pick up babes to how to make money and become a millionaire. He is certainly prolific.

And, according to some independent-sounding websites, this guy has done very, very well for himself. One site (Nano Magazine) even extols one of his self-help books, claiming that Jason’s tips on how to make millions are convincing and seem to work. The guy did become a cash millionaire by his mid-20s, so it goes.

Jason Capital appears to be very successful and is even a recognized ‘guru’ in the dating game. Then why is it that the training that was reviewed here comes across so basic, so uninspired and even quite lazy? How does he pull that off? It’s quite a technique, I’ll say that.

What’s To Like About Make Women Want You?

  • To his credit, at least Jason does ask Ashley/Ashleigh/Ashlee to tell viewers what things she likes and doesn’t like about guys on the dating scene, what hook-up lines might work and which don’t, etc. Trust me, that’s more than most dating training sites ever bother to do
  • I might call him ‘smirky’ but at least Jason Capital doesn’t come off horribly cocky and, as noted above, he does defer chivalrously to his babe sidekick a few times and seems to want to hear what she has to say – to an extent
  • At least this is not some fratboy wet dream with a hundred annoying audio and video clips and a ‘philosophy’ that is laughably puerile and an ode to wishful thinking. This training has no pretensions, even if has little method

What’s Not To Like About Make Women Want You?

  • It’s very limited – it’s literally about chatting up a girl at first, most probably at a bar or in a nightclub, and the banter and little games that proceed that. That’s all very well (even if were to work), but then what?
  • It’s just too laidback and too improvised-looking for its own good. The host and his hot sidekick may come across like real adults, which is good, but his rambling banter seems without much purpose and is too off-the-cuff to be convincing
  • It’s too simplistic. Too much philosophy and step-by-step orthodoxy can get very tiresome, but Make Women Want You goes to the other extreme and offers very little in the form of any firm, tangible guidance. It has a take-it-or-leave it feel to it, and that’s not good
  • It doesn’t look good. The video, although decently lit and shot, is very static and the rest of the site is bland central. That just adds to the whole improvisational vibe of the entire venture
  • There is a total disconnect between the main landing page with its 19-minute hook video and the extras page. The former is laidback and non-threatening to the point of being bland and looking improvised, whilst the latter is all brash, bold and totally hard sell. The disconnect is a bit creepy


One cannot hate Make Women Want You. But one cannot love it either. It simply comes across too laidback and too improvised (there’s that word again) for its own good. The fact that the site looks so bland and generic doesn’t help matters, especially when compared to the aggressive, hard sales page

The training on offer here is basic in the extreme. It’s essentially a loose (very loose) guide on how to appear to be a ‘high profile man-dude’ simply with a few pick-up lines (but, shhhhhhh, don’t actually call them pick-up lines!) and then a few back-and-forth games with the intended girl – which, to be very frank, are touch and go as to whether they might work.

Could a guy really nab a hot babe by using the Make Women Want You method? The site does initially make incredible boasts to that effect! Very doubtful, since there is barely a real method here. The training may be amiable enough but it lacks focus or conviction. That’s hardly going to bag a hot babe, right?

Grade: D-

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