Online Dating Mastery Review – Slim Pickings Indeed

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Your dating and sex life will never be the same again, this I promise you :)” That is a bold opening statement in Online Dating Mastery. This appears to be an offering under the ‘umbrella’ of the ‘Date Any Girl’ brand/consortium/whatever. It’s comprised of a principal PDF of the same name which goes into some detail about how to date online – from picking a handle to using the correct photos to how to text the girl, and so forth. It’s a slim PDF volume on offer, at just 61 pages.

There are also four bonus  PDFs also freely available, ranging from on how to approach a women even if you’re nervous as hell, never mind get rejected, as well as how to get out of the dreaded ‘friend zone’, etc. Strangely, none of these appear to be directly linked to online dating, which seems to contradict the very title of this course.

The purpose of a dating course review should be two-fold: First, how does the training course fare in an of itself? Is it any good? Is it compelling and interesting? Second, and just as important, is does the course accomplish what it sets out to do, i.e. does it achieve what it says on the box? This Online Dating Mastery review will need to answer those two questions – after all, mastery itself is being promised.

The Online Dating Mastery logo
The Online Dating Mastery logo


This is a course that makes a bold statement – the mastering of that beady-eyed monster known as online dating is promised. No less, folks. The main manual for Online Dating Mastery comes in at a very thin 61 pages, which would be perfectly fine but for the fact that most of what’s on offer is about as dated and mundane as Hillary Clinton’s dress sense.

I don’t believe that guys need such ‘in-depth’ analysis on what profile handles or best profile pictures to pick, never mind how to word said profiles, etc. It’s 2016, Mr Valance! The fact that all four of the bonus modules on offer have nothing to do with online dating only irks even more. Why bother calling it Online Dating Mastery if it does so little to actually achieve that?

It is not unfair to demand that a course that boldly titles itself as ‘mastering online dating’ accomplish exactly that. So, when it hardly does that it can only be considered as probably sub-par and possibly even a failed effort. Dating coaches and gurus need to be reminded that the paying public has a right to get what they expect and have been promised. Troy Valance and his lackluster product are no different. Slim pickings indeed.

The Lowdown…

The host here is Troy Valance, a name that sounds like something out of a 1940s Hollywood gangster film noir. The principal source of info for this course is a PDF also titled ‘Online Dating Mastery’. In a nutshell the approach in the manual is about the various means by which a guy should try to nab a date/girl/one-night-stand online, from how to write a good profile to how to write good text chats, etc.

Well, make that a “killer profile” because that’s what’s covered in the first chapter of the PDF. Before commencing, an interesting statistic is offered: “Online dating now accounts for around 1 in 5 new relationships and 1 in 6 marriages in America”. That is actually quite astounding, especially when one considers what a tawdry, yucky reputation that loon known as ‘online dating’ used to have.

The explosive growth of internet dating and hook-ups is touted heavily in ‘Online Dating Mastery,’ as are the convenience and sheer scale of online dating in this day and age. And that’s not to mention how relatively ‘cheaper’ it is to ‘date’ online, when compared to the copious buying of drinks for girls at bars, only to come away empty-handed. Yeah, we all know how that feels, right?

The how-to on writing a “killer profile” is not especially earth-shattering. It states the obvious: a profile is a guy marketing himself, a declaration to the world that must be gotten right the first time, etc., etc. It’s all very blah-blah-blah, to be honest. Making your profile “pop and not flop” seems odd advice to be giving guys in the second decade of the 21st century, but that’s what Valance does here.

There are some painfully crap examples given for handle names, as well as some pat, dull ideas on headlines for the profile, although some of the ‘Funny Headline’ suggestions were actually quite amusing. However, as always with these types of tips and suggested examples, I do often stop and wonder: that’s all very well, but can you imagine if every other guy actually started using them? Thousands of guys suddenly using the same examples over and over again…talk about overkill in a hurry!

Profile pictures are also given a run-through (again, this is 2016 – is that actually necessary?). Things like ‘The Car’ and ‘The Bulge’ in profile pics are to be avoided, according to this advice. Valance is very anti-selfies for this purpose, which is cool, but then makes the astounding statement that, “Only those with vaginas can get away with selfies!” Real classy stuff…

His take on “writing killer dates” feels like a throwback to the late 1990s, it’s that dated and so-what. There’s an effort to give ‘real-life’ scenarios at setting up dates and flirting texting/sexting with the use of screen shots and the like, which can be appreciated. Some good opinions are offered regarding online sites to meet/date girls, although that always runs the risk of making the product quickly dated, as we all know how quickly websites come and go.

To be honest, a 61-page PDF simply on how to create a profile, write a profile, use appropriate profile pics and then text/sext a girl to go on a date seems very slim pickings as the main module for an entire course. Yes, Valance does remain on topic by having such a focused approach – but it still comes across feeling very reedy indeed.

An odd aside: There’s something decidedly British about our Mr Valance. For one thing, he refers to the word ‘mum’ more than  once – that is not how American guys refer to their moms/mothers/mas, etc. That sounds very British. For another, he makes reference to the small English city of Hull, which he refers to as “a crap place to live in the UK.” Only an Englishman would reference Hull like that.

(And I’m reminded of Hull being used as a punchline in an episode of the iconic 80s comedy series Blackadder Goes Forth, but I digress…). I have no issue at all with Valance being a Brit, of course, but it’s odd how he never seems to fully acknowledge it. Yet the Britishness is inescapable given that references are made to UK dating services, as well as some throwaway references to the UK dating scene.

And then it becomes more obvious once one hears him in the MP3s for the bonus tracks. The guy is clearly a Londoner. Quite an assertive voice and way of speaking, has our Mr Valance, yet the whole feel of what he presents is quite American. Why is that? It seems somehow strangely, even very oddly disconnected. Is Valance perhaps himself sat in his mum’s dreary basement in Hull?


There are four bonus modules freely available to members. Each of them is offered in both PDF and MP3 formats. ‘Destroy Your Fear of Approaching Women in 30 Seconds Flat!’ has a very simple premise – just remember that being nervous when wanting to do something stressful like speak to a hot woman is very normal. The cure? Breathe! Good to know, I guess…

‘How to Avoid the Dreaded ‘Friend Zone” tells is what all guys know already – it’s a no-no. What’s offered is bland, usual advice, whilst ‘How To Be More ‘Bad Boy’ ‘Less Nice Guy’ [sic] not only has abysmal punctuation in its title but very little to say of any meaning. ‘How To Avoid Getting Rejected’ has more meat to it and some interesting tips on how not to get left on the rejection dump.

As far as the Online Dating Mastery site is concerned there is nothing else on offer. The upside is that no expensive, shitty upsells are in evidence and in your face. The downside is that the site offers nothing else – no additional resources, no links to other possible training or videos or any such learning material. Nada. And not a forum or members’ area in sight. Again, the word ‘slim’ comes to mind…

And how does it look and feel?

It looks like nothing at all special. Online Dating Mastery amounts to one landing page with clickable photo icons to get you to the main manual and the four bonus manuals/MP3s. The photos may look ‘glossy’ enough but the overall look is pedestrian and plain. Here is a screenshot of one of the bonus features, for example:

A bonus feature - and nothing to do with online dating, as you can see...
A bonus feature – and nothing to do with online dating, as you can see…

The PDFs offered here have a bad habit of using double spacing throughout, including between single sentences, as well as fonts that are two sizes too large (are all guys looking for online dating tips myopic children, is it?). Never mind that some of the picture choices in some of the PDFs are downright bizarre and even creepy – take this one as an example (Jesus wept):

Just how creepy is this guy, huh...?
Just how creepy is this guy, huh…?

What’s To Like About Online Dating Mastery?

  • Actually, there’s little to rave about regarding Online Dating Mastery. That said, to its credit, at least it doesn’t bombard members with expensive upsells that are blatantly crappy means by which to fleece said members for more dosh. Trust me, in a world of online courses that inundate people with horrific amounts of damn expensive and mostly damn stupid upsells, it is always a distinct bonus for any site that doesn’t capitulate to those tactics. Good for you, Valance.
  • Slim and slight of quality content as it might be, at least the main manual for Online Dating Mastery sticks to the given topic – online dating. There are dating courses that get so massively off the point that they either confuse the hell out of you, like this one, or just annoy the crap out of you, like this one did. At least the main offering by Online Dating Mastery doesn’t do that – even if said content is not that stupendous or novel, of course.

What’s Not To Like About Online Dating Mastery?

  • 61 pages for a principal manual like that for Online Dating Mastery is not necessarily a bad thing. It really isn’t. Better that than 194 pages of dull, repetitious waffle. That is, if what was offered was erudite and compelling and really drew a guy in with content that was fresh and had a different angle. Unfortunately, the main offering regarding online dating here is so naff and so obvious that it really begs the question: did this guy Valance really think he could pull off an entire course on such a thin premise? And not because the topic itself is so slight (jeez, anyone knows that one could have a set of encyclopedias just for online dating!) but, rather, because what is on offer is so scant and so lacking in new ideas and concepts. And the fact that there are no additional resources and links regarding online dating only compounds that failing of this course.
  • Whilst the main manual does stick to the topic of online dating, the other four free bonuses have absolutely nothing to do with online dating. They’re all hackneyed, generic topics that have a been-there-done-that-before-with-other-dating-courses feel to them. And, worse still, they all describe scenarios and offer tips based on real-life interactions, expectations, things to do, etc. So, what the hell does that have to do with the dating game online? Nothing, of course. It was just a pretty obvious ploy by Valance to offer members ‘more’ because, as stated above, what’s on offer in the main manual was so limited anyway. Too obvious, sorry.
  • Who the hell is this guy Valance? Seriously. Yes, we seem to see photos of him on a profile in the main PDF, and we do hear his voice in the MP3s for the bonus offerings. But he somehow seems detached from what is on offer. Given that what Online Dating Mastery has is so limited, the course could only have benefited from a more personalized, hands-on approach by this dating coach.  Like his course, Valance comes across disconnected and without much depth.


When even your main manual sticks to the point and yet your course is still of limited value and interest, then you’re in trouble. A course with a title such as Online Dating Mastery has set itself up beautifully. It can offer members engaging and insightful material that feels real and makes guys want to listen. Online dating is not only downright frightening for many guys, it’s being used more than ever. It should be a winner.

Which is why a course as half-assed and lame as this one is a huge pity. Instead of what it should have been, we instead get given a course that is one-fifth on point but lame and of little real value and four-fifths completely off topic and just as lame. Online Dating Mastery promises so much and delivers less than little. Oh, and few guys will come away from it any greater the master of any online dating.

This is a course as detached and anonymous-feeling as its creator. It feels so thin because it so thin – little content, few tangible offerings and no additional resources or ways in which to pique interest or allow for more learning. The only reason that this course is not getting a failing grade is because at least it didn’t bombard us with crappy upsells – yip, that’s how close Online Dating Mastery came to being a total fail.

Grade: D-

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