New Relationship Advice For Women

Men can be extremely confusing to understand and dating someone new can often make you feel nervous or uneasy. If you’re newly single and just starting to get back into the dating game, read some of these tips. This is some new relationship advice just for women.


Be Yourself

Dating someone new can be absolutely nerve wracking, especially when you are really into a guy and want him to like you. It’s not uncommon to think “What if he doesn’t like me?” but rest assured, being true to yourself is the only and best way to start out. The reason this is important is because you want someone to like you for YOU.

Not because you try to fib and pretend to love hockey, beer or whatever it is he likes. If later on down the road you end up in a relationship with him you will either have to continue the lie or tell him the truth.

Telling the truth might make him feel that your relationship was built on a lie.

Play Hard To Get

So your date with him just so happened to go went amazingly well. You talked and laughed for hours on end and you really felt a connection with him and he says he’ll call you. This scenario happens a lot and it’s important to learn how to play a little hard to get.

If he told you he would call you then don’t just get impatient and end up calling or texting him. The last thing you want is for him to think you’re the desperate kind! Wait it out and if he doesn’t call you within a few days or a week that means he was never deserving of you in the first place.

Don’t Assume You’re Exclusive

If you’ve just started dating someone new, chances are he might not feel that the two of you are exclusive. There’s nothing wrong with you not feeling comfortable about that and the best thing is too just be honest.

Ask him if he’s dating anyone else besides you and if he answers “Yes” and you just don’t dig that, don’t be afraid to say “Sayonara!”. Here are some more tips on finding the right man.

Have Your Own Life

Have you ever been in a relationship where you just do everything together? He says he’s going to hang out with his boys and you invite yourself along. DON’T DO THAT! Just because you guys are dating, doesn’t mean you have to hang out with him or his friends all the time.

Show him that you have your own life too by spending time out with your own friends or family. He’ll be sure to respect you more for not being that too clingy type of girl.

Be Fair

Men aren’t all the same. If you’ve been hurt before and you have trust issues, you may have your guard up when you start to date again. Firstly, jealousy is not an attractive feature whatsoever and it’s also not being fair to him.

Just try to let your walls come down a little and give the guy a chance to really show you what he’s like. He may be one of the most amazing guy you’ll ever meet!

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