Overnight Seduction System Review – A Valid, Worthwhile Affair

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A training course titled the ‘Overnight Seduction System’ (or ‘OSS” as it also calls itself) seems to have a very simple mandate: how to seduce someone overnight, right? Well, this course actually goes further than that. At least that’s what its creator and host claims when he calls Overnight Seduction System “the complete encyclopedia of dating and pick-up”.

The method here is supposedly “hybrid,” i.e. a collection of approaches and game plays that a guy must do in order to achieve what he wants with a desired girl/woman. Hence the ‘encyclopedic’ approach, one could guess? A guy needs to be the very best that he can be (and not merely his ‘average self’ or, worse still, in his ‘no state’), whilst making the right moves, as if by routine, as well as projecting the best of himself.

The Overnight Seduction System does state that the approach will be ‘encyclopedic’. That may already be off-putting to some. At the very least it needs to deliver on the seduction aspect of what it’s trying to sell. Does it say enough (and teach enough?) about attraction? About self-confidence? About foreplay and sex and all things physical? Is it really about seduction? This Overnight Seduction System review will size that up for you.


The OSS was the name given to the American secret service before it became what is known today as the CIA. So, does one have to go ‘undercover’ or dig really deep in order to uncover the secrets of this OSS? Thankfully, not. Although there is a (helluva) lot of information to get through in Overnight Seduction System, at least it’s fairly straightforward in what it offers and what it promises.

The problem is that is offers far too much and, in doing so, inadvertently promises the world. There is a multitude of content that in OSS that is exhaustive on every conceivable aspect of trying to get a date – and laid. That belies the very name of this course; after all, wasn’t this supposed to be simply about an overnight seduction? The name certainly implies that. And, yes, seduction and attraction are amply covered.

The host, an amiable chap with a pronounced accent and the incongruous name of Ben Baker, is charismatic enough to keep our attention. However, encyclopedic does not mean having a lack of clear direction nor should it mean overwhelming a guy with too much information. Some guys will enjoy Overnight Seduction System – if they have so much time on their hands. But a good course could have been even better had it been tighter, and a little less the Overkill Seduction System.

The Lowdown…

Our host, Ben Baker, is quite a character. But it’s the accent that really grabs attention. Is it American by way of France or French Canada? Maybe Brazil? Or did I hear hints of Eastern Europe? The vowels are damn long at times and he does mangle certain pronunciations. I don’t wish to be mean, because he has enough charisma to pull it off. That’s just as well, because that accent can get quite jarring at times!

The OSS Honcho, Ben 'That Accent' Baker
The OSS Honcho, Ben ‘That Accent’ Baker

Baker not only gives us a Welcome video, but also a ‘Before You Get Started’ video, in which he states that he will give a guy all the information they need, from the moment they first see a girl they like all the way to the bedroom. In ‘How To Get Women You Like’ Baker makes it clear that there can be no attraction  where there is no respect. Rapport is everything, and it’s up the guy to know how to do that. Fair comment.

Flirtation is very important, according to Baker, and which he likens to a game of chess. He makes a joke about how most men flirt with a woman as if playing with their eyes closed. It’s an observant analogy, given how many women do indeed complain that too few men know how to flirt with them without being childish/stupid/offensive/cliched, etc.

In explaining the OSS methodology, Baker introduces different dating methods and philosophies (is there such a thing as a dating ‘philosophy’?) that changed the dating game. These included ‘routine-based game,’ in which certain steps done as rote would result in successful dating, as well as ‘state-based game,’ in which mind over matter and “energy about oneself” is all-important.

OSS is said to be a combination of both approaches. And conviction is all-important, according to the OSS way. And he reminds us how there are three ‘versions’ of ourselves: the first is the best version of yourself, the one who can do anything. The second is your average self, whilst the third is what he calls ‘no state,’ in which you want to do nothing, including going out. OSS strives to make you be your best self.

Then there are ‘The Shields,’ which are basically the various ‘shields’ that we have and wear when interacting with others. These include the ‘Social,’ ‘First Sexual,’ ‘Second Sexual’ and ‘Obsession’ Shields, and which Baker emphatically explains, so important they are to making or breaking a guy. They are displayed in a diagram referred to as a roadmap (or, as I see it, a dartboard):

'The Shields' dartboard...
‘The Shields’ dartboard…

After one is finished the ‘Getting Started’ video clips, one moves onto various categories relating to seduction (and, boy, there’s a lot of them), most of which have a slew of sub-categories (and, damn, there’s even more of those!). It’s admittedly quite a task to get through them all, so patience will be required by any guy undertaking OSS learning.

‘Attraction’ is the first of the categories. ‘Attraction 1’ makes it clear: fun is everything. Baker tells a guy in ‘Attraction 2’ that showing your emotions is a good thing. As he says, “Women crave a man that can emote” and “Women want to see that you have a big heart, that you can talk about things”. There’s an interesting observation that for men attraction is like a switch, for women it’s like volume control. Nice one.

A woman feels your energy in all of 10 seconds, according to Mr. Baker. Energy is everything, as is eye contact and even the tone of your voice. These are all things that guy needs to work on in order to win over the girl. It also includes not trying too hard to try and impress her. Other attraction topics covered include social intelligence, how to have presence and even how to accomplish what is called ‘flirtease’.

The next category should be ‘Conversational Martial Arts’ and includes videos titled ‘About Conversations,’ ‘Get Her To Qualify Herself,” ‘Be Expressive,’ ‘Interrupt’ and ‘Push and Pull’. I say it should be Conversational Martial Arts because that’s not quite the spelling in the video…:

Conversational Marshal or Martial Arts? Is it the dojo or is it the racetrack...?
Conversational Marshal or Martial Arts? Is it the dojo or is it the racetrack…?

So, is it martial or marshal? I know, it’s me being pedantic again. But this silly slip-up does suggest that our man with the (very) Anglo-sounding name of Ben Baker is in reality of the French/French-Canadian/Brazilian/Eastern European persuasion. I know, Ben, English is a bitch of a language 😉

What I like is that there are constant references back to prior learning. So, for example, when talking about conversation, Baker makes pointed references back to things learned under the Attraction categories. It’s that sense of continuity and linked learning that seems to be a mainstay of Overnight Seduction System – and that’s a good thing.

An interesting take is in ‘Awkward Silence And The Sex Talk’. It’s an awkward title, I agree, but it does make some interesting points. These include how one shouldn’t make it into a big deal, with an implication that even an awkward silence when talking about sex warrants nothing more than a laugh. Baker makes light of so-called sexual tension, and it’s an interesting, refreshing point that he makes.

‘Push and Pull’ reminds us that all conversation, and all interaction for that matter, between two people involves some form of manipulation. This push and pull goes both ways, and that’s a good thing, as long as you know how to make it work.

The ‘Seduction’ category will no doubt be anxiously listened to by most guys. After all, this is where most guys tend to falter, right? The approach here is quite comprehensive, ranging from ‘The Kiss / Touch Test’ to ‘Getting Physical’ and ‘Bring Out Her Wild Side’. More sub-topics on the seductive front include those relating to foreplay, how to treat sex like a buffet (some interesting ideas there!) and on the sex act specifically.

‘Dating’ and ‘Online Dating’ are categories filled to the brim with sub-categories offering a multitude of tips on how to win on that front. ‘Awkward Silence’ again comes into play, as does what to do even before the date takes place. Clothing and how you look, including your hair, is important, but it’s the actual date which gets the most attention. At least it’s not all about ‘the look,’ unlike a recently reviewed course‘s obsession.

‘Being Confident’ is a category that does have some interesting video clips with our Anglo-Saxon host, Mr. Baker. There’s some really telling stuff in ‘Self-Doubt is Hardwired’ and some hard truths in ‘we’re Not Born Confident’ and ‘Social Pressure’, but Baker is able to impart the downsides with a sense of realistic optimism and a ‘hey-it’s-really-not-a-problem’ attitude which works. That’s what happens when you have a host who is likeable and seems sincere.

There is a massive amount of information in the videos that comprise the penultimate category, ‘Power Communication’. Unfortunately, by that time the fatigue has really set in and the thought of having to wade through 26 videos in just that category is too daunting by a mile. Overnight Seduction System is a course to be done in stages and over days – many stages and many days.

The training for Overnight Seduction System concludes with two seminars held by Baker in Helsinki, Finland. They’re actually quite engrossing. And one thing becomes very clear after watching these two clips – Baker knows how to hold an audience. And the guys attending really seem to get into it and appear to enjoy themselves in the seminars. That’s something.

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There is an abridged version of the Overnight Seduction System in PDF, as well as one for ‘Power Communication’. There’s also a very handy ‘Quick Start Guide’ in PDF for the OSS, which nicely cross-links key aspects of the OSS to various sections in the multitude of OSS-related documents.

There are another 8 freely available ‘Quick Start Guide’ PDFs for a different topics, including ”Live Pickup,’ ‘Sexual Escalation Ladder,’ ‘Online Dating Secrets’ and ‘Unconscious Confidence Booster’. They all seem to dovetail quite nicely into the overall learning that the Overnight Seduction System offers. Here is a screenshot of some of these free offers on the members’ homepage:

Quick Start Guides - some freebies to click on
Quick Start Guides – some freebies to click on

Interestingly, there don’t seem to be any of the expensive-as-hell clickbait offers that tend to be so prevalent on these dating course sites.

And how does it look and feel?

There is nothing wow-looking about this website, neither in design aesthetic or layout. It’s perfunctory and functional – and it looks very much like a blog passing as a website. Most of these training courses are in that vein, so that’s hardly a big letdown. The logo, however sexy Mr. Baker might think it is, just comes across naff and, given some of the quality of the content of the course, even crass:

The Overnight Seduction System logo - class personified
The Overnight Seduction System logo – class personified

The video clips are mostly of Ben Baker doing his friendly schtick, shot in a steely grey-toned black and white. But the camera is not static, zooming in and out at appropriate times, and the footage interspersed with keywords or catchphrases in white against a black background. The end effect is of video clips that are polished, professional-looking and easy on the eye to watch.

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What’s To Like About Overnight Seduction System?

  • There’s a lot on offer here, and some of it is good and has merit. For the guy who has (a lot) of time on his hands, this is a course that he can slowly work through. With literally dozens of clips on offer, there is barely a topic in the seduction-cum-attraction stakes that is not covered to at least some extent. If the effect of OSS is to be ‘encyclopedic’, as the claim is made early on, then that is attained. And, for the most part, the content is valid and pitched at adult men, not kids who still have zits on their face.
  • Ben Baker may have the oddest Trans-Atlantic-Trans-Black-Sea accent imaginable, which can certainly jar at times, but he’s a very able speaker and a guy that has a knack of sounding friendly yet earnest. He speaks with an immediacy and candour that is engaging and that makes you believe in what he has saying – or at least respect him for it. You can see this strong and charismatic public speaking persona in the Helsinki seminar clips that are included at course’s conclusion. They show a guy in command of his material and of his audience. Overnight Seduction System may sometimes have too much message, but at least the messenger is credible and easily liked.
  • For its flaws, the primary ones of which will be outlined below, the Overnight Seduction System doesn’t feel like a rip-off. There’s nothing overtly sham (or shambolic) in the training. It’s all geared at adult guys trying to score with their ideal girl, whether it be for a one-night stand, a relationship or even more. It respects its members and tries to give as much as possible without trying to make more bucks. A site that appears devoid of shitty and expensive upsells in the form of clickbait is not only welcome, it’s to be respected.

What’s Not To Like About Overnight Seduction System?

  • Whilst it is commendable that so much is on offer as part of Overnight Seduction System, the flip side of that coin is that there really is…simply…too…much. The problem with so much information is not only information overload but information loss. When it’s coming at a learner so thick and fast, it becomes distracting and then, ultimately, even overwhelming. The journey of discovery here is too fractured, too laborious. The feeling is that this is a course that would have benefited so much from a tighter, more focused (and leaner) approach, with most of the excess information bunged into bonus offerings. Of that this reviewer is convinced.
  • This is a course that not only needed more tightening, but one that definitely needed a different name. For one thing, where is this ‘overnight seduction’ that is the central theme of the title? For another, why such a singular, simple-focused title when the course itself states that it has an ‘encyclopedic’ approach? There is a complete disconnect between the two. It’s as if Baker thought up a name he thought would be catchy and then went ahead and did the course he really wanted, not realizing that it really wasn’t focused on (just) overnight seduction. A misleading title (never mind that tacky, tacky logo) does undermine to a degree what the course has to offer.


Overnight Seduction System (OSS) had a strange effect on me after I had finished it. At first, I felt it was a letdown – full of good material and a very personable creator/host, but too bitsy and unfocused. And the overriding feeling was that it was a course with far too much information which I had found overwhelming by course’s end.

But then, to be honest, within a few hours I felt kinder towards it. This is a course that clearly strives to offer as complete a learning experience for its members as possible. Yes, other dating courses also pile on the information, like some demented Pacman on crack. But here it is done more knowing and, even though there’s a huge amount of content, said content is always appropriate and, ultimately, on point.

Therefore, it would be unfair to rubbish this course for being too ‘burdensome’ or to even claim it as being average. It’s still maintained that a leaner, tighter curriculum with more information provided as bonus material would have made the course better. OSS may have a crappy name and be flawed, but I must concede that it’s a course with merit because it is so honestly intent on delivering the goods for its users. In the end, that makes it better than most.

Grade: B-

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